Recycled Crafting Supplies, Score!

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I recently read in our local paper about a woman who runs a reuse/recycle center in my town. She has a Facebook page that she uses to make announcements such as when she will be at her storage locker for pick up and drop offs. Originally, I followed her on FB with the idea that I often give away items to local charities, and I might donate to her cause instead. The way it works is that she takes in donations and even picks up stuff from the side of the road on garbage day. Then she organizes all of this and has a storage locker where anyone can come in and take whatever he/she needs or wants. Considering how high unemployment is around here right now, I think this is just a wonderful idea.

Note: I know it sounds really weird to take stuff out of the garbage, but our town is known for people putting all kinds of stuff out on the side of the road to give away. I have never seen this any other place I live, but it’s pretty common here. Many times there’s nothing wrong with it other than someone no longer wants it. I’ve done this myself. I had a great huge desk that I really loved but just no longer had room for it. My hubby lugged it out to the curb, and sure enough, someone came by the next day and took it. I was very happy that it found a good home.

So back to the reuse place….I contacted her on the FB page asking when I could drop stuff off, and I occurred to me that she might have some crafting items like crochet hooks or knitting needles. So I asked her, and sure enough, she did. I ended up with a pair of knitting needles, a G size hook, a circular knitting set, a set of crochet hooks used for thread, some rolls of thread as well, and a measuring tape. I think the thread and small hooks may not work for my crafting club, but the rest I brought to school to add to my growing stock of craft supplies.

I plan to keep in touch with her in case she gets in yarn or other supplies. Hopefully, this might be a way for the club to get some free supplies on an on-going basis.

Crafted Valentine’s Cards

Blogged under My College Craft Club by Tammy on Tuesday 8 February 2011 at 1:49 pm

Here are some of the Valentine cards my craft club made. So far, we’ve done pretty well with sales. In fact, I think the whole card making thing is going to be a permanent fundraiser idea for us. They heart pins and slides have been so-so sellers, so we may not repeat those. Plus, members seems to really like making the cards. I think the crocheted hearts were a little more work than some of them had anticipated. Well, one more week, and we’ll see what the total will be at the end.

Craft Link Time

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Paper Was Flying, Valentine’s Cards

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At our most recent craft club meeting, we gave the yarn and hooks a rest and concentrated on paper-arts, as in making fabulous looking Valentine’s Day cards. We stamp, glued, punched, cut, tore, and had a great time. We ended up making about 50 cards, all of which we will sell on campus as a way to earn some money for more crafting supplies.

The mission of the club is to teach members various crafting skills and then use these skills to make items to donate to charity. Though this is a noble goal, we need to create sustainability so we can pay for all this stuff we plan to make. Fundraisers like this might be part of the solution, and I’m pretty confident that we will be able to sell the cards fairly easily. We are charging $2.00 each, and considering that the average card in a store costs at least that much and is not hand-made, we are offering a pretty good deal.

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