Book Review: Pretty Quilled Cards

Blogged under Good Books by Tammy on Sunday 23 November 2014 at 1:24 pm

Lark Books-Pretty Quilled Cards by Cecelia Louie has been on my “to review” stack for awhile. It came out in March 2014 and is published by Lark. Retails price in the US is $17.95.

Its subtitles describes basically what you will find inside: 25 + Creative Designs for Greetings and Celebrations. All but six of the twenty-five projects are greetings cards, but that is what actually made me think of picking this up right now. With the holiday season here, it seems like the perfect time to get your creative paper-arts juices going and create hand-crafted cards.

The book’s front matter explains the basic tools and supplies you will need, which surprising isn’t that much, and then the techniques area breaks down basic paper scrolled forms that are later referenced in each of the projects. As an added bonus to this book, many of the cards include templates that you can color photocopy and use so that you are able to duplicate exact projects from the book.

There is a lot of detail in this book. I mean that in a a few ways. First, the instructions are detailed nicely so that you have a very clear understanding of how to complete the projects. But, also, the projects and actually the technique of quilling is pretty detailed too. This could be good or bad, depending on the type of crafter you are. If you enjoy intricate, though not necessarily difficult, craft projects, then this type of crafting will appeal to you. If you don’t like to to have to be too exacting, then it probably won’t. Given how beautiful the finished results are as shown throughout the book’s photographs, paper-art lovers will be drawn to this book.

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