Crafting Cat Blankets from Dog Snacks

Blogged under Free Craft Projects by Tammy on Friday 29 April 2011 at 5:32 pm

When it gets a little chilly, I sometimes bring a blanket with me to the TV room. This room is the same one that our dogs hang out in, and inevitably I end up forgetting the blanket in there. As a result, the blanket will turn into a giant dog snack, and by the time I remember to get it back out of the room, it has an assortment of holes in it.

Finally, I thought of a way to get some use out of these holy blankets. I dug out my good sewing scissors and cut them up into small squares. With 4 cats in the house now, that means we have an array of snuggle spots to keep clean and comfortable. For example, we take small boxes and put a towels or blankets in them and then set these in various places, preferably up high.

Here’s Coco in one of her favorite spots, up on top of my filing cabinet.

Fashion and Crochet Trim, First the Holes!

Blogged under Crafty Products,Crafty Videos,Design Ideas by Tammy on Tuesday 26 April 2011 at 3:31 pm

I have been seeing a good deal of crochet integrated into clothing lately. For example, has a cute crochet applique shirt in a recent catalog. I have seen patterns on-line and in magazine that show you how to create a similar look. For example, it might have you edge a t-shirt with a crochet trim around the neck. I like this idea a lot, especially since I live where it is very hot and don’t wear many sweaters. Wearable crochet pieces are not popular in Florida when it’s 90 degrees out!

One issue I have with many of these how-to patterns, however, is that they often  explain how to do the crochet part of the project, but they don’t always explain how to make the holes you need to attach the crochet. You need the holes first, right? The web site that sells the tool also has three different types of blades, so you can use different ones depending on how thick your fabric is.

Now I know you can make holes using a sewing machine and a needle with no thread in it, but that means dragging out my machine from the depths of the guest room underworld, a room that is now just plain scary to go into because we have filled it with so much, err, stuff. Also, not everyone has a sewing machine.

The solution? A tool called a Skip-Stitch, and in the video below is a demonstration on how to use it so make holes in fleece so you can make a crochet trim on it for a blanket. I haven’t used one of these but plan to do some more research. I could see how they would be great for making baby blankets using fleece or flannel as well as adding some cute trim to light-weight t-shirts.

Facebook Handmade Community

Blogged under Social Networking by Tammy on Monday 25 April 2011 at 12:41 pm

Handmade Community is a new group over at Facebook for people who, obviously, like handmade items. I’m one of the administrators over there along with Rain Blanken, Connie Garmon Barwick, and Kate Pullen. All of us are Guides and run various craft sites on the hobbies channel of, but we are also just general crafty people who want to promote the idea of handmade. I hope you join us over there and share your love of making items with your crafting skills.

Weekend Craft Links

Blogged under Around the Web by Tammy on Sunday 24 April 2011 at 12:38 pm

Aileen’s Musings
Aileen shares a free printable cupcake for you to download and use in your art!

Carmi’s Art/Life World
A little sachet tutorial for Easter or Mother’s day projects.

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world
This week at Craftside there are tutorials on how to paint a hatching chick, make a recycled book page egg ornament, and a tilt-shift photography effect along with bunny and squirrel clip art.

Eileen – The Artful Crafter
Celebrate spring by making a pressed flower card.

Mixed Media Artist
Cyndi has been sharing a travelog of her most recent trip to Guatemala!

Stefanie Girard’s Sweater Surgery
How to make a “black sheep” necklace.

Dreaming of Sumer Crafting

Blogged under Yada, Yada, Yada by Tammy on Friday 22 April 2011 at 3:55 pm

Between these two cuties and mountains of papers to grade and end of the semester meetings to go to, I have not had much crafting time lately. Today I did pull out some beads for a cool necklace/bracelet combination that I’ve been imagining, and it was like a kitty magnet. However, in about two weeks I will be off for my long summer vacation, which for me means crafting and writing. Here are some of the task I’m hoping to accomplish:

  • Finish the baby crochet afghan I’ve started. I’m about half way through it, so that looks promising.
  • Write a book proposal. I’m teaming up with another author on an idea that I think is awesome. Hopefully, we will be able to convince a publisher that it is a great book idea too.
  • I plan to write a magazine article about my college crafting club. I have a few magazines in mind that I think might like it (fingers crossed).
  • I have a number of jewelry projects on the drawing board that I hope to make and publish over at my site.
  • Speaking of jewelry, our guest room is still trashed from the last jewelry book we did. I can barely get in there to take photos in the photo tent. I plan to get that room cleared out.
  • Then one more writing project is on the computer. I’ve actually already started it, but I need to do some more research before my ideas jell. This project is a literary article that I will present at a conference in October, so there’s lots of time, but I think I can bang it out over the summer and have it off my plate when school starts back in the fall.
  • Finally, of course, I have to get my summer 2 classes ready. Teachers do get time off during part of the summer, but we have to use that time to get ready for the future semesters.

