Another Awesome Craft Meeting

Blogged under My College Craft Club by Tammy on Wednesday 8 December 2010 at 7:32 am

The college craft club met again the other day, and it was another successful meeting. I was curious as to how many students would return, especially so soon after our first meeting. We have two more meetings before the school closes for the holiday break. I’m calling these our Crochet Boot Camp because, other than making plans for the spring, that is mainly what we are working on now: teaching members to crochet. We had about half a dozen return, and a few students happened by curious about what we are doing. At least, I think one of them, plans to come to the next meeting.

As we all sat around in a classroom sipping hot cocoa and stitching away with our hooks and yarn, every time someone entered the room (late members or just the curious) all remarked about how peaceful and cozy it was in the room. And it was. We weren’t totally silent, chit chatting about our future plans and brainstorming on crafting ideas, but when you do something like crochet or even beading, it is very relaxing, so it is easy to fall into a feeling of calm. Considering how it is otherwise very hectic right now with tons of papers to grade and final exams coming up for everyone, it was a much appreciate break.

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  1. Comment by Eileen — December 11, 2010 @ 2:17 pm

    I’m glad to hear your club has been well-received by the students, Tammy.

    It’s so sweet of you to do and so nice to learn there are collateral benefits – that feeling of calm – in addition to the little feet (and hearts) that will be warmed by your crocheted booties.

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