Bead Shopping on a Cruise

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My sister and I hunted down two bead shops while visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Shopping on a Cruise Ship

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Frogging and Farrah Blythe Doll Clothes

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I have another Yarn and Dollies episode up:

Grand Turk, Video 2 of My Carnival Cruise Review Series

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Our first port of call on the Carnival cruise I took in May 2017 on the Magic, was Grand Turk. My sister, aka Tappingflamingo, and I talk about our experience there as well as the trip so far.

Cruise Cabin Tour

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This is a super short tour of our cabin on the Carnival Magic.

Book Review: Sereknity

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SereKNITy: Peaceful Projects to Soothe and Inspire ($15.99 US; $20.99 Canada; L10.99 UK) is published by Running Press and written by Nikki Van De Car. The theme of the book is serenity, and most yarn crafters will agree that knitting and crochet are both wonderful ways to relax.

One unusual aspect to this book is that there are both crochet projects and knitting projects, something you don’t see that often together in one book. It is good to see some of both since many of us yarn crafters do both. Also, most of the projects are not overly large so that they are portable, which means lots of accessories. Some of my favorite projects include adho mukha (a triangular crochet scarf); manipura (a knitted mug cozy); portland (knitted fingerless gloves); and faire (a crochet hat). Besides accessories, there are a few blanket projects and also home decor items as well.

While there are explanations and information throughout the book about techniques, you will not find super detailed how-to instructions for knitting or crochet basics. However, a novice could still use this book along with supplements because many of the projects are beginning level.

I see a number of projects I’m interested in trying, but I do have one issue in general with this book, photographs. I want more, and I like photographs that show the entire finished piece. Sometimes, the projects are photographed just fine in this book, but other times, they seem to be more “beauty” type photos that do not show the entire finished object. For example, the rustica (a knitted shawl) looks promising, but you only see a portion of it. Granted this portion shows details of the stitching, but I want that plus a photo of the entire shawl.

Considering there are 27 projects in this book, I think the price is reasonable. Small projects that you can bring with you to work on wherever you go are always appreciated, and if you are the type that both knits and crochets, then you’ll like that there are a mix of projects.

Back from Carnival Cruise to the Caribbean

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I visited Grand Turk, St. Kitts, San Juan, and St. Maarten while on an eight-day Caribbean cruise, and during the trip, I filmed a number of short podcasts where I review and share my experiences and those of my group. There will be a bit of crafting mentioned here and there as well. This is the first video of this series.


May Yarn and Dollies, Many Yarn WIPs

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Disco Boogie Blythe Doll Arrived

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