Podcasts, Palettes, Poscards, Paints, and Pendants

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Jewelry artists tackle the same materials and come up with creative results
Andrew hosts design challenges on his blog. Check out the different approaches each participant took in the reveal for the Royal Feather kit!

A Bead A Day
Is it possible to live a sparkly dream? Lisa says, YES! She’s sharing some exciting Swarovski news this week.

Art Bead Scene
Color Palettes featuring the Art Beads of Margit Boehmer. Bright, Beautiful and not to be missed!

Postcard Art Inspired by Desiderata
Is anyone not inspired by Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata? Eileen signed up for a postcard art Desiderata theme swap and couldn’t stop at just one.

Episode 7: Addicted to Amigurumi
Enjoy some amigurumi goodness in this seventh video podcast from the Crafty Princess Diaries.

John 3:16 and Art
Cherie uses the Bible verse from John 3:16 as inspiration for art.

Carmi’s Art/Life World
A pocket watch becomes a pendant with Pebeo paints, a rub on and resin.

Beading Arts
Cyndi has a fabulous Czech bead giveaway going on this week! All are welcome to join in!

I’m 87; That’s Good, Right?

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Top 100 Art blogs

An infographic by the team at Rebates zone


Episode 7: Addicted to Amigurumi or I Won’t Go Into Detail

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After watching this to make sure I get all the URL for my show notes, I noticed that I say “I won’t go into detail” about a billion times! I also did not mention the type of yarn used or pattern for the shawl I’m wearing, but you can get the info on this other blog post. I love this yarn!

This podcast is about 35 minutes long and covers a lot of territory from what I’m crafting to shameless self-promotion at the end, so I here are some time-stamps in case you don’t want to watch the whole thing and/or want to jump around to various parts of the podcast:

  • First 15 minutes covers my craft tip, FOs, WIPS, and future crafting plans.
  • Craft-related self-promotion starts at the 15 minute mark and ends around the 19 minute mark.
  • Non-crafting self-promotion (talking about my new adventure with Younique) starts at the 19 minute mark and goes to the end.

Show URLs:

Crafty Princess Youtube Channel

Crafty Princess Diaries Facebook Page

Craft Hope

Fresh Stitches and Mike the Monster (free pattern)

Knitpicks Brava yarn

Lion Brand

Beads and Beyond

My Thirty-One Web Site

My Younique Web site

Baby Soft Little Bunny

Blogged under amigurumi by Tammy on Monday 20 October 2014 at 6:51 am

This little guy is made with Lion Brand’s Baby-Soft yarn in the pastel colorway using a size G hook. The pattern is Blair the Bunny from Fresh Stitches. Since this yarn is sport weight and the pattern calls for worsted weight, I went down a hook size from an H to a G. This will go in my donation to Craft Hope We are Kenya project 25. Now I just have to get this little guy wrapped up, along with some hats and scarves I made, and mail them all. If you want to see some of the other items I made for this donation effort, watch episode 6 of my Crafty Princess Diaries Podcast.

Scrappy Dragon

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This is the second dragon I’ve made using the Choose Your Own Dragon Adventure pattern from Fresh Stitches. Obviously, this guy was made using some of the leftover yarn from my first dragon plus other odds and ends I had around here.

With this guy, I opted to change the tail out, but otherwise, I followed the same design as the first. I think the other thinner tail is cuter, but with this larger tail, he can stand up on his own.

Both of the dragons will be up for sale at my college craft club’s fall boutique with proceeds going to charity.

Wrap Bracelets, Bottle Caps, and Sparkle

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Homemade Halloween Cupcake Topper
Make these darling Halloween cupcake toppers to delight the kids. Just grab the free printable and have fun.

Art Bead Scene
Art Bead Scene Editors take the October Monthly Challenge using Milton Avery’s painting Autumn as inspiration.

A Bead A Day
Think it’s okay to go crazy with sparkle? Lisa does too! Stop by A Bead A Day to see her latest find!

Taking a Fall Drive
Cherie uses the colors of fall as inspiration for some new pictures.

Beading Arts
Learn how to make the very popular wrap-style bracelets that you see everywhere these days!

Carmi’s Art/Life World
Fun saying in resin filled bottle caps will make you smile today.

Ola! My 1st Dummies Book in Spanish!

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I received a nice little surprise in the mail the other day, three copies of Beading for Dummies in Spanish! You won’t see my name on the cover because I worked as the “creative consultant” on it. This was the first Dummies book I worked on, and later came Jewelry Making & Beading For Dummies, which I did co-author.

Works in Progress!

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I have a number of yarn projects going on, and each is in various stages. The dragon is “this close” to being finished. Fingers crossed, I finish him up this weekend. As you can see, unlike the previous dragon I made, this guy is made with all kinds of yarn leftovers.

In the center is another Blair the Bunny. This one is going to be on the smaller side than many of the previous bunnies I’ve made because I’m using sport-weight yarn and a G hook.

Finally, as I mentioned in episode 6 of the bi-weekly podcast, I started up another knitted scarf. I am using some yummy super soft baby alpaca yarn in a light purple colorway. I’m kind of just winging it, doing mostly knit stitch with the occasional purl thrown in here and there. Of course, I dropped a stitch a few rows back, so now I need to figure out if I’m going to press on or attempt to fix it. I’m leaning towards fixing it because this scarf will probably be a holiday gift for someone.

Three projects is a good number for me. I know it may seem to a non-crafter that I may not be focused, but each project has its purpose as far as when it is a good time to work on it or when it is travel-sized or not. For seasoned crafters, three projects is really a small number of WIPs!

Haloween, Up-Cyle, Scarves, & Buttons

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Carmi’s Art/Life World
Up-Cycle That 50’s Purse With Epoxy Clay!

Halloween Craft Ideas
Halloween is fast approaching. Here are some crafty ideas sure to delight trick-or-treaters of all ages.

Another Scarf?
Watch episode 6 of the Crafty Princess Diaries Podcast.

Art Bead Scene
Take a peek at some of Tari Sasser of Clay Buttons’ beautiful handmade buttons.

Embracing Hope
Cherie paints pictures centered on the theme of hope.

Ch. 3 of Bored By Back Stitch!

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Cyndi Lavin’s bead embroidery followers will be happy to know that the third chapter of her latest bead e-book, Bored by Back Stitch, is finally available. Like her other chapters, this one is priced at a bargain, $3! It continues on the journey of bead embroidery and includes four new bracelet projects. Mixed media folks will also find this third chapter very interesting because she includes information on using unique foundation surfaces using pleated silk ribbon, metal mesh ribbon, soutache braid, and chocolate bags.

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