Earring Un-Boxing

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I ordered some bead earrings from TappingflamingoBling and show them off in this Un-boxing video:

Arm Candy – Learn Bead Embroidery

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Bead embroidery is a wonderful way for two forms of crafting to collide – beads and needlework! Cyndi Lavin is one of the pioneers of bead embroidery techniques, and in her collection of well-priced and even free e-books available on her Beading Arts blog, she breaks down the various methods for this art form. In fact, one of her latest books, Arm Candy, takes it a step further and shows how to incorporate old jewelry, often broken pieces no longer wearable, into stunning jewelry designs. I really like this idea of using old jewelry pieces because I know many of us have a few odds and ends like this that may have sentimental value, but we are not really able to enjoy them. So pull out those broken jewelry pieces from the past and reinvent them with help from Cyndi!

Beaded Rings Dazzle-It Update

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It was so fun to be part of the Dazzle-It Rings Blog Hop. I showed a little teaser, basically the wonderful beads and other supplies, and talked about what I had planned to do during episode 15 of my video podcast, and then I posted finished my ring, of course, on my own blog. However, above is a photo collage of all the rings together, which were created by myself and these other talented designers: Cyndi Lavin, Marissa Decipeda-Wong, Jennifer Tryon, Lisa Pace, Eileen Bergen, and Nancy Donaldson.

Dazzle-It Blog Hoppers!

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Woot! Look at this long list of bloggers who participated in The Newfangled Neo Chain Blog Hop! We made some amazing jewelry, so get a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy!

Tammy Powley – The Crafty Princess Diaries

Lisa M Pace – It’s In The Details

Ann Butler Designs – Creativity Stirs the Soul

Suze Weinberg – Leap…..and the net will appear!

Lisa Fulmer – Lisa Liza Lou

Roberta Birnbaum – DecorablesArt

Vicki O’Dell – The Creative Goddess

Charlotte Gordon – Atmosphere and Symphony

Amy Bowerman Stucki – Plucking Daisies

Suzann Sladcik Wilson – Beadphoria

Kristi Parker Van Doren – Kristi’s Creative Cafe’

June Beach – Beach Haus Designs

Jewelry Book Give-a-Way

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Margot Potter, famed jewelry designer, weblogger, TV personality, etc., has another new book out. This one takes a unique and contemporary approach to making bead and wire jewelry. It’s called New Dimensions in Bead and Wire Jewelry: Unexpected Combinations and Unique Designs, and you can read the full book review that I wrote about it over at my About.com Jewelry Making site.

After you read the review, come back and leave a comment answering the following questions: Have you mainly used beading wire just for stringing up beaded jewelry, or have you ever used it in a more 3-D kind of way or any other unique method? If you haven’t, is there a reason you haven’t? If you have, then what did you do that is different than the usual straight bead stringing?

I will have a random drawing for a copy of Margot’s newest book after the deadline for this give-a-way, August 26, 2011. So basically, you have a month to enter. You can post as many times as you like, but I will just put in one entry per name. Make sure you include your email address so that you can be contacted in case you win. Winners will have 72 hours after they are contacted by me via email to reply. After that, I will draw another name if I don’t receive a reply back. This offer is good only in the US or Canada. The winner will receive the book through USPS media postage. Good luck!

My Island Craft Purchases

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While my cruise experience was not that pleasant, walking around the streets of Nassau next to the port was at least something to do. I was surprised at how many designer shops (Carter for example) were scattered among the little mom and pop stores. I didn’t even think about going into the fancy shops. Other than the fact that my purse wouldn’t allow me to buy anything in there, I wanted to buy items that were more suggestive of the Bahamas, not stuff I could buy at a department store in the states.

Of course, I bought the usual t-shirts, tropical shirts for my hubby, and other items that I know are imported. However, as we walked along the streets we managed to discover a few home-grown crafters selling their work.

The wood fish above was hand-carved and painted by Celestine Albury. She had a spot under an awing, a simple table full of her beautiful carvings. With the leftover wood pieces, she made jewelry, lots of earrings which I totally regret now not buying a pair of.

Speaking of jewelry, another vendor I purchased from was a young woman selling jewelry. I didn’t catch her name, but she so reminded me of myself when I first started out. She had all kinds of gemstone jewelry along with some made of wood and shell. Granted, some of the parts and pieces she might have imported, but she assembled the final pieces for the most part. I purchased some shell earrings, wood earrings, and a tiny conch pendant.

