More Cross Stitch Progress & Masking Tape Solution

Blogged under Sew Simple by Tammy on Saturday 2 June 2012 at 4:22 pm

As I continue to work on my Dolly Mama cross stitch kit, I continue to remember cross stitch issues and (eventually) solutions. One issue that I had forgotten about when it comes to the cloth used for cross stitching is that the edges fray like nobody’s business! The more I worked on it, the more little pieces of thread emerged around the edges. Finally, I remember that you need to cover all four sides of the cloth with masking tape. Problem solved!

I managed to get more done this week on it too, yeah me. Though now, gulp, I’m to the point where I have to start stitching the face.

I managed to get one hand done and will do the sign that it is suppose to be holding next probably. I  may even wait to the her head until the very end!


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