Knit Shawl Vlog

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As I continue to learn how to knit, I’m finding I really enjoy simple garter stitch designs. Here’s an update on my latest knitting progress.

Bead Bargain Box March 2016

Blogged under Jewelry Designing by Tammy on Thursday 31 March 2016 at 6:22 am

Here’s another unboxing video of some amazing beads and other jewelry making supplies I received in my March 2016 shipment from Bargain Beads.

Happy Easter, 2016, Look Back to 1972, Maybe

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I’m guessing this was taken around 1972. My sisters and I always got “dolled” up for Easter every year. We would get new white sandals, and my mother would make our Easter dresses. Normally, she would buy one pattern that could be adjusted to various sizes so she was able to use the pattern for all three of us, or at least two of us. We are four years apart, so that wasn’t always possible. However, my youngest sister was tall for her age, and I was kind of shrimpy back then (I’m in the center), so sometimes she could make it work.

This photo is a reminder of my DIY roots. Mom sewed back then not just because she enjoyed it but because it was a lot less expensive than buying off the rack. She was a SAHM, and every penny counted. My parents often DIY-ed out of necessity. She made our clothing, from special dresses like these to Halloween costumes to prom dresses to everyday wear. My father fixed our cars himself and made most of our furniture.

Because of their craftiness and frugality, I am able to DIY because I like it, not because I have to.

Knit Sweet Pea Hat Pattern Review

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During one of the Craftsy classes I took, I learned to make the Sweet Pea hat, which was one of the patterns included with the class.

Blythe Doll Review: Spright Beauty

Blogged under dolls art/collecting by Tammy on Wednesday 23 March 2016 at 4:43 pm

Some time has passed since I filmed the unboxing of one of my latest Blythe dolls, Spright Beauty. Now that I have had her in my collection for awhile, I have some additional thoughts on this unique doll.

From My Crafting Peeps

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How to NOT Gain Weight On A Cruise

Today’s video is a tip…Did you know the average person gains 5 to 10 pounds on a 7 day cruise? Not me….Here is how I do it…

Tape Resist Painting

Tape resist painting is a classic project done with kids, but it’s fun for adults to try, too. Sarah made hers with painter’s tape and watercolors.

Teddy Bear Love

This video reviews both a cute crochet teddy bear pattern and the Craftsy class that comes with this pattern.

This T-Shirt Bag is No Slouch

How to sew a reversible t-shirt bag. This t-shirt bag is sturdier than the average t-shirt tote bag because it’s double-thick and has a reinforced bottom.

Beading Arts

Cyndi’s newest beading project looks like an alien spaceship!

Snap out of it, Jean! There’s beading to be done!

Jean reviews a fascinating book which delightfully combines two crafts into one beautiful craft to greet spring: Origami Jewelry!

Flashback to the Past

One of Connie’s favorite stitchers shares a project she created from a free pattern that is a blast from the past. And still available too.

Blythe Doll Fakie Unboxing – Poseable Body

Blogged under dolls art/collecting by Tammy on Friday 18 March 2016 at 5:46 am

I show off my latest doll acquisition, and wow, I can’t believe how cool this doll body is. I’m so impressed that I’m thinking of doing some DIY doll work and switching out bodies on some of my other Blythe dolls.

Madelinetosh Yarn, I Love You

Blogged under learning2knit by Tammy on Thursday 17 March 2016 at 2:30 pm

If you caught one of the latest crafting podcasts I filmed of my sister (Tappingflamingo) and me chatting about our current crafting adventures, then you know that I acquired some Madelinetosh yarn for the first time. I have heard so much about this brand, so I had high hopes. But you never really know until you try, right?

While visiting with my sister, we stopped by a yarn shop, and I purchased a skein of fingering weight Madelinetosh yarn in the Vintage Sari colorway and couldn’t help myself but start a project with it the next day. It’s just a very simple triangular shawlette, a mindless project, but I enjoyed working so much with this yarn. I’m not a convert for sure! Here is is finished!

I have a good amount left over, so it may pop up as part of another project at some point. It’s just wool, no silk or other additional fibers, but it feels really soft. Now I just need some cool weather to really enjoy it!

Crafting Tutorials & Reviews

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Clasps, Part 1

An easy tutorial on how to make a shepherd’s hook clasp for you jewelry.

Make a Washi Tape Rainbow

To celebrate National Craft Month and St. Patrick’s Day, Sarah experimented with making rainbows out of colored tape.

Some Bunny Time

The Crafty Princess reviews an amigurumi crochet bunny pattern.

Spring Cards: One Layout — 3 Variations

Copy a layout you like. Then make some variations. Eileen used a birthday card layout for a 25th anniversary card and a St. Patrick’s Day card. Think spring!

Beading Arts

Are you a fan of beaded beads?

Stacked Squares

Chanda stitched this model of the Stacked Squares pattern from the Connie Gee’s Designs Etsy shop – and she even dares to show off the back of the project. (It’s very neat.)

Snap out of it, Jean! There’s beading to be done!

Jean reviews the very thorough and extremely helpful book, Crafter’s Market 2016:How to Sell Your Crafts and Make a Living, edited by Kerry Bogert. It might change your life in a positive way!

Blythe Doll, Where to Buy Them, Stock and Fake

Blogged under dolls art/collecting by Tammy on Saturday 12 March 2016 at 1:20 pm

I’ve had a few people ask my about where they can purchase real and also fake Blythe dolls. I remember when I first decided I wanted to add one to my doll collection, and it was kind of confusing as to where I could get one of these unusual dolls.

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