Hooked on Jewelry and Crochet!

Blogged under Yada, Yada, Yada by Tammy on Thursday 12 February 2009 at 8:06 pm

It is interesting how the universe works sometimes. I was flipping through a crochet magazine the other day and saw a brief blurb about a book that combines jewelry making and crochet. Yes, of course, I was like, “I soo have to check that out!!”

Yesterday, what happens to be in my mail box to review? You guessed it!

Podcasts to Craft To

Blogged under My Crafty News by Tammy on Wednesday 11 February 2009 at 7:32 am

I’ve not been a huge fan of podcasts, even though I know they were really popular there for awhile. I am a visual person, so for me to just sit and listen to people talk is not comfortable. I have to be “doing” something or “seeing” something, but then I discovered the Yarn Craft podcasts over at the Lion Brand site.

The podcasts include yarn crafters Liz Shaw & Zontee Hou who talk about, what else, but yarn crafting, including knit and crochet, twice a month. They run 30 minutes long and are teamed up with a blog post full of links to the projects and other items and web sites they may mention.

I’ve gotten to the point now were I really look forward to listening to these. I click on the links and open a new browser tab while listening so I can see whatever it is they are talking about, and I am also usually doing some kind of craft as well, like making jewelry or crocheting, while listening on my computer. Since my computer is in my studio, this is pretty convenient.

Latest Metal Clay Jewelry Project

Blogged under Free Craft Projects by Tammy on Tuesday 10 February 2009 at 7:17 am

I’ve been back at the metal clay. My latest projects is called “I Heart Animals Metal Clay Necklace.” I made this pendant because my husband and I are working together on a jewelry piece for my local Human Society’s Fur Ball, which includes a silent auction. So, I’ve got the pendant ready to go. For now, I’ve got it on a red cable choker I got from Rings & Things, but by the time we have it ready for the auction, my husband should have his chain ready. Then I’m going to make the clasp. I’ve also made a tiny heart tag to include on the end of the chain with the letter “P” for Powley of course. When we have it finished, which I think we’ll manage to do very soon, I’ll post the completed necklace. Hopefully, someone will fall in love with it and bid some big bucks for it!

Found Some Jewelry Etsy Time

Blogged under etsy,My Crafty News by Tammy on Sunday 8 February 2009 at 4:15 pm

Other than the occasional relisting of items, my poor little Crafty Princess Etsy Shop has not had a lot of action lately. However, I managed to find a few minutes to list some pieces I’ve been working on. Some are my tried and true items, like my little metal clay star charms. These, however, are a little different than previous listings. Rather than keep them with a matte finish, I gave them a high polish and then textured both sides.

While most of my listings are jewelry related supplies, I’ve been thinking of listing more finished jewelry and also managed to do that as well, at least two pieces: Fine Silver and Sterling Textured Star and Crystal Earrings and Black Onyx Hearts, Mother of Pearl, Crystals, and Sterling Harlequin Necklace.

Of course, whether or not I have any sales now that my store looks a little better is in question, but at least it’s freshened up a little.

Furniture Progress, Finally!

Blogged under Yada, Yada, Yada by Tammy on Saturday 7 February 2009 at 7:22 pm

I’m thrilled to say we finally made some major progress on the furniture side of things when it comes to the room we are re-crafting. DH got the floor almost completely finished, or as I have been telling people, the floor is 99% done and poor DH was 100% done. That did a number of his knees and legs in general. We went for the dark mahogany, and wow, it looks, well wow! He just has some minor detail work to finish up.

Since the floor was done, we’ve been sitting on a few cheesy chairs and have some rugs in the middle for the boys (aka our two dogs) as well as dog pillows for them. Our old funky couches were kicked to the curb, literally, so we have been without comfy furniture for some time now.

Today, we went out on about our second major furniture trip, and we finally made some decisions. Above is a picture of our sectional, or almost. The style is the same, but it’s a darker color, more of a camel than a light tan. We finally found a couch that fits the dimensions of our room as well as our budget at Babcock. We had already been to Lazy-Boy, Haverty’s, Basset, Furniture City, Ashley’s, and Rooms to Go.

