Unearth Some Porcelain Jewelry Components

Blogged under Jewelry Designers/Artists by Tammy on Tuesday 22 April 2008 at 6:49 pm

When I received this stash of porcelain components from Melanie at Earthenwood Studio, I had a hard time figuring why I was so impressed. I think it is because I couldn’t point to just one thing. Sure, these jewelry components from her SteAm Stones line are unusual, and as a sci-fi junkie, I loved the concept of how she’s connecting to stories like those from HG Wells and Jules Verne, but it wasn’t just that.

 Honeslty, I think it was the whole package, the whole concept she had created. Not only did she think up some components that are full of imagination, but they were shipped in this tiny tin, and inside of that the components were stored in a tiny ultra-suede pouch. She also included story cards to explain her SteAm Stones collection:

“This newest line of charms and links by Earthenwood Studio is inspired by the Steampunk genre of fantasy and science fiction. The Steampunk world is an altrenate universe, often set in the future, where steam power is still the main source of energy, and all sorts of great gadgets and machinery has evolved around it.”

 Just all of these together showed me how much detail and thought she put into all of this, and it made me appreciate her artwork even more. I wanted to email every jewelry designer I know and say, “See what she’s doing! She not only has a great product, she knows how to market and present her concept.” I guess since I’m blogging about it, that’s just about the same as emailing everyone! So take note. This is someone who “gets it.” From concept to design to presentation, she carries it all through for a complete product.

Now, I just need to use my own imagination and figure out what I’m going to make with these ultra-cool sci-fi puppies. Right now, carnelian is speaking to me, but stay tuned.

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