Knitted Sampler Scarf

Blogged under learning2knit by Tammy on Thursday 20 November 2014 at 10:40 am

If you have attached any of my video podcasts, then you have seen the as-yet-unfinished knitted scarf I have been working. I’m using some super soft baby alpaca yarn, and I have been surprised at how much I have enjoyed working on this project. I was unsure about even starting another scarf since I have made so many, but scarves (at least for me) are a good way for me to continue to practice my knitting skills. Plus, the yarn is wonderful to work with, and I have decided to make this for a friend who I know will appreciate it, slipped stitches and all!

I’m calling this my sampler scarf because I am just trying various stitch patterns as I create the scarf. For example, I do a few inches of garter stitch, then I do some ribbing, and so on, whatever I feel like doing at the time. As it turns out, while knitting this scarf I have realized that my favorite stitch as far as the finished look is the seed stitch. I just love the texture it creates. I’m not sure if I’m up to the task, but I’m thinking about making a second scarf using only seed stitch. I think it would look amazing!

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