Wear Your Jewelry!

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Do you make jewelry? If you said “yes,” then you need to wear it!

Bead Vlog: Random Acts of Jewelry

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I have been giving away jewelry to random strangers and friends too, of course. I talk about what I’ve started called “Random Acts of Jewelry” in this short video:

Video: Make Wire Headpins with Triple Loops

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Bead Vlog: Bead Bargain Box & Jewelry I’ve Made

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I show off some of the jewelry I’ve made since receiving a few Bead Bargain Box shipments.

Charms and Charming Jewelry Designing

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I have been going in about 20 different directions lately when it comes to making jewelry. One minute, I think that I need to update my Etsy shop and focus on that. Then a book idea pops into my head. Then I think I should focus on my Jewelry Making Studio web site.

Recently, I kind of threw all that out the window for at least a little while and just sat down and designed. And it felt so good! I focused on some cute charms I’ve acquired, and that is where my design inspirations started.

Some of the jewelry supplies I used came from one of my Bead Bargain Boxes, and some came from stash. One piece I made for a gift. It uses a cute “luck” charm and green beads.

I also made this necklace using faceted blue beads and a cute French charm.

My summer break is on the horizon. Hopefully, I will have a better jewelry focus when it comes!

Bead Bargain Box March 2016

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Here’s another unboxing video of some amazing beads and other jewelry making supplies I received in my March 2016 shipment from Bargain Beads.

Pendants with Rainbow Fused Glass

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I made these fused glass pendants using three layers of glass, clear, rainbow, and clear. Then I drilled holes and added wire bales to a few of them. You could also glue on metal bales or create one using seed beads. They have a wonderful glow about them and would look great with your choice of beads or simply added to a silver chain.

They are part of the slashed de-stash and charity fund raiser going on in my Etsy shop right now.

Video: Bargain Bead Un-Boxing Jan. 2016

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I joined a monthly subscription to Bargain Bead Box and show off my first installment in this video.

Knotted Rainbow Gemstone Bead Bracelet

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First, a BIG “thank you” to PandaHall for supplying these colorful jade beads. The beads are 8mm, faceted, and dyed a bunch of different colors to create a pretty rainbow affect. When I saw them temporarily strung up, I knew I wanted to use them all together to take advantage of the color combinations and turn the strand into a piece of jewelry that I could wear with lots of different outfits.

This is a good beginner project since you don’t need a large amount of tools or supplies to make this bracelet, but it may take a few practice sessions to get the knotting down. Along with the jade beads, you will need some 1mm bleached hemp cord (at least 3 feet), small ruler, and scissors. I also find using a pair of round-nosed pliers helps me if I goof up a knot and need to pull it out. They work like little fingers.

Measure 6 inches from one end of the cord and make an overhand knot. Now string on your beads in the order you want them on, so you may want to take a little time with this so that you get the color combination you want. For example, I did not want two of the same color beads next to each other.

Push the first bead strung up against your knot, and then tie another overhand knot, making sure to push your knot close up to the hole in the bead. You do not have to make this super snug, but you do not want tons of space between knots and beads either. Keep doing this - move a bead, knot, move a bead, knot - until you have six inches strung up.

Obviously, you could make this longer with adding more beads. I used up all but about 4 or so beads from the original bead strand. If you wanted a chunkier look, you could use two strands of beads, make the center part 12 inches instead of six, and then wrap the bracelet around your wrist twice before securing it.

Once you get all the beads strung on and knotted, measure another six inches of hemp and cut any remaining hemp so that you have two 6 inch strands of hemp on either side of the bracelet.

To secure it to your wrist (and you probably need someone to help you do this), just tie the tie the two six inch pieces of hemp together into a bow.

Making Rocks into Beads

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Arbeads is one of the many Youtube channels I subscribe to, and I especially enjoy the company’s Artbeads Cafe series. This video is amazing and shows the process of how stones are selected and then turned into gemstone beads.

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