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Blogged under Around the Web,crochet and knitting,Social Networking by Tammy on Monday 30 July 2012 at 8:27 am‘s Ravellenics officially started at the same time as the Olympic’s opening ceremony, but for me it really started yesterday when I cast on another attempt at a knit ribbed scarf. This time, I’m hoping no matter how crappy it turns out, I’m going to just push through and not frog it until I at least get 4 feet of scarf finished, dropped stitches and all.

The way Ravellenics works (which was originally called Ravelympics…you can read the back story about the name change if you don’t know already here) is that members of the Ravelry community celebrate the Olympics and take this time to also take on a challenge. Though instead of an athletic challenge, we take on a personal fiber challenge. For me, knitting is still very challenging, so that’s why I decided to focus on it.

Participants pick teams to be part of, and I picked the Minknits team. There are all kinds of other teams, and I did look around and thought about joining more, but I wanted to keep it simple and doable for me since this is the first time I’ve participated in this annual event. For the Minknits team, the basic goal is just to knit…period.

The summer Olympics lasts for 17 days, but since I started on Sunday, I’m a little behind. Instead of 17 I have 15 days, and now I’m down to 14 days. 14 days and four feet of ribbing!

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