Episode 11: Giveaway Info & Craftsy.com Knitting Success

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Happy New Year (Almost)!

Giveaway info starts at 1:06

Crafty Princess Diaries Podcast/Blog Ravelry Group

Crafty Princess Youtube Channel

You can find complete details about the giveaway at this weblog post.

Finished Objects and Works in Progress starts at 6:06:

Craftsy.com (Circular Knit Lab: Hats Four Ways) Patterns include the Sweat Pea Hat and the Wheeler Hat

Crochet Fan Shawl from Totally Simple Crochet: Over 30 Easy Projects for the Home and to Wear

Noro Knit Cowl – Pattern inspiration from Simple Twisted Cowl pattern

Trip to the Yarn Shop starts at 21:50: Knit and Stitch Boutique

Book Review: Dancing on the Head of a Pen

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Dancing on the Head of a Pen: The Practice of a Writing Life by Robert Benson is about writing and not writing and trying to write, basically how the life of a writer is challenging and rewarding at the same time. There is an obvious spiritual tone to the book, and when I looked up the author’s biography this made some sense as he has written about faith related topics before writing this book.

As someone who writer, or attempts to even if means just jotting down book reviews on this weblog, I could not help be feel a connection to many of the points made throughout the book. It reads like a series of essays covering various issues related to writing. Benson provides many anecdotes from his own experience as a professional writer and also weaves in bits of advice from what he has learned throughout his writing career.

Aside from what you will find inside the book, one point I liked about it (and I get that this won’t appeal to everyone) is the compact size of the book. It’s about 170 pages in a hard copy form, 5×7.5 inches, perfect to tuck into a purse or bag and carry with you. Plus the short essays are individual “quick reads” that you can take in small amounts.

For anyone who wants, tried, wishes, or attempts to write, this little book is a wonderful companion.

Note: I received this book from Blogging for Books to review.

Jan. 2015 Crafting Giveaways Coming

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As a way to ramp things up here on my blog and also fairly new video podcast, I have decided that a great way to start of 2015 is with some crafting giveaways! Yes, as in more than 1. I’m digging down into the craft supplies stash in my home studio, but if there are any vendors and/or designers who want to participate, contact me (tammypowley @ yahoo dot com).

So, how do you get a chance to win some crafting goodies?

Basically, join and subscribe! Join my Ravelry group, AND subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

For every 50 members on my Ravelry group and every fifty subscribers on my YouTube channel, I will pull a prize at the end of the month.

Right now, there are 37 members on my Ravelry group, so that means we need 13 more to join for prize # 1.

And right now on my YouTube channel, there are 81 subscribers, so that means 1 prize will be drawn, but with19 more subscribers, that will bump it up to 2 prizes. Get it?

The more people who join and subscribe, the more prizes!

All winners will be announced on my blog after Jan. 31. Winners will be determined by using the auto number generator. Winners will have 1 week to contact me for their prizes. Those outside the US will receive digital prizes (like pdf patterns, pdf instructions, that kind of thing) because the shipping will kill me otherwise! Photos in this blog post are just examples of what you might get a chance to win, but I will be sending out a little bit of everything from beads to books to yarn-related goodies.

Help spread the word and get those numbers up because the more we have the more chances everyone gets to win!

A Few Crafting Links

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It is a little quiet in the blogosphere today, but there are a few of us out there still crafting it up!

A Bead A Day
Ready to reflect before heading into the new year? Lisa got the ball rolling…with a twist…a Holiday Twist Necklace, that is!

Cookies-To-Go Boxes for Holiday Treats
Did you make too many cookies like Eileen. Then download her template and make cookies-to-go boxes to share the excess.

Episode 10: Math Knitting Dropout
Crafty Princess has a few words to say about math and knitting and a cute finished object to show in this video podcast.

Follow My Knitting Snit!

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Merry Christmas to everyone! I’m home for the next few days, enjoying time with family and, of course, crafting. More specifically, I’m working on my first knit in the round hat while I take a Craftsy class. It has been a little of a “knit snit” for me, but I’m determined!

I’m posting short videos on both my YouTube Channel and Instagram, so come follow me if you haven’t already and check out my progress! They have to be super short because I’m taping the videos on my phone and uploading them from there. Here is one of them below (but come follow and see the rest…I need support from my fellow crafters!)

Episode 10: Math Knitting Dropout

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1:22 minutes: This episodes’ crafting tip


Bead and Button

5:30 minutes: Finished Objects

Gordon, the Pink Flamingo


8:26 minutes: Works in Progress (and Knit Math Rant…sorry!)

