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Art Bead Scene
Take a peek inside the studio of Claire of Something to do with you hands – and see the nook she’s transformed into a jewellery station!

Found Object Printmaking
Using random objects to stamp images on paper is a lot of fun, and makes a great background for an art journal page.

Amigurumi Tip 6
Learn some helpful tips about making faces for your crocheted stuff toys.

Recycled Guitar String Pendant DIY
The Tappingflamingo shows how she makes guitar string jewelry. This is an easy, fun tutorial that can be made quickly and inexpensively.

Tissue Paper Decorated Candle
A tissue paper decorated candle is a quick and easy craft that still looks impressive. How to get perfect results every time using wax paper & a heat gun.

Snap Out of It, Jean! There’s Beading to Be Done!
Jean reviews a book on a very pretty style of peyote stitch, and it’s fast too! Check out Fast Peyote Stitch Jewelry, Easy to Follow Patterns, 25+ Projects by Josie Fabre ! It’s lovely!

Royal Flowers
Cindy stitched up a model of the free Royal Flowers chart, which just happens to be in my favorite color combo.

Beading Arts
The Bead Shop shares an easy Swarovski necklace project to brighten up your winter!

Japanese Qulits
The Crafty Princess does a short video review of a beautiful book about Japanese quilts.

Amigurumi Success Tips # 6: Make Faces for Crochet Toys

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How do you make faces for your crochet or knitted amigurumi stuff toys?

Kawaii Box on the Way!

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After subscribing to Bargain Bead Box, I started looking around online at other subscription box offers and found Kawaii Box. You get a box each month full of cute Japanese and Korean products. It was less than $20 and that included shipping, so I signed up to try it out. When I get my box, I will film a short video showing you all the goodies. From previous boxes they have offered, it looks like I might end up with some crafting and dolly items. Click on the image below for more information about this interesting box subscription service.

Kawaii Box - The Cutest Subscription Box

More Shawl Progress

Blogged under learning2knit by Tammy on Sunday 24 January 2016 at 3:00 pm

I’m still plugging along on the Taylor shawl. I have to sort of stop every once in a while because it is requiring me to look up how to do certain parts of it. For example, one row required I cast two stitches onto the end of the row. I vaguely knew how to do this but didn’t want to screw it up since I’ve made so much progress so far. So this means I have to set it aside and watch a video or two before working on it again. However, the next section is repeating the last two rows for awhile, so this means I can continue to work without having to use my brain for awhile, yippy!

Dolly Mail!

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Woot! Got some adorable dresses in the mail for my Blythe dolls!

Jewelry, Stitching, Contests, & More

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Make Book Pages with Your Sewing Machine

Did you know you can make signatures (a fancy book word for pages that are stuck together) using your sewing machine? It’s actually really easy.

Craft & Win

Show off your finished crafted objects in the monthly FOs Ravelry thread in the Crafty Princess group and get a chance to win.

Diffuser Necklace DIY

Terry Jeanette of Tappingflamingo shows you how to make your very own essential oil diffuser necklace.

4 Wine Bottle Crafts for the Thrifty Oenophile

Instead of throwing out your empty wine bottles, turn them into trendy decor accessories. Save those attractive corks and labels as well. What crafter doesn’t love free supplies?

Beading Arts

Cyndi’s landscape crazy quilt tutorial finishes up today!

Art Bead Scene

Take a peek at what the Art Bead Scene team has to offer in Pantone’s Colors of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity!

Video: Book Review: Japanese Contemporary Quilts and Quilters

Blogged under Good Books,Sew Simple by Tammy on Saturday 23 January 2016 at 10:21 am

Needle-Arts, Beads, Paper-Arts, & Even Oatmeal!

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Loosey Goosey

Connie’s added a new free pattern inspired by the Flying Geese quilt block. It offers ample practice for quarter stitches and of course, she’s got just the tutorial and tips you need!

How to Tie a Knot for Hand Sewing

Starting your hand sewing project with the right knot is important for success. Here Sarah shows you her favorite simple knot that’s strong and won’t easily pull through fabric.

Knitting Needle Set Review

In this video, the Crafty Princess looks at various wooden knitting needle sets from Knit Picks.

Yummy Breakfast Oatmeal Recipe

Here is one of Terry’s first videos she put together about a year ago. Terry shows how to make a delicious oatmeal dish that would be great for those cold mornings.

Art Bead Scene

Winter Bird Studio + Round Rabbit + Mia Only Beads are the perfect combination for Erin’s Perfect Pairings selection!

Beading Arts

Cyndi played around with a new form (to her, anyway!) of landscape quilting and is happy to share her process.

Silhouette Pop-Up Drawer Card Box:

Tips for assembling Silhouette pop-up drawer box cards. Lori Whitlock designed a series of these cute pop-ups. Here’s how to make them nice and sturdy.

Snap out of it, Jean! There’s beading to be done!

Like peyote bead stitch? Jean revisits a wonderful beadweaving book by Melinda Barta with a review you can’t miss!

Keepsake Shell Necklace

This free necklace tutorial shows how to turn shell beads picked up during a cruise into a necklace.

Video: Doll Collecting Budgeting Tips

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Video: Bargain Bead Un-Boxing Jan. 2016

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I joined a monthly subscription to Bargain Bead Box and show off my first installment in this video.

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