Video: BIG News! Craft Novel Published – Podcast No. 23

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This 23rd episode of the Crafty Princess Diaries Podcast is a little different than usual. In the first eight or so minutes, I cover administrative stuff like the July FOs giveaway and show off recent finished objects and works in progress, and then at about 8 minutes into the podcast (for those what to know the BIG news NOW and skip ahead), I reveal some big news about my newest publication. Squee!

Jewelry Book on the Horizon!

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I got the laser copy (aka galleys) of the new edition of The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making. This was sort of my weekend project in between feeling sick and also getting other crafting done as well as a little housework.

This is a step in the publishing process that is kind of interesting but also very tedious too. The interesting part is that you get to finally see it all put together after sending parts and pieces of documents, images, and finished jewelry to the publisher for months. The tedious part is that you have to go through and review/edit/proof everything! This is my one chance before it hits the printer to make sure everything is right, and of course, that is not really possible. I try. I am actually known as being very detail oriented. (Any place I ever have worked I used to drive people crazy with this in fact. Don’t ask me to read over something unless you really want to know what I think, LOL!) But, of course, I’m not perfect.

That said, it looks pretty dang good! There are a ton of new projects and a whole new gallery section. This is the largest book I’ve ever worked on. It’ us HUGE! It is packed with loads of techniques and projects. If I’m counting correctly, this has 49 projects.

I’m not 100% sure when this will be out. Possibly we will see it on bookstores this April, but as soon as I do know, I will be telling everyone. I actually have not worked on any jewelry books in awhile and thought I needed a break from them, but I am now thinking otherwise. Wheels are turning.

Spilling the Beans about My Jewelry Kits

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They don’t look like much, but pictured above are 48 jewelry making kits I packed and mailed out the other day to a new wholesale customer, Annie’s Attic. A few summers ago, I finally put together 4 earring kits and tutorials and put them up on my Crafty Princess Etsy Shop. They did okay as far a sales, but honestly, I did very little to promote them. I squeezed out the time to design the kits (which takes a major chunk by the way), but then I didn’t have time to do the follow up marketing that I needed to do.

Then a few weeks ago, I was contacted by a rep from Annie’s Attic about selling some of my kits wholesale. Luckily, I have had enough experience selling my finished jewelry that I knew when I put these together that I needed to price them so that I could sell them either retail or wholesale. The thing with wholesale pricing that turns some designers off is that you don’t get as much per item, but you have to remember that someone who buys from you wholesale is not going to just buy one item. In fact, if anyone asks to do that the person is not really a wholesaler at all.

I ended up selling them two different kit designs, 24 kits each, for a total of 48 kits. Since I just mailed these out, they are not up on the company’s web site yet, but as soon as they are, I will blab about it some more. I really enjoy making the kits. They combine my designing and writing skills, and I end up with a product that I can sell over and over again instead of just one time. I have some more kit ideas floating around in my head, so hopefully this is just the beginning of a new (successful) venue for me.

Sqeezing in Academic Publishing

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I tend to spend most of my time writing about crafting, especially jewelry making, so I don’t have a lot of time to write on other topics. Usually, I try to assign myself a non-craft writing project to work on during my summers off from school. That seems to be the only way I can squeeze it in.

Just like any form of publishing, academic publishing takes a really long time. Actually, it can take about 10 times longer than when I write a book. Sometimes, I feel like I am sending my work into a big black hole, ala the Big Bang Theory, only I get zippo for my bang.

So I am very happy to announce that one of my academic articles made it through the universe and landed in a real, true to life book. It is a piece I presented in 2010 at the Florida College English Association Conference. After the conference, I submitted it to be considered as part of the published proceedings, and hot-diggity, it was accepted and just recently published this month! The article is a kind of mix of narrative and analysis entitled “NASA Becomes Nostalgia: Retrospection and Prospects for Florida’s Space Coast.” I just ordered my copy of it this past weekend, using my author’s discount. I hope to get it in my hands very soon!

My Book is Officially Out and About!

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Finally, I got my official box of books from Mr. UPS the other day, and I’ve been hearing via Facebook and Twitter that contributing artists have also gotten their copies and so have those folks who ordered early via Amazon. It really has been about a year from start to finish on this project, and these things never truly seem official (even if you have gotten paid) until you get the hard copy in your hands!

Now I wait and keep an eye out for reviews. Hopefully, they are all good!

Another Step in the Jewelry Book Process

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The FEDEX guy delivered my advanced copy of The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making late yesterday afternoon. This means I am one step closer to the end of the book process and will soon, maybe in about a month, see the book in bookstores. It also means those who have ordered copies through Amazon will finally get their copies as well very, very soon! Yeah!

