Hemp and Bead Crochet Bracelet

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I often think of design ideas when I’m half asleep. Sometimes this can be in the middle of the night when I really should be sleeping, but sometimes it will happen as I’m waking up. This past Sunday morning the latter happened, and lucky for me, I was able to clearly remember my idea instead of having a foggy recollection of it. To make sure I did not let the day get too far gone without having the chance to at least start my jewelry design idea, I pulled out some hemp and glass beads and set them in front of me to see as I sipped my morning cup of tea. This was going to happen!

Soon after breakfast, I located a size B crochet hook, and I got busy. I used about 4 yards of thin purple hemp and slipped on 30 glass beads onto it. Using chain and single crochet stitches, I start creating what I had envisioned a few hours earlier.

After a few stops and starts, I finally finished the crochet part and added a clasp. I have some ideas to improve on this design, but for the prototype, I’m very pleased with the results.

Beads, Bargains, Glass, and Threads

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Art Bead Scene

Take a peek inside Heather Humblebeads’ studio, and see her new sgraffito inspirations!

From Dollar Store Plastic Bargain to Elegant Easter Eggs

How to transform inexpensive plastic eggs into lovely Easter ornaments. Place them on stands, hang them as ornaments or display several in a bowl or basket.

All About Glass Sculptures

Cherie has taken her glass sculpture obsession to a new level!

Comfy Quilt Cross Stitch Pattern

The free Comfy Quilt pattern was one of the first patterns Connie added. She chose her favorite colors for the design but it is easily changed to reflect your own color selections.

Bead a Pirate and Crush Some Yarn

This latest Crafty Princess Diaries Podcast is packed with fun crafting: beaded pirate dreadlocks, yarn love, knitting, and crochet.

Beading Arts

Have you fallen for the allure of twin beads yet?

Beaded Pirate Power & Yarn Love - Episode 17

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I have a new video podcast up. This is full of fun crafts from beaded pirate jewelry (to become fish extender gifts when I take a Disney cruise this summer) to adorable amigurumi (can never get enough). Plus, I give you little virtual tour of a yarn shop located in Florida, and oh, yes, there’s some knitting chatter too.

Crafty Princess Diaries Blog/Podcast Ravelry Group

My Youtube Channel

Scarfutopia Pattern

Freshstitches Patterns

Tappingflamingo’s Fish Extender Work in Progress

Book Review: Hattitude by Cathy Carron

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Hattitude: Knits for Every Mood (Cathy Carron Collection) is published by Sixth and Spring Books and retails for $19.95 US and $25.95 CAN. It includes 40 knitted hat patterns. Each project includes at least one page of instructions, and then two color photos, one full-page and another smaller image, but the two photos help give you an idea of the various elements of each hat.

The designs are definitely feminine in style, so do not expect of find many that could be considered gender neutral. A few designs that I especially liked include the first project in the book called “Theatrical.” It sort of has a beret affect going on with it and interesting seaming at the top. “Vivacious” is another standout design. It has a woven pattern around it with a trim at the top. With 40 designs, I think it would be hard not to find at least a few that you may want to try making. I also like the fact that an assortment of yarns are used from various companies.

For anyone who wants to move beyond the basic beanie style hat, this has a lot to offer. There are very little basic-type instructions as far as how to do the stitches, so you will either need some experience or will want to supplement with a stitch dictionary if you are not already an experienced knitter.

Yarn Score!

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I will give you the full scoop on my yarn score during my next video podcast, which I plan to film in the next day or so, but here is a peek into my bag of goodies!

Craft Tutorial, Shamrocks, and Stitching Storage

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Art Bead Scene

Check out what Dawn of La Touchables made in response to our monthly challenge - wow!

Organizing Embroidery Floss

Connie’s craft room may look like a disaster zone, but her embroidery floss is neat and organized at least - find out all about the floss storage options she uses.

Shamrock Card Embellishments

Here’s a versatile card technique to add to your card making toolbox. Use green paper to form lucky shamrocks or four leaf clovers. Use pastel to make pansies, violets or other simple leaf flowers. Use your imagination.

Craft Show Time!

See some simple craft projects to make that work great for craft shows in this new podcast episode.

Beading Arts

Cyndi shares a brand new tutorial for a bead embroidery pendant that lets the focal take front and center stage!

Craft Show Time! Episode 16 Video Podcast

Blogged under Crafty Princess Podcast by Tammy on Tuesday 10 March 2015 at 2:59 pm

I finally have my voice almost back to normal after being sick for about two weeks! So that means it’s time for another episode of Crafty Princess Diaries Podcast!

Here are links from the show:

Crafty Princess Diaries Blog/Podcast Ravelry Group

Crafty Princess YouTube Channel

Miss Inc.


Little Wendy Crochet



March Finished Objects & Giveaway!

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March is a long month and the perfect time to get some crafting in. With that in mind, I started a March FOs thread on my Ravelry group.

Come and post photos of your finished objects. All crafts are welcome. We are not limiting this to just yarn crafts…beads…cross stitch…wood working…paper-arts…come on over!

To top it off, Wendy of Little Wendy Crochet has offered up one of her amigurumi patterns, Happy Fish, to one lucky winner who will be pulled from those who participate in the March FOs thread. The details for participating are in the Ravelry thread. Come and join us!

Crafting Link Love

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Art Bead Scene

March Monthly Challenge is Haida Totems by Emily Carr. A Canadian artist, her art took on bright hues and bold brushstrokes of the Fauvist paintings she saw in Paris in 1910.

I Love Resin

A journal can be a walking momento if you add your own molded embellishments to it. Molding video on the blog too!

Carmi’s Art/Life World

Why not upcycle your old blanket into fingerless gloves? It is so fast and easy to do.

Cross Stitch for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s almost time for everyone to be honorary Irishmen and Irishwomen (unless, of course, you are already Irish - then you already have a great excuse to party). Connie has added a new free pattern in the spirit of the season and has suggestions for more great St. Patty’s Day-themed projects.

Lazertran Inkjet Decals on Wood

See how to piece decals for larger projects and how to “melt” a decal onto wood.

Peep Bunnies

I list ‘em every year but they remain popular! Peep bunnies made from felt.

Beading Arts

Are you anxious for Spring? Cyndi will help you get a jump start on your Springtime jewelry!

Book Review: First Crochet

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First Crochet: Simple Projects for Crochetters (First Crafts) is written by Lesley Stanfield and published by C&B Crafts. It retails for $12.95 in the US; L8.99 in the UK; and $13.95 in Canada. It includes 128 pages of text, with a generous amount of full-color “how-to” photos and instructions for 24 projects.

The format is “workshop” style, first showing how to complete a number of basic crochet stitches such as chain and slip stitch. Then each chapter has projects that are designed around a group of stitches so that the crafter using this book can learn and practice at the same time.

While I like the general approach of this book, I had to admit I was kind of confused at first because there was no mention of the single crochet stitch. Then after reading some more I realized that the stitches used in this book refer to the UK standard. So the US version of single crochet is referred to as double crochet. The US version of double crochet is referred to as treble crochet stitch.

UK/European crocheters will not find this to be a problem, but US crocheters should just be aware that the names of stitches are different. It is one of those many inconsistencies that exist in the world of yarn-crafting, but it is not something to stop anyone from enjoying the projects in this book. In fact, one of my sisters is a very new crocheter. She’s made a scarf and a hat at this point. I think this book is a great fit for her because so many of the projects are easy to do and use a minimum number of different stitches. US readers just need to make note of the different stitch names.

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