Next Bead-a-Day Calendar

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You’ve probably seen these Bead-a-Day Calendars. I have even bought them as gifts for my beading friends. Hey, who doesn’t need a calendar, especially around the holidays when the new year is starting up? What you may not realize is that you can also be part of these calendars and also have a chance to win the publisher’s Design Contest. Here is the Call for Entries I received for the 2010 calendar:

The 2009 Beading Bead-A-Day Calendar is at the printer! Hooray!
There were great submissions for this one – both Projects and Inspiration Pieces!
Thanks to all who sent in their submissions!

Congratulations to the winners of the prizes for Project Submissions:

1st Prize: Marvetta Bee for her Elegant Curls Ring

2nd Prize: Glenda Payseno for her Red, White & Blue Teeny Tiny Triangle Bracelet

3rd Prize: Carole Ohl for her Ndebele Criss Cross Bracelet

Accord Publishing has announced that they will again sponsor a contest for Project Designs. Winners are chosen on the basis of the quality of the directions, timely submission, and the quality of the images. Prizes will again be $500, $350, and $150. So send your submissions soon!

Submissions for both Projects and Inspiration Pieces are now being accepted for the 2010 calendar. Please review the submission guidelines carefully. We have revised them somewhat to clarify how they need to be submitted. Text directions must be in a separate file from diagrams/photos. If you have questions, please let me know.

We are operating on a final deadline of November 30, 2008. The sooner that submissions come in, the better it is for us to get them edited and iron out any image glitches that
crop up.

I’m attaching a new submission form. You can also find this form at

If you know of someone else who would be a good contributor to the calendar, please feel free to share this information with them or have them contact me. You’ll notice that

the e-mail has changed to calendar for this year.

Sharon Hessoun
Editor, Beading Bead-a-Day Calendar 2010

Grant, you may not get anything but a free calendar out of this publishing gig, but if you have been thinking of trying to get your bead designs publishing, this may be worth considering, especially since they will need a large number of projects to fill this 365 page calendar.

Quilt Arts Call for Entries

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Quilting is definitely an art form! While I used to sew a great deal at one time, I have to admit that I was never that hot at quilting, mainly because it takes exact measuring to product a quality quilt. I’m just not an “exact” kind of crafter! However, I do appreciate the art of quilt making. The techniques involved and the possible color combinations are amazing! In my many wanderings around the web, I found a Call for Entries that might be worth considering for quilt artists out there. One of the nice elements of this CFE is that those selected receive a $200 gift certificate, so at least there is some form of payment for all that hard work.

Okay, here’s some of the low-down (make sure you read the whole thing if you plan to enter) from Quilt Arts Magazine:

The theme for our Quilting Arts Magazine® 2010 Calendar will be “Fresh Picked.” Show us your favorite fresh-picked fruits, vegetables, or flowers in stitch, fabric, fiber, and embellishments. You can interpret the theme in many ways, from realistic still life to digitized abstract. You may focus on a single piece or type of produce or flower, or on a bountiful harvest. You can approach the theme with humor or portray a serious message. But however you slice it, we’d like the essence of your design to put forth fresh-picked fruits, vegetables, and flowers in all their beautiful, colorful mouth-watering, shapely, good-for-you glory. The artists who create the 13 winning submissions (one for the cover and 12 for the months) will each receive a $200 gift certificate to our online store.
How it Works

* Create up to two original, not previously published, 12″ x 12″ square, embellished art quilts based on the theme of “Fresh Picked.” The quilt(s) must be backed and bound (anything from a traditional binding to a zigzagged or satin-stitched edge is fine, but the edges must be closed). The quilt(s) should also include a sleeve for hanging, as the winning quilts will be displayed at various quilt and textile shows with Quilting Arts Magazine®.

Please note: Because the winning quilts will be photographed at their actual size and used in the 12″ x 12″ format, all embellishments on the submissions must remain within the 12″ x 12″ boundary; unfortunately, submissions that open to a larger format, have a pocket with a hidden artistic element, or that have embellishments that extend beyond the border cannot be accepted.

* Although we welcome all quilting styles, each quilt should be of original design and have some form of embellishment, include mixed media, or have some surface design technique. Examples include—but are not limited to—beadwork, silk screening, fabric painting, thread painting, needle felting, and hand embroidery. Also, though we encourage you to follow your muse, please be aware that quilts that are overall very dark or very shiny do not photograph well, and are thus less likely to be chosen.

