Linus Knit Shawl Finished Object!

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Ta da! I have frogged and re-knit this shawl way too many times to count, but it is finally done. This is a free pattern available through Ravelry simply called Linus, and it is an asymmetrical shawl knit in garter stitch. While I’ve been knitting for a few years now, I am still not that great at is (thus the constant need to frog or tink on just about every.single.project), so this is a pattern that is great for beginners. I have already started another one.

I used 50 Shades of Gradient yarn in the Cocoa Beach colorway. I love all the colorways of this yarn, but after making this and another similar shawl for my sister, I don’t see me using it again any time soon. It is not friendly when it comes to frogging and will often tangle as I pull on it. I also found it a tad splity. More experiences knitters probably wouldn’t have these issues. For knitting needles, I used 5mm Harmony from my interchangeable set. (I have a review of these and other Knit Pick needles on my Youtube channel.)

This Linus shawl is super long, and it wraps more like a scarf. I have no doubt there are other ways to style this, but below are a few photos of my first attempts.

When I first started it, I was having trouble remembering which row I was on when I would put it down (even though there are only two row repeats…yeah…um…pathetic), and I was having problems understanding the knitting jargon (limited though it is) on the pattern. However, I found a wonderful video on Youtube from Fiber Spider (embedded below) that helped me tremulously. If you are knew to knitting or just want a no-brainer project, I highly recommend this free pattern!

50 Shades Blue Shawl Done!

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My sister, the Tappingflamingo, bought a gorgeous skein of 50 Shades of Gradient yarn when we were on one of our trips to downtown Cocoa Village, Florida. We chatted about it in one of our podcast episodes. She bought the yarn and then asked me to turn it into a garter stitch knit shawl for her. So it was a win-win. She got the finished product, and I got to knit with yummy and pretty yarn.

This is a very simple design where you start with three cast-ons, and then you knit and increase on each end so that it grows. I just keep going until I use up almost all of the yarn. Unfortunately, I’m paranoid about not having enough to cast off at the end, so I usually end up with an extra bit more than anticipated.

I think this is about the fourth one of these I have made, and I keep telling myself that I need to make something more difficult and stretch my knitting muscles. However, at the same time, I just want to knit and enjoy the process. Oh, and enjoy the yarn. I did like working with this yarn. It feels soft but isn’t so soft that’s slippery and hard to work with. When I made a mistake and had to rip back or tink, it didn’t tangle. I think I only had one knot issue (of my own making), but otherwise, I never had to break the yarn and weave it in the middle of a row. I was hoping the gradient would look less subtle, but I think my sister will like this. Plus, it’s a good color on her.

Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set

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Loom knitting is a wonderful way to enjoy some simple yarn crafting, and Leisure Arts was kind enough to send me a new knitting set it has available called the Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set. In the video below, I open up the box and show you everything that comes with this set as well as look through the accompanying book and give you my initial thoughts.

Knit Shawl Vlog

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As I continue to learn how to knit, I’m finding I really enjoy simple garter stitch designs. Here’s an update on my latest knitting progress.

Knit Sweet Pea Hat Pattern Review

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During one of the Craftsy classes I took, I learned to make the Sweet Pea hat, which was one of the patterns included with the class.

Madelinetosh Yarn, I Love You

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If you caught one of the latest crafting podcasts I filmed of my sister (Tappingflamingo) and me chatting about our current crafting adventures, then you know that I acquired some Madelinetosh yarn for the first time. I have heard so much about this brand, so I had high hopes. But you never really know until you try, right?

While visiting with my sister, we stopped by a yarn shop, and I purchased a skein of fingering weight Madelinetosh yarn in the Vintage Sari colorway and couldn’t help myself but start a project with it the next day. It’s just a very simple triangular shawlette, a mindless project, but I enjoyed working so much with this yarn. I’m not a convert for sure! Here is is finished!

I have a good amount left over, so it may pop up as part of another project at some point. It’s just wool, no silk or other additional fibers, but it feels really soft. Now I just need some cool weather to really enjoy it!

Knit Vlog: My Latest WIP, a Knit Shawl

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Here’s a brief vlog to show and tell about my progress on a small shawl that I’m learning a lot as I knit away on it.

More Shawl Progress

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I’m still plugging along on the Taylor shawl. I have to sort of stop every once in a while because it is requiring me to look up how to do certain parts of it. For example, one row required I cast two stitches onto the end of the row. I vaguely knew how to do this but didn’t want to screw it up since I’ve made so much progress so far. So this means I have to set it aside and watch a video or two before working on it again. However, the next section is repeating the last two rows for awhile, so this means I can continue to work without having to use my brain for awhile, yippy!

Taylor – Another Knit Shawl on the Needles

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It’s not really a resolution for the new year but more of a continuation of learning to knit. I have to admit that I could happily make garter stitch shawls and scarves forever, but that would mean I would not learn to knit beyond the basics. So I’m taking a baby step and working on a shawl pattern that has lots of garter but a little bit more than that. The pattern is “Taylor,” from designer Jennifer Lysen. It’s a free pattern, so so far, I think I’m getting the hang of it. I like how it is a long shawl that could sort of work like a scarf too.

I’ve dipped into the “good stuff” as far as yarn goes, using a colorway called “Puppy,” from Expression Fiber Arts’ line of Resilient Superwash Merino Sock yarn. I have already made a number of mistakes but have managed to learn to pull out stitches and rework them. When I get frustrated, I keep reminding myself that it’s about the process, not the product!

Knit Socks in My Future?

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Since I tend to go barefoot a lot and mostly wear sandals, it has taken me awhile to warm up to the idea of knitting socks. But I have seen so many beautiful patterns for them, and I got to thinking that I do wear socks when it gets cold inside the house, especially in the evenings when we have had the AC cranking all day. So now, I want to make them.

Of course, this is where it gets tricky because I’m still not that great at reading patterns, and most of the sock patterns I’ve looked at seem to pretty complicated for a beginning knitter. And, of course, I can’t just bop down to my local yarn store because that doesn’t exist in sunny Florida, at least in my part of Florida.

Craftsy has some sock classes, but after reading the reviews, I got turned off. I don’t want to turn anyone else off, just for me sounds like it’s over my head.

So what to do? YouTube it! And I found this awesome video that shows step by step how to make a pair of ankle socks, which is perfect for what I need. Now I just need to order some smaller double pointed needles.

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