Making Memories with Memory Wire Bracelets

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While my craft club has been hard at work learning to crochet and making a few loom knit hats, we really needed some hand-made items to sell at the November DECA Show. Thus for October, we are concentrating on easy to make items that we can sell, and we started with jewelry, more specifically beaded earrings and matching memory wire bracelets.

Memory wire is great because it is one size fits all, and you don’t have to attach a clasp to it. I ended up getting a bunch of crystal and glass beads. Then I cut up the memory wire, and I made loops on one end. I gave the memory wire and beads to club members who strung up the beads, and then I finished off the ends with another loop.

At just one meeting we managed to make 10 memory wire and earring sets, three extra memory wire bracelets, and two extra pairs of earrings. Members loved making the jewelry, which I figured they would, and they learned how to make a few basic pieces. They walked away knowing how to make beaded earrings and memory wire bracelets. We have one more meeting scheduled where we will make more jewelry. For the other October meetings, we will make greeting cards. Between the jewelry, cards, and a few hats and wash clothes, we should be set for the show.

Sunday Crafting Links

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Lola loves circle time, especially when she has a little company from the little hairy blue and pink guys next to her. I do not know if I will ever figure out the allure of this old crocheted afghan that I rolled up and formed into a circle, but 99% of the time, there is a cat in it.

We have been having buckets of rain here the past few days, so it is a very lazy house full of sleepy cats, dogs, and humans, a perfect weekend to travel the web and just chill out.

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Martha Stewart Yarns, Too Price?

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I was at JoAnn’s Fabrics and Crafts the other day picking up red ribbon and straight pins for an AIDs walk that I agreed to have the craft club make ribbon pins for, and I took a brief cruise through the yarn isles. Most often I either buy my yarn on-line or at Michael’s, which is much closer to me. JoAnn’s has about twice the amount of yarn and selection than my local Michael’s has, so it’s a treat to get to see so many different types of yarns in person for a change.

During my yarn review, I was able to see some of the new yarns from the Lion Brand Martha Stewart collection. I have been hearing a lot about it on Ravelry, and in fact, someone took some pretty nice photos of her yarns, if you go to this post.

One of her new yarns that I have been particularly interested in is a hemp blend, 65% cotton and 35% hemp. You can see more about this yarn here on the Lion Brand site. The skeins are 50 grams or 66 yards in size, which I new was pretty small, but boy, howdy! When I saw them in person and then checked the price again – $5+ per skein – let’s just say I’m no longer curious about this yarn. Yawza!

In fact, I found all of this collection to be pretty darn pricey. Now, I am a frugal gal and have not (as yet…maybe this will happen some day) gone over to the “super fabulous and pricey yarn” side of crochet and knitting, so keep this in mind as I pronounce this judgment. Maybe those with finer yarn taste than myself might find this yarn perfectly priced. I just know I will be sticking with Lily’s Sugar and Cream and Lion Brand’s Cotton-Ease for awhile longer when it comes to cotton yarns.

My Late Craft Links

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Sorry for the late crafting links and no cute pet story today. I have been sick, sick, sick! I’m actually still feeling yucky but moving on. Work still needs to done no matter how I feel!

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Craftside- A behind-the-scenes peek at our crafty world
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Next Bead Soup Blog Party

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Lori Anderson is already gearing up for another Bead Soup Blog Party. If you participated in the last one like I did, then you have a little time to breath between the last one and the next one. Registration will run from January 7 to 9, 2012, and this time, there will be only 200 slots, which is understandable considering how popular these blog parties are now. She is going to run it like a lottery where a random number of entries will be selected from those who registered.

You can find out more information about how she has tweaked the procedure a little and the due dates on her weblog. Just click on the image button below.

Bead Soup Blog Party

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