Digging Up My Old Book-Art Goodies

Blogged under Book-Art by Tammy on Wednesday 28 January 2009 at 8:09 pm

I sort of got roped into doing a brief presentation on Emily Dickinson. It’s not for a few more months, but I’m already stressing about it. If were just students, that wouldn’t be a big deal. However, this will be with peers of mine, so of course, that means I have to start worrying now. A friend of mine who will be there suggested I bring some of my little booklets, like the one pictured here.

I’m thinking about it, but I’m not 100% convinced yet that I’ll bring them. I’ve been looking them over, and of course, I wish I had time to make some more. So many fun crafts – so little time!

If you can’t read the text (yes, images aren’t clear), here’s the whole poem:

I HELD a jewel in my fingers

And went to sleep.

The day was warm, and winds were prosy;

I said: “T will keep.”

I woke and chid my honest fingers, —

The gem was gone;

And now an amethyst remembrance

Is all I own.

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