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Awhile ago, I was sent a review copy of Fashion Crochet: 30 Crochet Projects Inspired by the Runway written by Claire Montgomerie and have picked it up and put it down many times because I was confused about a few things. First, I was not sure if the instructions in this book are written in UK crochet terms or US crochet terms. In the beginning part of the book, called “Practicalities,” there are a few tables that show conversions for hooks and also abbreviations. I read through some of the instructions, and I’m 98% sure that it is written in UK terminology, so this is something to keep in mind if you are used to US terms.

The other reason why I had to think over this book is that I feel like the projects are really young. Now, I have to say “young” to me is 20s and 30s. Of course, when I review any book I think of how the wearable projects would look on me, and I really could not picture myself in most of these because I’m well past my 30s! However, if you are young or like to crochet items for young and hip girls, then most of these projects will probably appeal to them.

In fact, the focus of the book is to take inspiration from crocheted wearables from the runway and turn them into projects you can make yourself. So you end up with young and trendy clothing and accessories. Since I live in the South, I tend to lean towards accessories, and that is where most of the items I like came from.

The Granny Square Cowel is one of the first projects. While I liked the overall design, the colors (though they matched the runway version shown as inspiration) did not appeal to me. Another project that I liked but would change some is the Fabric Fringe Scarf. I like the scarf but not the dangling piece of fabric. Other projects that stood out to me as being possibly wearable…even for an old lady like myself…were the Green Fern Poncho, Cloche Hat, and the Chain Should Bag. I especially liked the Crochet Bangles project as well, lots of possibilities there. Projects that did not speak to me so much were the mini skirt, shorts, and beach coverups.

Overall, I felt there were some hits and misses with this book, but again, I may not be the best audience for it because you are not going to see me in a skin-tight halter top (as shown on the cover). Crochet is often not considered very fashion forward, so it is refreshing to see that a designer was able to make projects that are young and trendy.

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  1. Comment by Eileen — December 13, 2013 @ 2:53 pm

    It looks like a good gift idea for the younger (20s or 30s) crochet crafter on your list.

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