Felted Ornament Update

Blogged under Fiber Fun by Tammy on Saturday 22 November 2008 at 10:11 am

I managed to get this far on the felted ornament I mentioned previously. I actually ended up washing it a few times, and the second time, I tossed it into the dry to boot because it wasn’t looking “felty” enough to me. It didn’t really seem to shrink much either, though the article said to expect it to shrink about 25%, which I guess is not that much.

Now it’s ready to decorating, and I’m thinking of a way to include some sparkle on it in the form of beads and fiber. It’s fairly dense now, so I think what I’ve got planned will work, but I’ll let you know. With turkey day on the horizon, I don’t see me getting to play with this again until after next weekend. (sigh)

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