Knitting Progress, Yes!

Blogged under Fiber Fun by Tammy on Saturday 21 May 2011 at 9:29 am

The first time I tried to learn how to knit, my mom was attempting to teach me. I kept ending up knitting a triangular shaped piece rather than a square. Years later, I found a fancy yarn shop in the county south of where I live, and as it happens, I was working in the area so went over during my lunch hour for free knitting lessons. I bought some expensive knitting needles at the shop, and the woman showed me how to use Continental¬† style since I told her that I knew how to crochet. That did help some, but then she had me attempt to switch back and forth between knit stitch and purl stitch, and I was again frustrated. Why she just didn’t try to teach me one stitch at a time, I’m not really clear on, but eventually, I didn’t return and gave it up again.

So this is try number #3, and thanks to a free ebook I downloaded from, I am seeing some real progress. Pictured is just the beginning of my scarf, which is now much longer. Granted, there are some noticeable boo-boos, but I’m learning the stitch and starting to feel more comfortable, even though the needles and yarn are huge! She has you use size 13 needles and thick and quick yarn, so I kind of feel like Wilma Flinstone.

I am so happy to finally feel like I’m getting this knitting thing, though it still seems so much more complicated then crochet. There has to be 20 different ways just to attach the yarn to the needle to begin with that it kind of reminds me of math. In math class, they teach you one way to do something, and then once you start to understand that way, they insist that you learn a totally different way to do the same thing. I only need one way to do one thing, not 10 ways to do 1 thing.

I really can’t say enough about the ebook. She has a number of other free videos as well as some you pay for, and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to buy these from her. Hopefully, I will make enough progress that I can actually get to that point eventually.


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