Space to Create! An End (for Now) to the Messy Madness!

Blogged under Crafty Products,Jewelry Designing by Tammy on Thursday 23 January 2014 at 4:55 am

Recently, I confessed to the fact that my jewelry work area did not have a square to spare as far as work surface. While the room this space is in still needs to tweaking, I can now see the surface and actually make something!

Weee! See how you can now see the top of the desk? Actually, this desk is a sewing cabinet, but it works great for all kinds of crafting, including jewelry making. Now the boxes to the left, they are what I mean by tweaking. The clear shoe box size ones in the back, well, they are full of a lot of stuff that I still need to go through. However, the other boxes on the left have been sorted out with supplies I’ve received from various vendors that I plan to use for future jewelry projects.

On the left side hanging on the wall is a product I purchased during an outlet sale through Thirty-One, which I’m an independent consultant for. It is called the Hang-Up Home Organizer, and my original idea was to use this in my home office, but by the time I got it, I had already gotten that place whipped into shape. Instead, I have zip lock bags with various items like findings, chain, charms, etc. and I put those in the large pockets, which have labels you can use. Now these are not all the findings, chain, charms, etc. that I have, but they were the odds and ends spread all over creation at one time. Now they are at least organized again and handy for me to use. I have other items in the small clear pockets, and of course, you can see a bead board in there too.

Now the next cool thing, I can’t take credit for. If you look to the right on the first photo at the top of this post, you will see a few little caddies there. They are called the Littles Carry-All Caddy, and again, I got a few during the outlet sale. I first thought I would just toss my hand tools in there, but then some brilliant person on Facebook showed how you can fit up to 6 Crystal Light containers in one of these. This way I can keep my tools separate and organized. The other caddy has a box of tissue (for my ever running nose) as well as a pad of paper and post-its and pen for me to take notes as I make jewelry, necessary for later writing it up as a project.

Finally, I guess I should have taken a photo of the inside of this. It is also a Thirty-One product, which I got from the new spring catalog. It’s called the Flip-Top Organizing Bin, and I’m using it for seed bead supplies. I can fit a ceramic bead tray as well as one of those felted top boards in there and other beading supplies, and this way, it makes it a little bit portable. And, of course, my growing amigurumi menagerie can use it to hang out on too.

I am looking forward to getting some jewelry made this weekend. I have a resin kit that I’ve been really wanting to dig into, but resin takes space, and now I have it! Hopefully, it will stay like this for a little while.


  1. Comment by Veralynne — January 25, 2014 @ 10:40 am

    If only….I would love to have mine like that, but I don’t know if I ever will unless we move into a bigger house. But kudos to you and enjoy your resin!

  2. Comment by Jean — January 26, 2014 @ 2:06 pm

    this looks great and very happy and pretty too!

  3. Comment by SynethiaN — January 26, 2014 @ 5:18 pm

    You Have given me and inspired me with such great ideas to fix up my room. And where can I find information on 31

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  5. Comment by Tammy — January 27, 2014 @ 9:19 am

    SynethiaN – Thirty-One is a company that sells organizing products, bags,and totes. I am an independent consultant with them. Here’s the URL to my Thirty-One site: You can order through there, browse the catalog, and find out about monthly specials.

  6. Comment by Eileen — January 27, 2014 @ 10:54 am

    I’ve just done the very same thing, Tammy. It’s amazing how having that clear space inspires me – AND I know where all my beads are! I love the open caddy for your jewelry tools. You’ve got me thinking of a better way to keep mine handy.

    Great post. Thank you.

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