Video: Yarn Craft Book Review: 101 Socks

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Video: Crochet Pattern Review of Lion Brand’s Wristers

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I also call these fingerless gloves. I’ve made a number of these, so in this video I give you my opinion of the free pattern from Lion Brand.

Video: Star Wars Crochet Kit Un-Boxing - Review

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I take a look at all the goodies in this interesting crochet kit: Star Wars Crochet (Crochet Kits)

Video Yarn Review: Lion Brand’s Ice Cream Yarn

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I usually try to film a number of videos at the same time. That way, I can “bank” them for editing later. I was looking over my non-edited videos, and voila! I discovered this gem from June that I recorded where I review a fairly new yarn from Lion Brand called Ice Cream Yarn.

Making Rocks into Beads

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Arbeads is one of the many Youtube channels I subscribe to, and I especially enjoy the company’s Artbeads Cafe series. This video is amazing and shows the process of how stones are selected and then turned into gemstone beads.

Another Amigurumi Tip for Success

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Pom-Pom Pal Kit

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Recently, I was lucky enough to receive a very cool product to review from Silver Dolphin Books called Pom-pom Pals: Pets, which normally retails for $18.95, but of course, is discounted if purchased through Amazon. It’s a kit that has a small how-to manual plus enough supplies to make four pom-pom animals. Pictured above is the kit opened up with the small book that accompanies it on the left side. As it happened, my college craft club was getting ready to meet for the first time this semester, and while this may seem a little young for college students, I thought it would be a fun ice-breaker type project.

And I was right! Club members had a blast.

At the start of each semester, I basically have to recruit all over again, so I never know who is going to show up or what their skill level will be. The kit was perfect because it was super easy, and that meant anyone could do it. I even had one reluctant student who said he was just there to be with his girlfriend, and eventually, he decided he had to make a pom-pom pal too.

Here is one of the finished guinea pigs made by a club member. This was actually a crowd favorite. And it turned out so, so cute! Seriously, adorable!

The kit is available through the Amazon link at the top of this post, and considering all of the supplies you get with it plus a book that, obviously, you can use over and over again to make more “pals,” I think it is very reasonable priced. Tuck this away for a snow-day or rainy-day project for your kids, or break it out and have fun with adults too.

Video Book Review: Super Cute Crochet for Little Feet

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I discuss the book Super Cute Crochet for Little Feet: 30 Stylish Shoes, Booties, and Sandals to Crochet for Babies in this video book review.

Video: Doll Crafting Wrap Up

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This is the third in a series of three videos where I talk about some crafting experimentation on dolls I purchased at my local Goodwill.

Video: Amigurumi Tip 2: Picking a Pattern

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