Confessions of a Messy Jewelry Designer

Blogged under Jewelry Designing by Tammy on Wednesday 15 January 2014 at 5:57 pm

Since my leaving as the “guide” to the jewelry making web site over there, you may have noticed that I have not had an abundance of jewelry related writing over here on my personal blog. Admittedly, at first I just needed a break from all things jewelry. After writing at least 2 jewelry articles a week for 15 years, yes, a break was nice. However, I have lots of design ideas rolling around in my head and also sketched out in one of of my many design books. It will be nice at some point to actually write up “how to” jewelry directions without the restrictions of a template, required word count, required number of links, and so on that I had to do when writing for

In fact, I could say this is why I have not posted any projects here recently. Yes, I could say that, right? But that would be such a lie because this is the real reason I have not made any jewelry recently:

And this is just one example of the “mess” that is my jewelry making work area. Of course, I could find a place in my house that is not this freakin’ messy and spread out over there, but the guilt would be too much for me to handle. So instead, I have kept the door closed to where this is located, and each weekend I tell myself that I’m going to get in there and get to it. I’m going to organize, clean up, clean out, and get cracking!

Tell me I’m not alone when it comes to having not even one inch of space available on your jewelry bench. Eee gads!

So kind readers, please stay with me. Enjoy some yarn goodness and other crafts I may post here until I have the energy and courage to take control of the jewelry design studio from Hell!

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