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Blogged under My Crafty News by Tammy on Tuesday 14 May 2013 at 5:58 am

I have been holding off showing this cute Lil’ Expressions 31 Gifts bag that I bought and personalized as a gift for my sister who is celebrating her birthday this month. Since I finally was able to gift it to her, I can spill the beans here. It turned out about 100 times cuter than I expected. The bag is also more functional that I thought it might be as well. Here’s a picture of the inside, which includes two pockets, a lobster clasp (to hold your keys), and a magnetic closer.

You could use this as a roomy purse, a tote for hauling around whatever, or it would also make a nice project bag for a large item such as a sweater or baby afghan. It measures 13″Hx11.5″Wx6.5″D. The bottom is flat, so once you get stuff in there, it can stand up.

The way the Lil’ Expressions line works is that first you buy either this tote or there’s also a smaller zipper pouch, and they are just blank. The tote runs $45 and the pouch $12. This is, of course, if you pay full price. As I have explained before, there are lots of ways to get 31 Gift merchandise at discounted prices. I ended up buying this tote at half off the retail price.

So you can leave either of these just blank, or for an extra $7, you can personalize them, and there are lots of choices. My sister has two little boys and the family dog too, so I opted to personalize it with these cartoon type images for Jake, Dalton, and Bandit. And, my sister loved the bag.

Along with personalizing it with children or pets, there are options for icons like a butterfly or sports related icons, you can put someone’s name on it, and in the new summer catalog, there is a cute flip flop icon you can select also.

I can think of a few other people on my gift list that this would be perfect for, and I love the fact that I can make each one unique and fit the personality of the person I’m giving it to.
Disclaimer: I’m a 31 Gifts independent consultant, so all the above are my own rambles.

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