The main issue we had was size. We have decided to create an island of furniture around the TV, and that means I can’t have a super huge sectional. However, I really, really wanted one, and so do the boys so that I can sit in the corner section and they can sit on either side of me. Only dog people will probably understand, but this was one of the major concerns as I was shopping. There has to be room for all three of us to snuggle comfortably.

Crafters will understand also that I could have gone for a larger couch, even if it meant being a few feet further from the TV, but that meant giving up this really cool old desk I have, which is great for crafting. I don’t do as much in there any more now that I’ve moved most of my jewelry supplies and other craft materials to my office/studio, but I like the option of working in there and watching TV and chilling with my boys when I want to. So I needed to keep enough room for my desk too.

Along with the couch. we ended up getting a dark brown ottoman, two end tables, and a painting, which was partially free since they had a deal where if you spend at least $1,000 you get $200 in accessories for free. The painting, which came framed, was originally $300, so we did pay a little extra for that, but I love the colors in it. Plus, it’s got a sort of sea-side vibe without being over the top like a painting of an anchor or something.

I also intend to get some local artwork to put on the walls, but we both really liked this picture, so what the heck. I’m so relieved to have at least a chunk of the furniture issue fixed. We still plan to get a “big man” style recliner for DH and entertainment center of some kind, but at least by next Saturday night, I’ll be chilling with my boys on our new couch! Yee-Ha!

Craft Bloggers United 02/06/09

Blogged under Around the Web by Tammy on Friday 6 February 2009 at 11:08 am

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Bold Beret

Blogged under Free Craft Projects by Tammy on Thursday 5 February 2009 at 7:23 am

In Florida, it is pretty rare to see people wearing hats other than baseball hats. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because it’s normally so hot that covering your head just makes you hotter. For me, the few times I have worn one has been to keep the sun out of my eyes, but today I woke up to 33 degree temperatures!

I have my hands and neck ready with my new scarf and gloves. In fact, I’ve made a few pair of gloves now. I made another red pair for a friend and a blue pair for me so that it looks better with the scarf. But now I’m thinking about a hat, maybe something like this beret from the free patterns section at Lion Brand Yarn. Anything tighter around the head would create a major “hat hair” issue. This type of hat might work, and while I’m sure I’ll turn a few heads (forgive the pun), it will probably be out of jealousy because I’ll be so warm (except from Yankees who think we are all crazy for even thinking this is cold weather)!

Lady in Red Crochet Pin

Blogged under Free Craft Projects by Tammy on Tuesday 3 February 2009 at 7:29 am

This great project, a red dress crochet pin, from the Suzie’s Stuff blog combines two of my crafting favorites, jewelry and crochet. A red dress is the symbol for women’s heart disease awareness, and this Friday is National Wear Red Day. What a great project to make and wear!

You can find a ton of other crochet projects on this blog as well, so if you are looking for some creative crochet ideas, head over there!

Crochet for the Cold

Blogged under Fiber Fun,Free Craft Projects by Tammy on Sunday 1 February 2009 at 8:04 am

I am so ready now for this latest cold snap. I made some fingerless gloves aka wrist warmers, so no more cold steering wheel on Monday when I head off for my early morning class! I got the pattern from here at Crochet Pattern Central. I altered the instructions just a tad, adding an extra row of double crochet at the end and doing some single crochet around the edges to finish them off a little, but the instructions are so easy! I highly recommend trying it. I plan to make a few more pair to give to family and friends.

I also have a new scarf I made by simply making a long rectangle of alternating single crochet and double crochet. I’m not into fringe, so didn’t add any. I used Lion Brand Homespun yard so it’s got some great texture going on. It was a little challenging to work with because it can snag, but I used a fairly large hook which helped some. If I make any more using Homespun yarn, I’m going to use an every larger needle, like at least a K size.

Bring on the cold now, baby! I’m so ready!

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