Crochet Is Heating Up

Blogged under Crafty Products by Tammy on Tuesday 23 December 2008 at 7:29 pm

I know that crochet is starting to catch up to knitting as far a popularity, but I thought it was very telling that in the past two days I have discovered that two long-distance friends of mine also crochet. These are gals I’ve known forever, and while we’ve had a lot of discussions about various topics, for whatever reason, this topic never made its way into the conversation. In fact, I only learned about their crochet ways because one of them gave me an awesome crocheted afghan for Christmas, and the other one I saw had posted pictures of a project she’s working on over at her Facebook page.

Pictured is a yarn trainer I purchased as a little thank you in reciprocation for the afghan. I’ve never used one of these, but now I am thinking of going back to the Knitting Warehouse site and ordering one for myself too. Sometimes I do roll my yarn before I start a project, but I really hate doing that. This little gadget looks like it would let me skip that step. Plus, I have to say that my cats are often mesmerized by the strings of yarn coming from the ball, and I have to constantly tell my dogs that no, this is not a ball for them to play with.


  1. Comment by Kenneth Fron — December 23, 2008 @ 10:46 pm

    I wear a crochet skull-cap hat that was handmade! I am always looking for fun crochet scarves. I think old-fashioned craftsmanship is making a comeback!

  2. Comment by Tammy — December 24, 2008 @ 9:54 am

    I agree. There really is no comparison to products made by hand with care and those imported. The quality is like night and day! I think the combination of the DIY movement and economy are helping to get this across to more consumers. If you are going to spend the money, then purchase something that is made well and will last.

  3. Comment by Sherri — December 24, 2008 @ 12:12 pm

    While I did learn to crochet just to say I could, I so prefer crocheting! yeah! 🙂

  4. Comment by Tammy — December 24, 2008 @ 2:14 pm

    Yeah, Sherri! Yes, I’d like to conquer knitting some day, but crochet is more intuitive for me, maybe because I learned it first.

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  6. Comment by Diane — December 31, 2008 @ 3:15 am

    I like the idea of the yarn trainer but didn’t have the extra caseh so I dug out a plastic ground coffee container (Folgers) I had and punched a hole in the lid. There is a scrapbooking tool you smack with a hammer to punch holes anywhere, not just near the edge. You use it when you want a hole for rivets. It can make several sizes of holes & I used the largest and it works fine. My coffee container isn’t as tall as your yarn trainer but it works with most balls of yarn. It keeps the yarn nice & clean plus I have several for all my WIPs.

  7. Comment by Tammy — December 31, 2008 @ 10:03 am

    That is brilliant, Diane!

  8. Comment by Barbara — December 31, 2008 @ 12:51 pm

    I have crochetted for many years. I learned from one of my aunts. I have made blankets for each of our grandchildren. I modify the size of the blanket to be extra large. This way it can be used indefinitely, being used as a lap blanket when they become adults. I make each one with that particular child in mind. With these blankets our grandchildren can wrap themselves in our love whenever they want.

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