Jewelry Book Milestone No. 2

Blogged under Publications from Moi by Tammy on Friday 15 January 2010 at 2:29 pm

Ah, so I made my second deadline for the jewelry book today. And, boy, does it feel good! Of course, I can’t get too cocky yet because I have one more big push before it is over. If it sounds like I’m giving birth, I can only imagine, but at least to me, that is what it feels like. There is a lot of pain involved in writing a book but also a great deal of satisfaction and joy as well, even more so when I am able to hold it in my arms!

This past section of the book has required my husband and I to collaborate more than ever because it has a few metal related sections in it, and his metal skills are better than mine. That’s the “engineer” in him. Everything must be exact! However, it is still very much a creative process, and I have to admit that he has designed some really cool projects. I didn’t know he had it in him!

While it has been challenging working with someone else on a project when I normally work solo, even more challenging because we are married to each other, we have done pretty well not trying to kill each other. It is weird how we can collaborate on this, but if I need him to explain how to use the blue ray remote, it can turn into WWII around here. I guess I’m lucky that when it is important, we can successful work together.

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