Video: Wooden Knitting Needle Review

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I take a look at a few different types of wooden interchangeable knitting needle sets available from Knit Picks in this video review.

Hibernating Knit Shawl Back on the Needles

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I’ve been in the mood to knit lately, so I picked up a simple garter stitch shawl that I put in hibernation awhile ago. My newest doll, Ella, of course had to help. I’m using sock yarn that came in mini-skeins, a set of 5 skeins, that I purchased awhile ago from Leading Men Fibers. This is actually take-two of this shawl project after the first attempt had a short and disastrous run-in with Little Dude.

We had a very brief “cold spell” down here in South Florida recently, all the way down to the 60s, so that reminded me that in a month or so, we may actually get cold enough for me to pull out my knitwear. Maybe by then, this will be done.

Do you have anything on the needles for your to enjoy during the cool weather?

Video: Yarn Craft Book Review: 101 Socks

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Video: Crochet Edge Book Review

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Mini Crochet Projects

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I discovered a great way to use up very small amounts of yarn - doll hats, scarves, and dresses. I’ve posted these for sale on a few doll Facebook groups I’m on, and at some point I may post them on my Etsy shop too. Amber is my current crochet clothing model.

Video: Star Wars Crochet Kit Un-Boxing - Review

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I take a look at all the goodies in this interesting crochet kit: Star Wars Crochet (Crochet Kits)

Knitting Sadness and Doggie Madness

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If you have watched any recent episodes of my Crafty Princess Diaries Podcast on YouTube, then you may have seen this shawl popping up once or twice. It’s a very simple pattern, perfect for beginning level knitters like myself (and free on Ravelry) called Das Tuchle. I was using my beautiful Rainbow circulars from Knit Picks, size 8 (5mm) needles, and some of my favorite yarn from Cascade, Heritage Silk Paints in the Water Lily colorway.

Well….I guess I spaced out one night and forgot my project bag in the TV room where we sort of keep our dogs sequestered from other parts of the house and this is what happened! Yikes!

We don’t have any doggie evidence for sure on who of our three dogs did it, but this guy looks the most guilty.

And he already has a bad track record after eating a hole in my MIL’s cashmere sweater. Not that out other two guys wouldn’t have gone for it if given the chance. He was probably just faster than they were.

On the flip side, I’m very grateful that the needles and cable are fine. Most of the yarn made it through, though now in a lot of small balls. I’m not sure exactly what I will be doing with the yarn, but I’m preparing to start up the shawl again with some new yarn, hopefully one that won’t be as tasty.

Video: Making Beaded Stitch Markers for Knitting

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I combine my jewelry making skills with my love for fiber arts in this video where I explain the uses of various types of stitch markers and then show you how to make stitch markers specifically used for knitting.

Video: Yarn Review of Cascade Souk

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I love Cascade’s Souk yarn, but it might not be for everybody. In this little video, I give you the rundown on the good and not so good points of this beautiful silk and wool blend yarn.

Rainbow Knit/Crochet Tote Tutorial

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After purchasing some beautiful Cascade Souk yarn in the “Rainbow” colorway, I thought it would be fun to use it to make a small crossbody tote that I can use to carry a few small items. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, so here is a basic tutorial that explains how I made it. I used both knitting and crochet to construct it. Gauge does not matter with this project, and it can easily be altered to make a larger or smaller bag.

You will need the following supplies:

2 skeins of Cascade Souk yarn (I had lots left over, but 1 skein was not enough to make the size bag that I wanted.)

US size 9 needles (straight or circular)

size G crochet hook

3 - 1″ buttons

darning needle

measuring tape

straight pins

1) Cast on enough stitches to make a rectangle that is 10 inches wide. I think I had about 35-40 stitches. (I spaced out and forgot the exact number because I kept changing the number until I found the width of the bag I thought would work. This can really vary, too, depending on how loose or tight a knitter you are.)

2) Using garter stitch, knit until the rectangle is about 24 inches long, and bind off.

3) Using a size G hook, make a single crochet border around the entire knitted rectangle, except skip about 1/2 an inch in the center area on the end of the rectangle that will have the button hole. Instead of single crochet for this part, make 3-4 chain stitches. Use your 1” button to measure that the hole will fit the button.

4) Flip the piece around, and single crochet back down the end with the button hole so that the chains section have a single crochet border on them.

5) Fold 10 inches of the rectangle over so that there is about a 4 inch section left over, which will be the flap (it’s the area that the button hole is in), and holding wrong sides together, single crochet both sides together.

6) Turn the bag inside out so that the seems are inside of the bag, and stitch on the button in the center, making sure that it is aligned with the button hole. At this point, the bag part is finished, and you are ready to make and attach the strap.

7) With a size G hook, make 8 chain stitches, and then half double crochet back and forth until the strap is as long as you want it, keeping in mind that the strap will stretch. My strap ended up being 46 inches long and about 2 inches wide.

8 ) Use straight pins to attach two inches of the strap on the outside of the bag so that it is centered over the seam. Using yarn and a darning needle, stitch this section securely on using a simple straight stitch. Be careful not to tug on the yarn as this Souk has a tendency to break.

9) Attach a button to the center area of the strap you attached in the previous step.

10) Repeat steps 8 and 9 for the other side of the bag.

11) Weave in all tails, and you are done!

This is a very floppy and unstructured bag. I designed it to just hold a few small items like a comb, lip gloss, and a small wallet so that when I travel and want to head off for a quick dinner (on the ship during a cruise for example) I don’t have to bring my usual purse, which tends to be on the large size. If you want a sturdier bag, I suggest using cotton yarn instead of the silk/wool blend I used, or you could also line the bag and strap with cotton fabric.

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