Some Free Crafting Tutorials

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Art Bead Scene

Meet the Art Bead Artists who have responded to our monthly challenge!

Mixed Media Canvas: A Flower Blooms

Eileen took a class taught by artist Stephenie Hamen and had a lot of messy fun!

DIY Lanyard Ideas

Have you thought about making your own lanyard for work or trips? Here are some ideas, including a lanyard that can be worn as a bracelet or a long or short necklace.

WIP Update and Free Pattern

Connie’s posted an update on her latest WIP (work in progress) and she’s also posted a new free pattern for you to stitch and enjoy.

Beading Arts

Cyndi shares a tutorial for some quick and easy little earrings!

Crafting Links to Share

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It’s the weekend, which means some crafting links to share from around the Web.

Yummy Silk Blend Yarn

The Crafty Princess reviews Cascade Heritage Silk Paint yarn in this short video.

Crepe Paper Magnolias

Welcome summer with a bouquet of hand made crepe paper magnolias.

Art Bead Scene

Read all about Erin’s experiences learning with the masters at Bead and Button!

Welcome Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern

Connie’s added a new free pattern that is easy to adapt to your own personal taste. It would make a great gift when framed or finished as a flat-fold.

Beading Arts

Cyndi shares some simple tips for stitching up a Cellini spiral tube…it’s really easy!

Free Projects, Patterns, and Inspiration Links

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Art Bead Scene

Check out Heather’s beautiful color palette from our gorgeously vibrant monthly challenge piece!

Guitar String Bracelet Tutorial

Here is a fun idea for recycling old guitar strings. Terry shows how to make a bracelet and gives other ideas to make out of old instrument strings.

Much Crafting!

Crafty Princess published another crafting video podcast where she shares all the crafting madness, crochet, knitting, and beading!

Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Father’s Day is June 21st. Here are 18 project ideas to check out.

Beading Arts

Cyndi has posted a tutorial for a quick and easy little bead embroidered pendant for the summer, featuring a beautiful painted button!

Connie Gee’s New Pattern

Connie has added a new Welcome Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern to her Etsy shop. It is colorful and suitable for stitching on Aida or Linen. She’s also added a new free pattern to the site, so be sure to check out recent blog posts.

Love Some Craft Links

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Making Beaded Stitch Markers

Learn to combine beads and findings to make pretty beaded dangle stitch markers for knitting.

More Glass Bottle Flowers

Cherie’s still making bottle flowers for the garden. This time with paint and beads.

Father’s Day Pocket Album Card

What’s in your stash? Almost all the supplies for Eileen’s pocket album card were free. A mini photo album for Dad lifts out of the pocket for viewing.

Beading Arts

Cyndi has a brand new e-book in the works…Arm Candy! Come see what will be included.

Crafting Links to Share

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Honey Inspired Jewelry

See what Andrew and the other participants of the Sweet Honey Challenge created!

Art Bead Scene

Check out what Erin has selected for our perfect pairings this week

Amigurumi Cuteness

Princess Knits is hanging out her shingle, which includes some adorable bunnies and bears.

Marshmallow Clay Recipe & Information

Clay artist Eva Stosic has taken the term marshmallow clay to a new level and uses real marshmallows in her air-dry marshmallow clay recipe!

Glass Cobalt Bottle Flowers

Cherie makes some glass garden flowers out of cobalt bottles and bowls.

Beading Arts

If you’re looking for gifts for anyone this spring, Cyndi has a review of a brand new book from the editors of BeadStyle magazine. It’s got some of the best beginner projects and instruction you’ll find anywhere!

WWW Craft Links

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Art Bead Scene

Check out Claire’s art bead picks to get your juices flowing for our May challenge!

Glass Garden Mushrooms

Cherie brings up an oldie but popular post on her blog about glass garden mushrooms.

Connie Gee’s Designs

Connie shares a recent finish along with information about where you can find the pattern and what she used to complete it.

Surviving Disney & Comforting Crochet

Crafty Princess talks a little about the Disney cruise she went on recently and the comfy crochet baby afghan she is working on.

Blocky Layout Makeover: Scrapbooking Outside the Box

Eileen took a layout from blocky to eye-catching with a makeover of a scrapbook page commemorating those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.

Beading Arts

When you come up with a good design, it’s nice to be able to modify it for use in other pieces!

Craft Links!

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Decoupage Glass Vase Organizers Have Many Uses

Eileen created hers to organize paint brushes and foam pouncers. But decoupage glass vase organizers can be put to many uses. Use the cubes as candy dishes or to hold pens and pencils.

Art Bead Scene

Check out Mary’s round up of books covering the history of beads - fascinating stuff!!

Craft Lights and WIPs

Connie tells about her latest WIPs along with a new wrinkle that her craft lamp has thrown into her stitching plans.

Beading Arts

Cyndi looks at how to showcase a beautiful artist-made glass bead without overwhelming it!

Bead Board Video

This brief video shows how to use a bead board to design beaded jewelry.

Glasswork, Stamping, Stitching, and More Links

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Teal Glass Sculpture

Hide all your vases and ashtrays! Cherie is back to making full size glass sculptures again.

Connie Gee’s Designs

Felines rule (don’t tell my dog) and Connie has added a new free pattern that involves a cat trio out on the prowl. Added bonus: check out the fur-baby photos.

Art Bead Scene

Check out the color palette which Tari has pulled from this month’s vibrant challenge piece!

Apple-Stamped Mom Reusable Grocery Shopping Bag

Make this eco-friendly reusable grocery bag for Mother’s Day, or Mom’s birthday. The project uses inexpensive items, many of which you already have on hand.

Beading Arts

You can make the ever-popular beaded wrap bracelets using ribbons instead of cording…think of the endless color possibilities!

Craft Supply Acquisitions!

Beads, yarn, tools, oh my! Check out the craft supply goodies and projects the Crafty Princess is creating with them.

Crafting Around the Web

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The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton

Drop by and see all the Steampunk-inspired creations made by participants of the Amethyst Aether Special Challenge!

Art Bead Scene

Check out Claire’s interview with Dawn of La Touchables - fascinating and inspiring!

Adventures in Dog Sitting

Connie’s been dog-sitting and watching TV and, of course, stitching. Read a brief review of her latest project and be sure to check out the free patterns page for a new addition.

Sea Inspired Necklace Project

Mermaids, fish, and starfish plus lots of wonderful glass beads make up this easy to assemble sea-themed necklace design.

Baby Shadow Box

Make a sweet dreams shadow box for new parents or for Mother’s Day. Include baby’s name and date of birth, a lullaby or poem.

Packing For A Cruise

Here are some must haves for cruising.

Beading Arts

Cyndi experiments a bit more with beaded 3D pieces.

Craft Links Collection

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Connie Gee’s Designs

Connie shares a current WIP (work in progress) and has some tips on using quarter stitches and blending filament.

Art Bead Scene

Check out Mary’s fun tutorial using macrame and leather!

Quick Craft Update

Adorable amigurumi overload! Owen the Monkey and Blair the Bunny are ready for their new home. Come say hello to them before they move on their way.

How To Make A Pom Pom

Here is an easy video tutorial on how to make your own pom pom and ideas to use them.

Clay Cross Stitch

Have you ever heard of clay cross stitch? The words “unique” and “original” hardly do justice to clay artist Eva Stosic’s latest adventures in clay.

Beading Arts

It’s important not to overwhelm a great focal piece with too much embellishment when you’re making a pendant. Come see how Cyndi handled that in her latest bead embroidery piece!

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