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After speaking at a writing workshop last weekend, the creative energy came home with me, and I decided to dust off some old creative writing pieces of mine. I’ve been mulling over my next major writing project, and I’m really torn: part of me thinks I should write some kind academic piece that will be a total PIA to get published, few people will read, and I won’t get paid for, but if it were to get published, even in the tiniest little no-name journal, it would be another bean to add to my CV; part of me thinks I should get another jewelry proposal together and get back out there and get another jewelry book published and some more checks rolling in; and then part of me thinks I should finish that ancient novel manuscript I’ve been working on for a ridiculously long time that probably won’t ever be published but at least I can say I finished it.

So, obviously, I’m torn.

However, I did make some progress in this dilemma and sent out an old creative non-fiction piece I’d written for a college class a few years ago. I sent it to a small journal with my fingers crossed and an uncomfortable feeling of angst. It doesn’t matter if you are sending your jewelry piece out there, favorite art work, or personal essay; we all have to expose ourselves somehow when we literally put our work out for criticism, and hopefully, acceptance.

It is so easy not to expose yourself. It is safe. It is a comfortable place. However, if you want any kind of recognition, you can’t hide your creative work under a rock and hope someone famous will come along and trip over it and discover what a brilliant and talented artist you are. Just ain’t gonna happen! Probably won’t even happen in your dreams.

So, this is a challenge for all of those closet creative types or anyone who has hesitated to send out that book proposal, approach that gallery with your portfolio, or whatever it is that you have been avoiding with the idea that you could come back with a big sore spot on your you-know-what: Do it today! Yes, you will feel that same angst, but you may also feel something wonderful down the road.


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