Your entry must be free of any text or images that are protected by copyright unless you have the expressed written permission from the person or institution that holds the copyright and you provide that written permission with your submission.

* Submit three 8″ x 10″ photographs of each submission, one of the full quilt and two detail shots. To give your submission the best chance of being accurately evaluated, please make sure the photographs are well-lit, clear, and are printed on photo-quality paper (not copy paper). Please label each photo with your first and last names, address, phone number, and email address.
Along with your photos, please include a brief narrative explaining your interpretation of our theme, “Fresh Picked,” as well as the methods and materials used in your quilt(s).

* Deadline for entry: Friday, March 6, 2009. Please note that this is a receive-by date. Your photos and descriptions must be in our office no later than March 6th.
On Friday, April 10, 2009, we will announce the finalists on our website and ask them to ship the actual quilts to our office. Please check the website on that date as this will be the only notification to the finalists. We will not contact the finalists directly.
On Friday, May 22, 2009, we will announce the winners on our website (winners will not be contacted directly).

Please note: We reserve the right to keep the 13 winning quilts for display through December 31, 2010.

* Include a $10 entry fee with your submission. This $10 fee covers your entire submission, whether you enter one or two quilts. Checks should be made out to Quilting Arts Magazine. Send your photos, narrative, and entry fee to:

Quilting Arts Magazine
ATTN: 2009 Calendar Contest
P.O. Box 685
Stow, MA 01775

New Margot Potter Bead Book!

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She’s cranking out another crafty bead book, folks! Yes, it’s hard to believe, but Margot Potter, aka The Impatient Crafter, has yet another book out called Beyond the Bead. However, you will have to be patient rather than impatient because its publication date is February 2009. But…..on the flip side, it’s up and ready for early ordering over at, so that means, you would be some of the first jewelry crafters to get it.

You can find out more about her new book, which as per the title obviously is way more than just about bead jewelry, and hey, we don’t expect anything less from Margot, and you can read a wonderfully inspiring interview of her as well over at the Art Bead Scene Blog. Jean Yates asks Margot about her current career transition and her philosophy concerning empowering ourselves through crafting!

Crafty Bloggers Unite 06/28/08

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I can’t believe it’s Friday already! Where did the week go? I’m preparing for some crafting this weekend with yet another trip to Michael’s. I thought I had everything I needed when I went there last weekend, but of course, it’s sort of like going to the grocery store. You always forget something! Enjoy these crafty links from around the web:

About Family Crafts
Browse through photos of home-made greeting cards and submit your own. Cross Stitch
Stitchers – Start Your Stockings! It is never to early to start on holiday projects, but don’t wait too late.

Aileen’s Musings
This week Aileen offers 2 fun tutorials: Phenomenal Paper Flowers & Wee Flower Fairies. Both are sure to inspire you and make you smile!

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world
Kick off summer with a chance to win a copy of Making Designer Mixed-Media and Memory Jewelry, check out some beautiful handcrafted dolls, a free crochet hacky sack pattern and a how-to on making a recycled denim pillow with a bird appliqué.

Crafty Princess Diaries
Get a free metal clay project over at the BeadStyle blog. This downloadable project shows how to make some super easy metal clay beads!

Layers Upon Layers
Have you ever wanted to try creating an abstract work but found it too intimidating? Come and try it anyway!

Polymer Clay @ Craft Gossip
Learn the anatomy of a polymer clay bead this week.

The Impatient Blogger
Madge reviews a fabulous new metal clay book by jewelry making expert Tammy Powley. If you’ve ever been metal clay curious, this is the book for you!

Mixed-Media Book Give-a-Way

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Stef over at Craftside has a new book give-a-way going that includes my book published from Quarry called Making Designer Mixed-Media and Memory Jewelry. You can find a review of the book as well as details on how you can enter to win a free copy of it at the Craftside weblog.

Of course, your more recent books always tend to be your favorites when you are a writer, but honestly, this book as a special spot in my heart for a few reasons. First of all, I was writing my dissertation at the same time that I was working on this book, and my research had a lot to do with memory and recording our memories using domestic technology, such as crafting. So, the cross over between the two was a little more than eerie for me, as it was totally not planned in any way.

The other reason I loved working on this book was the fact that there are a huge number of artists’ work in there. I think maybe I have two piece of jewelry in it, and if my I’m remembering correctly, something like 25+ artists contributed designs for the book. It was my job then to write the instructions up for them. Thus the range in techniques and points of view are much larger than anything I had done before. Whenever it is possible, I try to bring in the designs of other artists, but this was a major coordination effort, and I am very proud of the results. I’d love to do something like this again sometime.

