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Craft Hope for Haiti Shop Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

I know I am not alone when I say that the nightmare happening in Haiti is mind-blowing and horrific. Watching the news makes me feel even more helpless and hopeless. Like many Americans, I have donated cash here and there, and since there is already a fairly large Haitian community where I live, there were already networks set up to donate additional items such as food. But, is that enough? Isn’t there a way to do more? Of course there is, and crafting groups are starting to pop up around the blogosphere to do just that. As I learn about them, I plan to post here so that other crafters can perhaps find additional outlets to help.

This first group I am writing about is called Craft Hope for Haiti. Made up of 7 crafters, they have set up an Etsy shop where you can donate goods or shop for some amazing items, anything from beads to pillows to purses. Even if you don’t have time to make an item and donate it, you can purchase hand-crafted work from other craft artists and still help out. According to the Etsy shop they set up, all the proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders in Haiti.

As posted recently on the groups’ blog, they have already raised $7,000 in the first two days. I have to admit that it took me awhile to find it, but I finally located the specific instructions for those who would like to donate items to the shop here. One issue to be aware of is that you will be required to ship the item, and they ask that you add the shipping cost into the final price of the item. I don’t think this is a huge deal, but this means that you aren’t just going to ship off your stuff to them and be done with it. You will be responsible for finishing off the sale.

I would love to blog about more groups like this, so if you know of any, please let me know (tammypowley at

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    Thanks for the info. I see that they have now raised over $20,000 but are temporarily closed for donations. The response has been so overwhelming, they must be having logistical problems. Hope it gets worked out quickly. It’s a wonderful effort.

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