Fan Stitch Crochet Shawl (details in Episode 9)

Knit and Stitch in Cocoa Village, FL

Craftsy.com (Circular Knit Lab: Hats Four Ways)

Sweet Pea Hat

22 minutes: Talks about Cocoa Village and the cute yarn shop

28 minutes: Quickie 411 on Upcoming Craft Book Reviews

Meet Mike the Monster & Crafting Links

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I have finished Mike the Monster! This is a free Fresh Stitches pattern, and I made this as a gift for one of my nephews. You can get an up close look at him in episode 9 of my Crafty Princess Diaries Podcast.

After you watch my podcast, stop by some of these other crafting blogs for some creative ideas:

Carmi’s Art/Life World
This post features a resin bezels necklace that will out do any ugly sweater!

Peace Ornaments
Cherie makes ornaments for her family homemade ornament exchange.

Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees
Cute cupcake liner Christmas trees are everywhere. In learning to make them, Eileen developed some helpful techniques.

Beading Arts
Metal mesh ribbon holds so many possibilities for designing jewelry! Cyndi starts a new tutorial on Beading Arts.

Book Giveaway, Victorian Ornaments, and Bezel Hearts

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Need a Hand!
Someone is going to get the cutest monster for Christmas!

Beading Arts
Cyndi has been making more pieces using ribbon…it’s amazing what all you can do with it. AND, she has a fabulous new book to give away!

Victorian Candy Cone Christmas Tree Ornaments
Make lovely Victorian cone ornaments for the Christmas tree. These close at the top so you can hide little trinkets and candies inside. Free template for download!

Carmi’s Art/Life World
Would you like to participate in a heartfelt resin exchange? I will ship you two bezel hearts if you do.

Episode 9: An Undisclosed Location

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As you can see from my sparkling jewelry and crazy eye-shadow I’m wearing in this 9th episode of my podcast, I’m getting into the holiday spirit! Join me for some craft-talking and holiday cheer in my recent episode called “An Undisclosed Location.” Below are related links and show notes.

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Making Designer Seed Bead, Stone, and Crystal Jewelry

I start off with showing some tree ornaments I’ve made in the past. You can find instructions for the beaded ornament cover here.

Here is a general timeline if you want to skip around:

7 minutes: This episode’s crafting tip

9 minutes: Finished Objects

  • Sampler Scarf – I used Cascade 100% baby alpaca and size 10 knitting needles and trimmed it in a darker purple yarn (also baby alpaca) using a size G hook and single crochet stitch. The knit stitches include seed, garter, stockinette, and ribbed.
  • Mike the Monster – This is a free pattern from FreshStitchescom. You can download the pattern here. I used Knitpicks Brava yarn in the Peapod colorway and size H crochet hook.

16 minutes: Works in Progress

  • Gordon the Flamingo is a paid for pattern located here. It’s just $4.
  • Garter stitch scarf – I’m using size 10 needles and started by casting on 20 stitches. I’m using Aran weight City Tweed from Knit Picks in the Blue Blood colorway.

25 minutes: Future Project Plans

  • Flower Power amigurumi from the Craftsy “Design Your Own Monster” class.
  • Baby Kimono – This is a free pattern from Lion Brand, #L10465.

30 minutes: Personal Stuff

  • My Craftsy plans – During my 2 week holiday break from school, I’m hoping to get through at least part of Craftsy’s Circular Knit Lab, Hats 4 Ways class.

Need a Hand!

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Finally, the school semester is just about wrapped up. I have been cranking on grading all week. lots and lots and lots of grading! But, I uploaded all the grades last night, and now I can take a little break over the weekend and work on holiday gifts and other related tasks…like getting my Christmas cards mailed…something that I often wait too long to do.

Pictured are the parts and pieces so far of Mike the Monster, a free pattern from Freshstitches.com, and he is turning out soooo cute! If you have watched any recent episodes of my Crafty Princess Diaries Podcasts , then you know that I have been slowly working on him to give as a gift to one of my¬† young nephews. I just have one more “hand” to finish, make the body and horns, and then stitch him all together.

One of my weekend goals is to finish this guy, and then I have another week of school stuff. There are no classes at this point, but I have meetings to go to, commencement to attend, and oh, right, I have to get everything set up for next semester. I like to get all my syllabi and class web sites set up before I check out officially for the holiday break. Otherwise, it continues to hang over me when I’m trying to relax, and by relax, you know me! That means lots of crafting!

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