Book Review: Crocheted Abode A La Mode

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Twinkie Chan’s Crocheted Abode a la Mode: 20 Yummy Crochet Projects for Your Home is published by Quarto Knows, and the designer and author for this book is Twinkie Chan. It retails for $21.99 in the US; L12.99 in the UK; and $25.99 in Canada and came out in 2016. I’ve provided the Amazon link in an image below for those interested in a discounted price.

The 20 projects are organized by areas of the home, such as the kitchen, bedroom, and so on. As you can image by the title and the hilarious crocheted banana split shown on the book’s cover, the projects are all funny and whimsical. If you don’t have a sense of humor, then this book won’t be for you. However, while crochet tends to have a sort of weird kitschy reputation sometimes, and not in a good way, I didn’t get that feeling with this book. There is such a thing as kitschy-cute and then there is kitschy-weird, and this book definitely is more in the “cute” category.

There are a lot of really large projects in this book, which may be a little bit large for some people to take on, but at the same time, there are small projects as well. For example, there is the Strawberry Shortcake Stand-Mixer Cover, full of details from the strawberries and whipped cream at the top to even sprinkles, but then there are also more manageable Grocery Fridge Magnets, Little Cherry Zipper Pulls, and Carnival Pen Cozies. So you can go big or go small.

I could imagine some of these are really unique gifts for that person who has everything or also a fun way to decorate a bedroom or small apartment. I just could not help but smile as I read through the book.

Note: A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher, but my opinions are my own.

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