Back to the Pointy Sticks – Wash Cloths This Time

Blogged under crochet and knitting by Tammy on Tuesday 14 August 2012 at 8:34 am

After my scarf from hell incident, I needed to get myself back up on the knitting horse. This time, I opted for a smaller project, a wash cloth made with recycled cotton yarn. This idea actually came to me when I was talking with someone on Ravelry about how I struggle with knitting still. She suggested making small squares so I could practice various stitch patterns but not take on a huge project. Then I could stitch the squares together at some point and make a blanket if I had enough. I took this idea and instead decided to make wash clothes as holiday gifts for people that I’m either not sure exactly what to make for them or who are not totally yarn worthy. I already have some really nice recycled cotton yarn in my stash, so this also counts as de-stashing too.

I plan to make at least two wash cloths for each recipient, fold them (as pictured), put a piece of nice soap on top, and then tie them together with some holiday ribbon (which I also have already in my stash). This first wash cloth is all knit stitch. I’ve already cast on for the next one and plan to do it all in purl stitch. So far, I have two people that I plan to make these for, so that means I need at least four. I’m so grateful that she gave me this idea because it keeps me knitting, and I get some immediate gratification too.

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