Disney Zootopia Crochet Kit

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Thunderbay Books sent me the Zootopia Crochet kit to review, and in the video below, I unbox all the supplies provided to make two of the characters from the movie and also give your some information about the booklet provided in the kit. Below is also a direct link to Amazon where you can purchase the kit at a discount.


May Yarn and Dollies, Many Yarn WIPs

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Yarn and Dollies Video

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Since I have some yarn finished objects (including some crochet and knitting) as well as some Blythe doll crafting and other related updates, I put them together in this video.

Wine & Dolly: Dolly Novel Done; New Blythe; Doll Clothes; Crochet; Etc.

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Crafty Podcast

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My sister, the Tappingflamingo, was down visiting me in Florida, so of course, that means we had to sneak off and record a podcast. We chat about my so far failed attempt at sewing Blythe doll clothes, her very cool gator jewelry, and show off some knitting and crochet.

Beads, Sewing, and Crafting Organizing!

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After chatting some about how I was getting my jewelry making supplies, sewing, and other crafting supplies in order so that I could actually make something, I finally got it together. In this video, I show a before and then an after, from crazy mess to neat as a pin (or almost).

Blythes, Beads, and Bobbins

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I have been participating in the Wine and Dollies videos with other doll collectors and crafters. In this episode, I talk about my bead organization because I’m trying to find room for my sewing machine, and of course, I have a Cherry Beach Sunset Blythe hanging out with me too. I’m a bit of a chatty Cathy in this video, so get a cup of tea or coffee or wine, and come chill with me.

How I Knit Blythe Doll Hats

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After showing some of the loom knit hats I made for some of my Blythe dolls on Facebook, I had a lot of doll collectors asking for a pattern. I did not actually use what I would consider a pattern. I basically just used a very small loom, and, well, I explain it in more detail in the video below. You don’t need to know how to knit at all (seriously!) to be able to make one of these cute knit loom Blythe doll hats. Oh, and they also fit other dolls like American Girl dolls too!

Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set

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Loom knitting is a wonderful way to enjoy some simple yarn crafting, and Leisure Arts was kind enough to send me a new knitting set it has available called the Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set. In the video below, I open up the box and show you everything that comes with this set as well as look through the accompanying book and give you my initial thoughts.

Wear Your Jewelry!

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Do you make jewelry? If you said “yes,” then you need to wear it!

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