Crochet Frogs Were a Hit

Blogged under Design Ideas by Tammy on Thursday 30 July 2009 at 5:38 pm

Sorry I have been missing in blogging action around here lately. Between school and other obligations and some crafting, I have just been a really busy bee crafter, more so than usual. While I love blogging, if it comes down to spending the little extra time crafting something like a new necklace or writing about it, I tend to prefer making something, ya know! Plus, I have some relatives down for a brief period of time, and for some reason, they did not check on either of my class syllabi before making their travel plans!

I stopped by today to see them and other relatives that at least live in the state, and I brought along two amigurumi frogs for my youngest nephews. I wasn’t sure what the guys would think of them, but surprisingly enough they were actually well received! So if you are looking for a little gift to craft for a youngster, I can definitely recommend amigurumi animals, or at least frogs. There’s a big birthday bash planned soon, and I’ll be bringing tigers, so we’ll see what the reaction is to them.


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