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I have to admit a fondness for Halloween. It’s just a fun holiday where pretty much anything goes as far as being kooky and spooky. When I received this new book for review from Running Press, that is pretty much what I thought about when I looked at the cover and saw a Ferdy Hand Puppet in the center with a red-eyed monkey toy and extra freaky looking vampire on either side of him. Knitmare on Elm Street: 20 Projects that Go Bump in the Night by Hannah Simpson retails for $17.00 (though of course it’s a few dollars cheaper on Amazon) and has twenty knitted projects that are not your typical cuties monster toys. These toys give a node to zombies, clowns, ghosts, and other freaky characters you are probably already familiar with.

The supplies and techniques section cover the basics of what you will need as well as how-to knitting steps. It includes color illustrations with drawn hands showing how to knit, and oh, the hands are in need of a manicure, stat! As a beginning knitter, I did find some good information here, but I would hesitate to suggest anyone could learn to knit only from the information in this section of the book. One really unusual part includes how to use soft circuits so you can light up parts of the toys, such as their eyes. I thought that was extra clever.

Then there are the projects which will just make you laugh. I could see making these as fun gifts for your friends or decorating your home with them each Halloween. Some are a little on the cute side like the Abominable Snowman, but some are past the cute line, like Nosferatu (included on the cover) who has super long fangs and fingernails, ick! One of my favorite toys is a shrunken head that you can put in a cookie jar.

Project instructions include step by step patterns and some drawn illustrations to show how to assemble the finished toys or decor items (such as the Creepy Clown Cushion Cover). While there are a few fairly simple looking projects (liek the Voodoo Doll Cat Toy), I think most would be considered intermediate.

Any knitter who enjoy Halloween would enjoy this book, and considering there are 20 projects in it and it retails for less than $20, it is priced really well. You are talking about less than $1 for each pattern. I think there is a little something for everyone in this book. There are intermediate projects that can take a fair amount of time (like the Haunted House Diorama), but then there are also fast and easy projects (like the Zombie Egg Cozy).

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  1. Comment by Eileen — September 28, 2012 @ 3:03 pm

    How cool … I wish I were a faster knitter ;-(

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