At this stage, I now have to review the copy for any minor (hopefully) errors. Then I make a list of them and send them back to the publisher to correct before any reprint orders are filled. I did a general flip through last night, and I think it looks great. I’m very happy with the huge number of photos, and the gallery section, which turned out to be problematic at one point, looks awesome, thanks to many jewelry making designers who stepped up and helped me out with it.

It won’t be long now before I will announce the official release!

Creative Publishing’s New Web Site

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Woot! Creative Publishing International, the publisher of my latest book, The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making (set to come out this December or January), has a new web site, and it is full of amazing book information. The site is called and is a portal to the various companies that are under the same publishing umbrella: Creative Publishing International, Quarry Books, Fair Winds Press, Motorbooks, MVP Books, Quiver, Rockport Publishers, and a number of others.

One of the extra cool touches to this site is that you’ll find videos embedded in it. Of course, I went right to the Crafts & Hobbies link first, and I was very pleased to discover a video that describes a new book, Sew Retro. This is definitely going on my book wish list, and I can think of a few people that this would be a great gift for as well. Along with videos, there is an RSS news feed from various crafting blogs.

This site covers lots of other topics, but it is full of craft and hobby information too. So it’s a must-visit site.

Fat Lady is Humming…More on the Book

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The fat lady is not ready to sing yet, but she is warming up! After having an issue with the gallery section of the book, I hunkered down over the past few weeks, and thanks to many helpful jewelry designers, the gallery section is not only back on track but looks extra amazing. I resubmitted the sections in question and uploaded a ton of amazing jewelry photos just yesterday, and I’m feeling pretty good about it.

Thank you to all my jewelry friends out there who came through for me. You really find out who your friends are when you need a massive favor and have about a day or two turn around! I’m not saying those who didn’t come through aren’t friends, of course. Sometimes the stars just aren’t aligned right and you can’t help someone out no matter how much you’d like to. In fact, these are some of the busiest people I have ever known!

At least the fat lady is humming if not fully belting out a tune at this point.

Jewelry Book Galley Pages aka The Fat Lady Still Hasn’t Sung

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The galley pages of my book, The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making, showed up late Friday afternoon. The galley copy (also called a laser copy) is a pile of pages unbound that has all the text and photos in it pretty much how it will be in the final book. Larger photos are not totally clear, but for the most part, you get an idea of what the final product will look like. I could have had this sent as an electronic file – these huge pages are a mess to deal with – but I read so much better on paper than I do on the screen that I opted for hardcopy.

I have a little less than a week to review and send them back to the publisher. This is the one chance I get to see it before it goes off to press. I can, at this point, make minor changes, like typos. I’m still going back and forth on a few things with the publisher, but we are now at the point that decisions have to be made, obviously! Hopefully, they will trust my judgment – err…yes…I’ve written a tad about jewelry before you know 😉 – and we’ll resolve some of the issue quickly, as in they’ll do what I am asking them to do!

I think that is one of the issues about books that a lot of people don’t know. The writer can often have limited control. Things like page count and layout can become so important that creativity and credibility go on the back burner.

That said, the book actually looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I forgot how much stuff is in this sucker, a lot!!

More on the Jewelry Book

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Ah, it is not over until it is over or until the fat lady sings or until I get all the work done, basically, whenever I am working on a jewelry book. I’m reminded of when I went back and school and was often asked, “When are you going to graduate?” To those not in the know, it seemed like it took forever! And, the same can be said for putting together a jewelry making book. Admittedly, even though I know how long it takes, even to me it seems like each one takes forever.

From beginning to end, most jewelry books I’ve worked on usually take about a year: 6 months for me to do my thing and 6 months for the publisher. My 6 months is mainly the first part of the year, but then I have additional tasks that mix in with the rest of the year, and some of that I will be working on this weekend. This book has over 700 photographs, and about a dozen were rejected by the publisher. That means more photos! Considering (so far) only a dozen seem to be problematic, I’m not too worried.

After we re-shoot some of the photos, the next step will require that I review the galley print of the book, which is a loose copy of big sheets of paper that have the complete book, photos and all. This my last full look and chance to make any major changes before it goes to print. I read, edit, proof, mark it up, and fingers crossed most of my changes/corrections are made before it heads off to printing and the bookshelves of local book stores.

Amazon still has it up for early ordering and still has it pegged for coming out in January 2011. Sometimes titles make it out a little early, but I have to just continue to be patient, sigh!

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