Beads, Sewing, and Crafting Organizing!

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After chatting some about how I was getting my jewelry making supplies, sewing, and other crafting supplies in order so that I could actually make something, I finally got it together. In this video, I show a before and then an after, from crazy mess to neat as a pin (or almost).

Crafting Around the Web

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Why Buy When You Can Watch Free?

Eileen explains when to watch free and when you would want to buy a class. Hint: Creative Live classes are up to 50% off until 7/25!

50 Shades Blue Shawl

Another super easy garter stitch knit shawl is done! And the yarn was wonderful to work with.

Beading Arts

Just a few of Cyndi’s favorite makers are featured in a set of new tutorials!

Recycled Guitar String Bracelets

Recycled guitar strings into bracelets! Most of us are into recycling these days and what better way to keep stuff out of the land fill than to make some beautiful things to wear!

Diamond Twenty-Four

We only have one more section left to go in the Connie Gee’s Designs free SAL. But don’t fret, the new Tiny SAL will be coming soon!

Blythes, Beads, and Bobbins

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I have been participating in the Wine and Dollies videos with other doll collectors and crafters. In this episode, I talk about my bead organization because I’m trying to find room for my sewing machine, and of course, I have a Cherry Beach Sunset Blythe hanging out with me too. I’m a bit of a chatty Cathy in this video, so get a cup of tea or coffee or wine, and come chill with me.

50 Shades Blue Shawl Done!

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My sister, the Tappingflamingo, bought a gorgeous skein of 50 Shades of Gradient yarn when we were on one of our trips to downtown Cocoa Village, Florida. We chatted about it in one of our podcast episodes. She bought the yarn and then asked me to turn it into a garter stitch knit shawl for her. So it was a win-win. She got the finished product, and I got to knit with yummy and pretty yarn.

This is a very simple design where you start with three cast-ons, and then you knit and increase on each end so that it grows. I just keep going until I use up almost all of the yarn. Unfortunately, I’m paranoid about not having enough to cast off at the end, so I usually end up with an extra bit more than anticipated.

I think this is about the fourth one of these I have made, and I keep telling myself that I need to make something more difficult and stretch my knitting muscles. However, at the same time, I just want to knit and enjoy the process. Oh, and enjoy the yarn. I did like working with this yarn. It feels soft but isn’t so soft that’s slippery and hard to work with. When I made a mistake and had to rip back or tink, it didn’t tangle. I think I only had one knot issue (of my own making), but otherwise, I never had to break the yarn and weave it in the middle of a row. I was hoping the gradient would look less subtle, but I think my sister will like this. Plus, it’s a good color on her.

Heart Locket Necklace & More New Jewelry

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Decoupage, Bead Looms, & Quilt Patterns

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Decoupage a Glass Plate with Napkins

How to decoupage delicate napkin or tissue paper without wrinkling or tearing. Eileen’s example also covers how to center a decoupage image on a round plate.

Beading Arts

Summertime is the right time to try a new technique! Cyndi has plenty to choose from…

Free Pom Pom Quilt Cross Stitch Pattern

The free Pom Pom Quilt pattern lends itself to creativity. I chose “spicy” colors for mine, but you can easily adapt it to a color set of your choice. Or, you could even add beads and metallic thread to give it a little bling and sparkle.

Snap our of it, Jean! There’s beading to be done!

Jean reviews the super new technique and project book, Guide to Beading with a Loom, by Jamie Cloud Eakin!

Dawn Doll: Blast from the Past Doll Collecting!

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Amazing what you can find when you start organizing your craft clutter! Look who it is! I found this cute little doll. She was a special favorite of mine from childhood. These “Dawn” dolls are tiny fashion dolls that came out during the mid-1970s.

How I Knit Blythe Doll Hats

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After showing some of the loom knit hats I made for some of my Blythe dolls on Facebook, I had a lot of doll collectors asking for a pattern. I did not actually use what I would consider a pattern. I basically just used a very small loom, and, well, I explain it in more detail in the video below. You don’t need to know how to knit at all (seriously!) to be able to make one of these cute knit loom Blythe doll hats. Oh, and they also fit other dolls like American Girl dolls too!

Crafting Links!

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Simon Says Stamp Card Kit Winner

The “Look for the Miracles “Simon Says Stamp card kit, blew Eileen away when she saw the 10 all occasion cards Vicky Papaioannou created and calculated the value of the kit materials!

Knit Loom Review

Leisure Arts sent the Crafty Princess a set of knitting looms to review.

Free Rainbow Hearts Pattern

Andrea stitched up a version of Connie’s Rainbow Hearts pattern and she is using it for quite a good cause. Find out what it is and consider joining in.

A Few Craft Links

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Creating Craft Videos: How to DIY

Have you thought of sharing craft skills online by creating craft videos? Videos are a popular resource for people who want to learn. Here’s how to DIY.

Beading Arts

Did you know that Fire Mountain Gems has a gemstone color chart with links that take you right to beads of all shapes in your chosen color? Very cool!

Blythe Doll Beret Pattern – Recipe

Crochet a cute beret for your Blythe doll or American Girl doll using these instructions.

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