Scarf Wrapping: The Lotus Wrap

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I’m still on the scarf wrapping band wagon. Here’s another video, and it shows how to make The Lotus Wrap.

Scraf Wrapping Video: Orchid Wrap

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To continue with the theme of scarf wrapping, here is a video that demonstrates the Orchid Wrap:

Revolutionary Scarf Ideas

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I recently received a review copy of The Wrapping Scarf Revolution by Patricia Lee (published by Leisure Arts; $16.95 US), and when I first started reading through it, I have to admit I wasn’t really sure what to think about it. It took me awhile to understand the focus because the idea is simply but at the same time revolutionary: how-to tie knots in scarves as a way to wrap items or create various types of totes. Other than the fact that these turn out to be beautiful, especially if you start off with a beautiful scarf, why would you do this I wondered?

Then I read her story about how she spent time in Korea and this made her appreciate her Korean heritage and that included the bojagi (wrapping scarves) used in place of a paper bag or wrapping paper. Lee was fascinated with the Korean culture that was both frugal yet modern, and the use of wrapping scarves was an integral part of this culture. Compare this to her life in America that included wasteful habits, never even considered in Korea, and she eventually realized it was time to revolt against all this trash (like the wrapping paper she had to throw away after a Christmas celebration one morning).

This experience all eventually lead to her own small business, which involved designing scarves and showing others how to use them to wrap gifts and other items. This obviously brought about her book and is perfectly timed considering the earth-friendly trend that is becoming more popular in America (thankfully). If you are the type of person who brings your own bags to the grocery store, then you’ll “get” and appreciate the concepts in this book.

The book provides 26 step-by-step procedures for wrapping and knotting scarves. You can use these methods to create unique totes, even a backpack, or wrap a gift item, from books to a bottle of wine. I pulled out my one and only scarf (shameful, I know!) and tried what looked like one of the simplest techniques in the book, “The Bow Tie Wrap,” and it was a snap to do.

I love a beautifully wrapped gift. In fact, my very first job back in high school was working in a tiny gift shop, and the owner taught me a lot of tricks to gift wrapping, so it has since then always been something I’ve spent a little extra time doing when I give a gift. Combine this with the idea that you could make these scarves as well, and hey, this is a crafter’s dream come true. On that note, I will say that the only beef I have about the book is that the instructions on how to make scarves is in the very back of the book, and it is not as detailed as I would have liked it to be. But, you really don’t need instructions on how to make a square of material, so that is pretty minor. Plus, you can also buy scarves fairly inexpensively if you don’t have time to make them.

If you are looking for earth-friendly and sustainable ways to wrap up your gifts this holiday season, you will have the help you need to creating some amazing looking gift wrapping with the help of The Wrapping Scarf Revolution.

Craft Bloggers Unite 11/08/09

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Mixed Media Artist
Have you ever wanted to learn how to weave? Cyndi’s got a book giveaway going on that could help you out!

Stefanie Girard’s Sweater Surgery
Two fun necklace designs featuring charms made with a Faux Scrimshaw polymer clay technique from the book Enchanted Adornments by Cynthia Thornton

The Artful Crafter
Make some sweet, goofy, felt and feather Tom Turkey Place Card holders for your Thanksgiving table.

The Impatient Crafter
Madge shares a sneak peek of the ad campaign she shot with her lovely daughter AND the instructions to the Cupcake Glitter Shirt Avalon is wearing in the ad in this post for iLoveToCreate!

About Family Crafts
Sign up for Sherri’s 12 Days of Christmas… Crafts email newsletter and you will receive a variety of Christmas related craft ideas delivered top your email box every day for 12 days – everything from advent calendars to Santa Claus crafts!

Cathie Filian
It is apple craft time! Cathie is stamping up napkins and a simple apron. She also has a delicious recipe for apple crisp.

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world
Over at Craftside there is a free Japanese wave print and a how-to make pocket ATC with it, Latte Art, a sneak peek into Pam Sussman’s studio from Lynne Perrella’s new book, a call for entries for a cake decorating book, and good questions to ask yourself to help for a business/design plan.

Farm Girl Roots, City Girl Style
Two very different quilts from the same pattern and Linda shares the story of them both along with a story on getting one of the quilts published in McCall’s Quick Quilts.

Where Is Crafty Princess?!

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I have been so busy lately, that you may have noticed I’m not posting like I usually do over here. Between everything else on my plate and the new book, I have zero extra time, nada, zippo! It has gotten to the point that I am pretty much hiding from family and friends.

I’m reminded of a scene in one of my favorite movies, Somethings Gotta Give. Diane Keaton is a playwright whose sister makes a comment at the dinner table while guests are there that Keaton stays home “night after night after night” alone. Keaton later complains to her sister that the reason she’s home all the time is that she’s writing, and the only reason she ever managed to get married and have a child was because she ended up marrying the director of her plays, who was the only man she ever saw because, again, she was busy writing all the time.

Writing is really a solitary life. And, for the most part, I really don’t mind that other than the fact that I feel pressure from people who don’t understand why I can’t drop everything and go to lunch, go shopping, or whatever. If it weren’t for my husband and day job, I would probably also be like Keaton’s character and rarely see anyone when I’m into the heavy full-throttle writing mode.

I mean: you just can’t. No little fairies show up in the middle of the night and magically toss words onto your page. It’ all up to YOU!

So I apologize ahead of time to all my friends, family, associates, and readers if you find me missing now and then for the next few months. I’m here. I’m just writing and crafting and writing, and I’ll be back on board and posting again more regularly very soon! Promise!

Crochet + Dance = Cool

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I tend to like weird art, especially if it combines fibers and other materials I have an interest. In this video, you get a look at how crochet and dance are combined to create a performance piece called “Covers.” It was part of an installation at The Lab Gallery in Manhattan back in September.

This may be off some folks’ weird-o scale, but I think it’s pretty cool.

Craft Bloggers Unit 11/1/09

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About Family Crafts
Sherri gives you an excuse to craft every day during the month of November using this calendar of events.

Aileen’s Musings
Aileen offers, just barely in time for Day of the Dead or Halloween, an easy peasy earring’s tutorial!

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world
On the Craftside of things there is a free Japanese bunnies and moon piece of clip art, a cool video full of tips on altering a pattern, a how-to on folding paper ricrac, a cool source for vintage style findings and using research magazine pictures as ATC canvases in an altered book.

Mixed Media Artist

Cyndi has started another small quilt, this time featuring pears!

Stefanie Girard’s Sweater Surgery
Halloween Decoration using my craft supply stash to make Jack O’ Lanterns

The Artful Crafter
Make some romantic mood light candles with decorative tissue paper and decoupage medium.

The Impatient Crafter
This is a story of a refugee who found her strength in creativity. Though she recently died, her story lives on. Please read and share the story of Haiffaa Ali.

Vickie Howell-Craft.Rock.Love
Vickie shows how to customize photo mats to go with your favorite photos!

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