I only saw a tiny portion of Nassau, but I was disappointed that I saw so many imports and so few crafters. I was really lucky to find these two artists among all the imported merchandise.

Encouragement from the Jewelry Trenches

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Included on my “after the book is done to-do list” is to resuscitate my poor little (sad) Etsy shop. I think I’ve got something like 3 things in it right now! But, it takes time if you want to make a go of anything, especially a business. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother when I have so little time to devote to it and there are so, so, so many jewelry people over there.

Then I read one of the latest “Quit Your Day Job” articles, and I realize that yes, it does take time to develop a successful shop over there (as in it’s not going to happen over night, folks) and yes, it can actually be worth it if I ever do find the time. This series is always enjoyable and informative, but one of the more recent additions is even more so because it features a jewelry designer, yeah!

K. Gardner Designs talks about how she started with just a small investment and eventually turned her jewelry business into a full-time gig. As of this post, she boasts an impressive 1,838 sales, and her membership dates back to January 2008 (which may or may not be the date she started her shop since many members, like myself, open accounts but not necessary shops right after joining).

One detail that I noticed after taking a look at her shop is that like many of the more successful Etsy shops, K. Gardner’s shop is very focused on a specific style. She has a niche, a look, a signature if you will: “Chic Jewelry for Bridal and Everyday” is how she puts it. She isn’t all over the road trying to sell 10 different styles of jewelry or even a mix of crafts for that matter. In fact, I know some Etsy members will open more than one shop just so that they can create a niche feel to each one.

This idea of “niche” is something I’m still trying to figure out myself over there, so perhaps that is why it was so noticeable to me. I like to make so many different types of jewelry as well as other crafts that finding one focus has been difficult. For writing, being all over the road trying all types of techniques has worked for me because it means I have more to write about. However, a clear focus is really something I think is important if you are trying to stand out in a sea of other crafts in a network as large as Etsy.

Jewelry Packaging Counts!

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Kenneth Fron, known for his beautiful beaded necklace designs, sent me a jewelry piece to include in the gallery section of my new book. Of course, I can’t show you the necklace (you have to wait for the book to come out), but I can show you this beautiful box it came in. And, when you open it, he has the necklace secured in a wonderful necklace box as well.

Packaging for jewelry (and really any retail item) is so important, and I often think designers are so focused on the item they are making that they don’t consider the final step in the process when selling it. This is really critical when you consider that fact that most of what we sell these days is through the Internet. If you sell in a store, then there isn’t that “ah” factor you get when you receive an item in the mail and unwrap it. This is another chance to “sell yourself” to the customer, to show that your work is quality and that you are there to pamper him/her. Take some notes on on Kenneth has done it!

Amazing Chic Metal Jewerly

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I have been on the look-out for select jewelry designers to participate in the gallery section of the new book I’m working on. In particular, I need pieces to reflex the various techniques in the book, one of which is metal work, fabrication and also soldering. Of course, the first person I thought of for fabulous metal jewelry is Victoria Tillotson. Her work has been sold in HSN, through various boutiques, and her web site as well; Plus she has an excellent book out, which I reviewed a while ago.

Anyway, I received her jewelry submissions for the book the other day, and I was totally wow-ed by them. I mean…they look great in her on-line shop, but when you see them in person, there’s just no comparison. They are hefty pieces, well-constructed, and finished to perfection. Even my husband, the extra meticulous engineer, was very impressed. I’m so honored to be able to include some of her jewelry in my book’s gallery!

Flower Designing CFE from CraftSytlish

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Pictured left is a crochet flower project from Craftstylish contributor Linda Permann. It is one of a number of flower related projects posted at Craftstylish to help promote a new call for entries they have posted:

Make summer last all year long with the second CraftStylish Challenge: Flower Power. Create a pretty flower in your own crafty style, post a picture to the challenge gallery (below) and you could bloom as one of four lucky winners. How lucky? Four-leaf clover lucky—four winners will receive the ultimate embellishment package: an assortment from the new Crafty Chica Craft product line, the fab Crafty Chica book, The Crafty Chica Collection: Beautiful Ideas for Crafts, Home Decorations and Shrines from the Queen of Latina Style, and a copy of the smokin’ hot premiere issue of CraftStylish Quick Gifts to Make.

As with any CFE, make sure you read and understand all the fine print before entering. Even if you aren’t interested in participating in the CFE, definitely check out the free flower projects they have available.

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