Carnival Magic Review, May 2017, Caribbean Cruise Video 6, Day at Sea

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Day 6 of our Carnival Cruise that took us to Grand Turk, St. Kitts, San Juan, and St. Maarten was a day at sea. We review our sixth day and talk about the activities (or lack of) on this 8 day Caribbean cruise.

Carnival Cruise Review & St. Maarten

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As you can tell by our discussion in this video, St. Maarten was a big hit with us as our last port of call on our Carnival cruise. 

Carnival Cruise Review & St. Kitts

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In this video, we review our time on the boat and our day at St. Kitts.

Shopping on a Cruise Ship

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Grand Turk, Video 2 of My Carnival Cruise Review Series

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Our first port of call on the Carnival cruise I took in May 2017 on the Magic, was Grand Turk. My sister, aka Tappingflamingo, and I talk about our experience there as well as the trip so far.

Cruise Cabin Tour

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This is a super short tour of our cabin on the Carnival Magic.

Back from Carnival Cruise to the Caribbean

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I visited Grand Turk, St. Kitts, San Juan, and St. Maarten while on an eight-day Caribbean cruise, and during the trip, I filmed a number of short podcasts where I review and share my experiences and those of my group. There will be a bit of crafting mentioned here and there as well. This is the first video of this series.


Crafty Princess on Sabbatical?

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Hi Blog Readers! I though I’d pop over here as I try to get through today’s very long “to do” list and check in and tell you that all is good with me, and I apologize for not coming by and blogging like I usually do. I haven’t even had time to do any videos for my Youtube channel lately either. My only excuse is that I’ve been very, very busy with work, writing, and life. It has been busy in a good sense, but that still means it limits my time.

As far as work goes, my real job is teaching college English, mostly writing classes, and that started up late last month and continues to increase as far as my workload. Of course, I love my job, but it can be “all consuming” sometimes and , obviously, has to be a priority. Anyone who knows a smidgen of what a teacher does knows that it is not a nine to five job, so often we teachers work nights and weekends.

For the writing, I am coordinating a number of projects right now. I’m working a few hours a week writing blog posts (about one or two a week) as well as managing the Facebook page for I’m very excited about joining up with Janice Parsons and beadshop since I have known her from my very early days online when I worked for About dot com. In addition to this little writing gig, I’ve been focused on a personal writing project that I have mentioned briefly in some of my Blythe doll and other doll collecting videos. It is another novel and the protagonist is involved in the dolly world. I’ve made a lot of progress on it over the past few months, so I am starting to see the end in sight. Once it’s done, I will go back for a massive rewrite, but I’m just trying to get that first draft out, and this is a book-length fictional piece, so yup, that means lots of words.

Life is good otherwise. My husband is supportive of all my craziness. I guess after almost thirty years you could say we are each others’ BFFs still. And the pets are happy and healthy and demanding and spoiled.

I’m not sure when I will get caught up on blogging here and other activities that are normally part of my life, but I will try  to squeeze out a post now and then. I hope I don’t lose anyone along the way. I’m still a little addicted to Facebook, so if you don’t follow me and want to, you’ll find me over there.

Happy Easter, 2016, Look Back to 1972, Maybe

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I’m guessing this was taken around 1972. My sisters and I always got “dolled” up for Easter every year. We would get new white sandals, and my mother would make our Easter dresses. Normally, she would buy one pattern that could be adjusted to various sizes so she was able to use the pattern for all three of us, or at least two of us. We are four years apart, so that wasn’t always possible. However, my youngest sister was tall for her age, and I was kind of shrimpy back then (I’m in the center), so sometimes she could make it work.

This photo is a reminder of my DIY roots. Mom sewed back then not just because she enjoyed it but because it was a lot less expensive than buying off the rack. She was a SAHM, and every penny counted. My parents often DIY-ed out of necessity. She made our clothing, from special dresses like these to Halloween costumes to prom dresses to everyday wear. My father fixed our cars himself and made most of our furniture.

Because of their craftiness and frugality, I am able to DIY because I like it, not because I have to.

Video: Disney Dream Cruise Ship Snippets

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I took a few short videos with my iphone while I was on the Disney cruise, so I put them together in this short little video.

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