Painted Donut Bead Leads to Etsy Rethinking

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Painted Ceramic Donut Bead
I’m trying to work on my images over at the Crafty Princess Etsy Shop, and at least with this new donut bead I put up recently, I think I’m getting a little better at it. Of course, this painted ceramic donut beads is so cool looking it made it easier than some items, but I tried to get various sections of the donut for the five images you are allowed to show for each item.

I struggle with trying to show shoppers what a piece looks like versus trying to show a really nice image that may not really provide as much visual information. So, for example, I’ve taken pictures with an item next to a penny or a ruler to give an idea of how large a bead or pendant is, but those just don’t look that great visually. And, after surfing around seeing what other Etsy shop owners are doing, I’ve noticed that not that many of them do that.

Someone recently described my shop as “a fun flea market,” and I have to say that is really not what I’m going for. Perhaps the flea market affect comes because of my hodge podge of merchandise? Maybe it’s because my images aren’t as artsy-fartys as they should be? I don’t know. I was trying to go for a “bead shop” feel, not a flea market feel. So, this comment concerns me.

I originally just thought I’d open up a shop on a whim, to clear out items that I continue to find as I reorganize my studio, but now I’m really starting to rethink my whole approach.

Cute Craft Kewpie Overload

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I received my three Kewpie dolls in the mail yesterday, and wow! talk about too dang cute! I have four words to describe these little dolls:

a – dor – a – ble!

I plan to decorate at least one of the three and enter it into Margot Potter’s, aka The Impatient Crafter, Happy Cute Make Kewpie Doll Challenge 2008. I have an idea for at least one for sure, but I wanted a few back up dolls just in case. Now, I realize you can never have too many Kewpies!

If you are in need need of some crafty cuteness, you can buy these little babies at Margot’s Etsy shop.

Kewpie Dolls

My Crafty Princess Etsy Shop So Far

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I guess it’s been a little over a week since I officially opened the Crafty Princess Etsy Shop.

So far, I have about a dozen items up, primarily supplies for jewelry making, though I did list a finished metal clay necklace last night. However, most of what I have listed includes glass lampwork beads, seed beads, and gemstone pendants and beads, like this cute jade fish bead.

Or this collection of earth-tone chip-style beads including amethyst, gold stone, malachite, and lapis.

I also put up some metal clay components I’ve made, pendants and charms. Surprisingly, these have been up the least amount of time but have gotten the most views as far as my listings.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that more views will mean more sales, but I thought it was interesting.

Please stop by the shop when you get a chance and take a look.

I plan to add a piece or two every day, if time allows, and I’m very interested in feedback, whether your are an veteran or not.

Free Lacey Crochet Project

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What’s old is new it seems. I’ve seen a good number of shawl patterns around the web and in magazines lately. I remember making shawls and wearing them back in the 70s and early 80s, usually over a spaghetti strapped sun dress, but I just can’t see myself in one now, the dress or the shawl. Maybe it’s because I’m a native Floridian and it’s 90 degrees outside right now or maybe it’s due to my recent up-grade to bifocals. I’m a tad more sensitive about the whole “granny” appearance these days!

However, while I’m not real keen on the shawl fashion trend I’ve been seeing, I love the lacey pattern of this one designed by the Crochet Dude, who happens to have this free project available at Coats & Clark. I could see this same pattern used for a vest or a sweater you could wear over a little t-shirt.

Am I alone in my aversion to shawls? Or am I just not fashion-forward any more?

Free Metal Clay Project at BeadStyle Blog!

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A BIG thank you to blogger/editor/crafter Cathy Jakicic for posting one of the metal clay projects from my book, Picture Yourself Creating Metal Clay Jewelry (Picture Yourself) over at the BeadStyle blog! Make sure you get over there and download this free pdf ASAP!

This is a super easy project where you can actually make your own beads from low-fire metal clay. One of the things I know many jewelry crafters want to do when working with metal clay is to make their own beads. However, this can be an issue with the low-fire variety of clay because it doesn’t allow you to make overly large items or dense items if you plan to fire the clay with a torch or hot pot. So, I put my jewelry designer thinking cap on and came up with these ribbon beads, and then of course, I decided to also string them up on some beautiful ribbon. But, you could use these beads in all kinds of beaded jewelry designs, not only with ribbon. I’d love to hear from anyone who attempts this project and see your finished results!

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