Beads and Sparkles!

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Art Bead Scene
Check out Brandi’s art bead palette of the month!

A Bead A Day
Are you wearing sparkle today? Would you give up your exercise time to make something sparkly?

The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton
Andrew shares the Reveal for the latest design challenge, Dark Bloom.

Craft Organizing
Tips for organizing or not organizing depending on how things go!

Resin Crafts Blog
Super easy coasters with resin and glitter!

How to Repair Beaded Fringe
Here’s how to DIY bead fringe repair or find a pro. BTW, craft repair is a very nice niche especially as a supplement to selling items you make from scratch.

Beading Arts
Cyndi has a review of Irina Miech’s new book, Finding Style. You’ll love all the new components that are available now!

Tools, Pockets, and Reviews

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Art Bead Scene
Check out Ema’s new favourite tool - her wood-forming block for making curved metal components!

Resin Crafts
What could be cooler than miniature people at the beach?

Origami-Inspired Calling Card Holder Suits Gift or Credit Cards
This origami-inspired card holder had two large pockets on the inside and 2 “secret” pockets on the outside. It holds about 20 cards and fastens with an elastic ponytail holder.

Charlene Sevier
Book Review: The Complete Photo Guide to Making Jewelry (2nd Edition).

Beading Arts
Cyndi has been experimenting with bead embroidery and metal mesh ribbon!

Cupcakes, Cuffs, and Components

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Crafty Cupcake “Recipe” Calls for Styrofoam and Glue
Not only are they cute, these cupcakes are fun to make. They’re guaranteed to be sugar-free, gluten-free, calorie-free and cute as the dickens.

Carmi’s Art/Life World
It is wonderful to see how a bit of fabric ribbon and a button can be featured into a new beaded cuff.

Resin Crafts Blog
There are inexpensive bamboo tiles that can easily be turned into wearable jewels with some simple resin application techniques.

Beading Arts
With a few funky components and a little bit of wire, you can quickly have a new necklace!

Mixed Media Artist
Cyndi is head-over-heels in love with a new book on reclaiming and upcycling textiles!

Beads, Maps, Summer, and Jewelry

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Resin Crafts Blog
Wonder how to contain resin in an open back pendant? The how-to on the Resin Crafts blog should help!

Creative collaboration helps raise awareness and funds for a worthy cause.
Andrew participated in the Beads of Courage Design Challenge. Check out pictures from the Bead&Button Show and see images of his finished piece.

How to Make a Page Map Card Unique to You

Page maps, layouts, or sketches - whatever you call them - are a great way to: 1. Learn basic design principles; 2. Come up with a quick design on the spur of the moment; and 3. Observe how other artists interpret the sketch - honestly, no two are ever alike.

Art Bead Scene
Check out Kylie Parry’s beautiful post on summer inspiration!

Beading Arts
Note every project can be a smashing success…come see why!

Mixed Media Artist
Are you interested in wearable art? Cyndi has gathered a number of her tutorials that will move you beyond just jewelry!

Stitching, Tea, and Your Mojo

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Carmi’a Art/Life World
I have now sewn my fourth crazy cuff and even I am stunned at how great this one turned out! So happy I gave up reading patterns and just started sewing!

Resin Crafts Blog
I love to turn packaging into wearable art. This year’s tea box artwork made it even easier to design a necklace.

Art Bead Scene
Has your mojo decided to go on holiday without you? Check out Rebecca’s post on how to get stuck back in to your jewellery making when you’ve lost your mojo!

The Inspired by Reading Book Club reads about botany and booze!
“The Drunken Botanist” by Amy Stewart is an intoxicating exploration of the botanical histories of some of our favorite beverages. See how this book inspired a group of artists and jewelry-makers!

Would it be Pretentious to call this my Studio?
I ask because it’s really starting to feel like one. And I remodeled it on less than $15!

Beading Arts
Cyndi managed to finish her June piece for the Bead Journal Project with a little time to spare…but only a little!

Stamping, Jewelry, and Painting

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Art Bead Scene
Take a peek inside the studio of Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati Jewelry as she prepares for her exhibition at Gallery Q - and be in with the chance of winning one of her beautiful and unique Q Marks the Spot necklaces.

Old Timey 4th of July Card
The old time feel of this card evokes Eileen’s childhood memories of 4th of July festivities, hot summer days and cool lemonade. Directions for this stamped card included.

Resin Crafts Blog
Who knew that fabulous paint could be swirled to create stunning designs under resin.

Carmi’s Art/Life World
My Pastel Statement Necklace is featured in the summer issue of Perles et Cetera magazine. What is unique is the addition of an applique for the pendant.