Yes, I may not get all of this done while I’m off, but hopefully, I can manage getting it completed over the entire summer, even if I do work near the end of it.

Cute Amigurumi Dog Video

Blogged under amigurumi,Crafty Videos by Tammy on Monday 18 April 2011 at 4:50 pm

The above video is from Red Heart and shows how to make part of a very cute amigurumi dog. For the entire project instructions, you can pick them up on Knitting Daily, here. Yes, this is a crochet pattern. I’m not sure why it’s on a knitting site. What I like about the video is that I think it is helpful as far as describing how to construct an amigurumi piece.

A Quiet Sunday and Awesome Craft Links

Blogged under Around the Web by Tammy on Sunday 17 April 2011 at 4:19 pm

We are enjoying a quiet Sunday doing a little crafting, surfing the net, and of course, getting in a few zzzz’s.

About Family Crafts
Sherri helps you to plan a creative outdoor adventure!

Aileen’s Musings
Aileen shows you how she combines, Vintage sheet music, scrap paper, paper napkins and more to create a colorful background on a canvas!

Beading Arts
The final chapter of Cyndi’s e-book is now available! “Fibers, Fabrics, and Beads” challenges you to integrate all the fiber arts that you already love with your bead embroidery!

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world
This week at Craftside we are pleased to introduce my UK counterpart Natalie who will be sharing all sorts of crafty goodness from her side of the pond. There is also a free hedgehog plushie pattern and tutorial, a recycled buckle bracelet, tips on how to photograph a horse, and info on Simplicity’s Great Bandana Quilt Challenge.

Eileen – The Artful Crafter
Learn how to dye Easter eggs naturally. Not everything needs to come from a kit or a mix!

Stefanie Girard’s Sweater Surgery

See how to make a stitched back up broken heart card.

The Crochet Dude
Drew met his match when crochet’s Boye Toy is interviewed by quilting’s Bad Boy!

Last Craft Meeting of the Semester

Blogged under My College Craft Club by Tammy on Thursday 14 April 2011 at 5:17 pm

The craft club I sponsor at school had its last meeting today. It was a BYOC theme, as in bring your own craft. The idea was that since we are wrapping things up for the semester, members could just bring a project they are working on and get some crafting time in on it. We had members knitting and crocheting on various items. I also brought some of our jewelry making supplies, and we strung up some beaded jewelry. The two hours zipped by!

Since summers are very slow on campus, in fact they even close campus on Fridays, we won’t be meeting over the summer semesters. Hopefully, though, we’ll pick up where we left off when school starts back up in the fall. We have some big plans already such as participating in a campus craft fair and making more items to donate to the needy. I also learned a lot this year about running the group, so I’ve got some ideas about how to organize ourselves a little differently in the fall.

Stitches South This Weekend!

Blogged under Shows by Tammy on Tuesday 12 April 2011 at 5:24 pm

If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia area, you are so, so, so lucky because Stitches South 2011 is going on from April 14th through the 17th. You can download a list of classes as well as find out the where and exactly when on Knitting Universe Stitches South web site. This is really an event for knitters, but it also includes things like felting and bead knitting.

Chaos and Crafting Links

Blogged under Around the Web by Tammy on Sunday 10 April 2011 at 12:37 pm

Here is one of the little monster kitties I recently adopted keeping me busy. One of the many things she has taught me over the past week is that everything is a toy. This includes the roll of paper towels I left in her room last night that someone blew up into a million tiny pieces. The actual toy next to her that is supposed to entertain her automatically as it rotates around lasted about 5minutes. It is much more fun when I play with her. I mean, other than filling her water dish (also a toy), her food bowl, and cleaning her cat boxes, that is my purpose, right?

Hopefully, once we get all four cats together in the next week or so, I will have more crafting time, which is what I consider my form of play. Until then, here are my weekly craft links, enjoy.

About Family Crafts
Get a start on your Easter crafting by making homemade Easter baskets!

Aileen’s Musings

Aileen shows you how to make an easy Easter basket cake that’s cute as can be!

Carmi’s Art/Life World
Carmi re-vamps a plain leather briefcase.

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world
This week at Craftside there is a free crochet pattern for Easter Bunny ears for your Amineko (or little plushie), a link to a super cute felted egg tutorial, a 1,000 Paper Graphics Call for Entries, how to use words to create an image, and a fun knit glasses photo.

Crafty Princess Diaries
Tammy has 4 good reasons why her crafting and blogging and life in general have been interrupted lately.

Eileen – The Artful Crafter
Make these darling lamb place card holders for Easter or any special spring dinner. So cute!
Mixed Media Artist

Cyndi has a copy of the wonderful new book Steel Wire Jewelry that she is just dying to give away!

Stefanie Girard’s Sweater Surgery
A fun and easy crochet Easter Egg pattern.

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