Alice Walker’s Everyday Use for Quilt Lovers

Blogged under Good Books by Tammy on Thursday 29 January 2009 at 8:09 pm

Four of the five classes I’m teaching this semester are Composition II classes. This class is the follow up from Comp I, of course, and expands on the ideas learned in the prerequisite class with the added dose of literature for students to read and analyze. Reading is how I turned to writing to begin with. I love a good story, and so when I pick stories for this class, I always select stories I like while at the same time trying to think of the average student as well who will be reading many of these for the first time.

One story I’ve had a lot of luck with so far has been “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker. I like it, and my students seem to like it as well. There’s lots to discuss and analyze, but it isn’t so complicated that students feel they can’t figure out at least the general ideas in the text. For me, I love the story on its own, but the connection to crafting via the quilts that are woven into the storyline is an added bonus.

I titled this post for “Quilt Lovers,” but of course, anyone who appreciates craftsmanship and beautiful colors and shapes can appreciate a hand-made quilt. So if you are looking for a good crafty-related read sometime and haven’t had someone like me make you read this story, do so when you get the chance. I’m sure it will be one of your favorites too.

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