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While I will be the first to caution any blogger, crafter or non-crafter, about becoming a link farm, after seeing my stats just about double over the past few days (and this is not for the first time), I thought I’d just post a little something about the importance of good linking and building blog traffic.

It’s no secret that blogging is a great way to promote your craft business. Blogs can help you create content related to your craft product, thus bringing traffic to your blog, thus bringing customers to your site/store, and as an added benefit, they provide an outlet for educating your customers about your craft product as well. What’s not to love?

But blogging alone is not going to get you seen on the web. You need to shmooze with fellow bloggers. One way to do that is through linking to those who have similar blogging interests. Some novice bloggers may be worried about competition among blog crafters who may be doing similar work, but honestly, that’s one of the cool things about blogging. You can help each other and promote one another, and it’s a win-win for everyone.

Here are a few simple linking techniques that all newbie bloggers should consider trying:

Hook up with a game of blog tag. If you don’t know anyone who will tag you, check out my latest tag post because there are seven bloggers there who just may be looking for other bloggers to tag.

Spend a little time every week posting on other bloggers’ blogs; even if you can just squeeze out 15 minutes a week, you can spread some good link karma.

Feed links into social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Participate in regular blog carnivals. Can’t find one? Then start one!

And, of course, keep your blog roll up to date. That means you want strong blogs to link to, blogs that you like to read of course, but you need to check on these now and then and make sure those bloggers are still active. If someone hasn’t posted in a month, then more than likely that blogger is permanently a-wall.

These are just a few simply ways to spread some link love and hopefully get some in return. From watching my own pageview stats regularly, I can say that, at least for me, they work.

Have your own link love ideas? Post them in the comments!

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