Mixed Media Artist
Are you interested in making art quilts? Cyndi has collected all of her tutorials into one post!

Beading Arts
Cyndi has finished a second bead embroidery cuff featuring pleated shibori silk ribbon, and she’s provided a tutorial too!

Snap out of it, Jean! There’s beading to be done!
Jean reviews the book Punk Chic Jewelry by Erin Siegal.. You are going to love this wonderful book by the amazing Erin!

Paint, Home Decor, and Ribbon

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Resin Crafts Blog
I am replacing plain IKEA door knobs with something so much better! See how I did this on the blog this week.

Carmi’s Art/Life
Your scissors will never look better if you take a few minutes to glam them up with Jewelry Clay.

Too Many Layers Make you Cry over Decoupage Projects
Like peeling layers from an onion, many layers on decoupage can make you cry. The Artful Craftfer tells you how to keep it simple and tear-free.

A Bead A Day
Do you go through bead phases? Lisa’s sharing her latest one…Beads, charms, and pendants with faces.

Snap out of it, Jean! There’s beading to be done!
The best reunion Jean never attended! And she made the bracelets! See Jean’s blog for the amazing story of this transforming experience,

Mixed Media Artist
Just for fun, Cyndi painted an old globe…

Beading Arts
Cyndi shares the first part of her new tutorial on working with pleated silk shibori ribbon and using it in your bead embroidery.

Making Molds, Free Templates, Jewelry Inspirations

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Fluttering Monarch Butterfly Flies Out to Meet Card Recipient
You’ll find the directions and downloadable template on The Artful Crafter. Be sure not to miss the video of the butterfly in flight!

A Bead A Day
Sometimes you just gotta resort to smiley faces! Lisa shares how she started off her week with a smiley face bracelet packed with personality!

Mixing Jewelry and Drawing
Andrew brings together his training as a fine artist and a jewelry-maker to create these fun “drawing brooches.”

Snap out of it, Jean! There’s beading to be done!
Jean reviews the fun-loving and chic jewelry design book, STYLISH JEWELRY MADE SIMPLE !

Resin Crafts Blog
Did you know you can make a mold in 25 minutes? Really, what are you waiting for?

Ornaments, Beads, Earrings, and Yarn Goodness

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Mixed Media Artist
Will this be the summer that you add altered books and handmade journals to your repertoire?

Beachy Souvenir Copper Coin Earrings
These drop earrings were made using souvenir pressed coins from Busch Gardens and Sea World in San Diego. Pressing them through the machine is fun, but then you get home and wonder, “What am I ever going to do with these?” Here’s one solution!

Snap out of it, Jean! There’s beading to be done!
Jean has some free and very cool project tutorials, including one she created herself! These include a variety of cool techniques–sure to appeal to all creative people!

Of Faces and Fairies
Charlene finds some gorgeous handmade fairy face pendants and charms she just has to share.

Learn to Knit
Yippy - doo - dah - day! With the help up the Knit Lab Craftsy class, the Craftsy Princess is learning to knit, for real!

Art Bead Scene
Check out Claire Lockwood’s neat tutorial for using flower bud beads to create some beautiful earrings.

The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton
A sleepless night results in some cool, Day of the Dead Sugar Skull ornaments.

Carmi’s Art/Life World
I have a new necklace featuring small pendants created from vintage french brocade ribbon.

Resin Crafts Blog
Wondering what else can be done with Washi tape? Try embedding it in resin, it looks amazing!

Buttons, Father’s Day, and Foxes

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Father’s Day Craft Tutorials
From Kids’ crafts to one-of-a-kind cards to hand-decorated mugs and door hangers, The Artful Crafter has all the “deets” for you.

Art Bead Scene
Take a peek Inside the Studio of Ema Kilroy - and be in with the chance of winning a stunning pressed flower pendant!

A Bead A Day
Do you ever get hooked on a particular bead, design, or technique? Then you’ll understand exactly what Lisa’s talking about this week. She’s hooked on foxes at the moment!

Resin Crafts Blog
This week I show you how to make neon coloured resin objects with acrylic paint.

Snap out of it , Jean! There’s beading to be done!
Jean has a giveaway of a book that is wonderful! See how to enter and perhaps win!!! Margie Deeb’s THE BEADERS GUIDE TO JEWELRY DESIGN !!!

Sunday Morning with Lynne
Lynne Suprock of Simply Pretty Things stopped by for a playdate with Andrew. Check out what they made!

Mixed Media Artist
So many collage techniques…so little time!

Beading Arts
Cyndi shares a really fun little project that will have you running for your button jar!

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