Amigurumi Doll in the Works

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Stacey Trock published some new patterns for dolls recently. You can buy them either individually or as an ebook. Plus, when she first published the ebook, called A Doll Like Me!, she had a special offer for $18 versus the normal price of $20. She also has the four doll patterns available individually for $6 each. So even at the regular price, you get a deal since you get all four patterns.

As I’ve said many times, I love her patterns, so I went ahead and bought the ebook. I am really hoping to finish this gal up this weekend. This is definitely not an immediate gratification project! In fact, it’s more of an endurance amigurumi project: Do you have the stuff to finish making this huge doll, or will you wimp out and never make it to the end?

While the book is cool in the fact that it is set up so that you can mix and match parts and pieces of the four dolls to create your own, even after reading through all 30 pages before starting, I have to confess that I still struggled at first to get the flow of how it work. Part of me wonders if I just should have bought one pattern and be done with it, but I’ll have to make that judgement once I finish. My doll is based on the Avery doll, but my doll is going to have shorter hair, and it’s a dark red, “Claret” Loops and Threads Impeccable. I’m not sure about the dress yet. I may make the dress that goes with Avery or the top and skirt that goes with Mia.

I have a lot done but still have much more to do: finish the hair, finish the body, attach the arms, stuff the head and body, attach the head, make the clothes, finish the shoes, and do the face. Wow!

Scandinavian Stitch Craft – Book Review

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Scandinavian Stitch Craft: Unique Projects and Patterns for Inspired Embroidery by Karin Holmberg is published by Running Press (who sent me a copy to review). It just came out in May 2013, and it retails for $19 US and $22 CAN. Of course, as with most books, you can get a discount if you buy it through The book is 128 pages long and has 39 projects, so it is packed with inspiration. In fact, in the author’s introduction, she specifically states that the purpose of the book is to inspire, but it is also possible to make each project exactly as shown in the book as well. The projects range from the basic to the very ornate. For example, if you want something that won’t take too long or if you are a beginner, the first two projects are embroidered linen T-towels. For those who prefer more of a challenge, the Hoodie: Dala Maiden will keep you busy, and it is gorgeous!

The idea of this book, though, is that you can add a little bit of ornamentation or a lot. You can cover an entire hoodie style jacket with flowers and leaves, or you can just add one or two flowers to it. The projects show more so how you can use the techniques to embroidery all kinds of things: t-shirts, underwear, pillows, bags, jackets, and so on. The stitch techniques originate from Scandinavia, and the author provides some historical information about how they developed.

The back part of the book includes information about the materials you need, which are pretty minimal. Then there are instructions that include illustrations and text for each of the different stitches used like running stitch and back stitch. Finally, there are patterns for all of the project, and there is even a pocket in the back that includes tracing paper so that you can transfer the patterns to it.

The projects in this book are all really beautiful. I don’t know if I am ready to embroider underwear any time soon, but items like a t-shirt or a hoodie embellished with a few flowers would make wonderful gifts or everyday items to keep and wear yourself. I only have one small issue with this book, and that has to do with the photographs. They are pretty, but in some cases I felt they were to “artsy” and did not show the full item well enough. I say some cases because not all of them are like that. The Blackwork Modern tablecloth has an art-type photo as well as one that shows the entire piece, but then right before that are two pillow projects that you don’t get to see one of the pillows in its entirety. Instead, it is viewed at an angle.

For anyone who enjoys needlework, this is a wonderful book, and at the price, I think it is well worth it. If you have never done any needlework, then pack some patience, but there are ideas for lots of small projects in here. Plus, you really only need a very small number of supplies to get started with a hobby like this, but it is not for those who require immediate gratification. Seasoned embroidery people will know that though.

Awesome Craft Storage Solution

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If you do any crafting, then you know that with crafts comes craft supplies, and any serious crafter will usually have a serious amount of craft supplies. The June 2013 Thirty-One Gifts special is a great solution for craft supply overflow, the Large Utility Tote. They are also great for trips to the beach, gym, or ballpark. During the month of June, you can get a Large Utility Tote for $10 with every $35 purchase. So, for example, if you buy 2 of these totes, that would come out to just $22.50 each.

You get your choice of 23 different prints, and for June 2013 only, you can get the Large Utility Tote in the new summer Flip Flop print. I’m already scheduling virtual Thirty-One Gift parties for June, so don’t miss out.

If you are thinking ahead to holiday gift giving or want to snag a few deals for yourself, you can browse through the catalog on my Thirty-One Gifts web site, and for even more discounts, consider contacting me (tammy powley @ yahoo dot com) for information on how you can host a web-based 31 Gifts event.

I also have a closed Facebook group called Tammy’s Totes & More. I post 31 Gift info over there & will be doing some product giveaways. Feel free to join us!

Note: I’m a 31 independent consultant, and this post is my personal opinion.

Shoes, Birdhouses, Foil, Crafting Unique

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Can you ever have enough cute shoes? Check these out!

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Amigurumi Monster Fix

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I have a number of projects in the works right now. For example, I recently purchased the new doll e-book from Fresh Stitches, and I’m attempting to make a doll using the different options she has in the book. I’m also knitting a scarf from handspun yarn. Oh, and there is the baby sweater I haven’t touched in awhile…and spinning.. and, I have a few jewelry projects in the pro-type stages right now. But I really missed the just about immediate gratification I get with easy amigurumi projects, so I flipped through my pattern book, and found Mr. Toothy. I have made him before, and sent him off for an out of state donation drive. This guy is the first for my local donation box. The pattern comes with the “Design a Monster” class, and it is a very fast project. I had some mystery yarn that was donated for the cause, and it was kind of thin, so I held it double and used an H hook.

It is nice to use my brain for some of my more complicated projects, but they take longer to finish. This ends up making me feel like I’m not making any progress sometimes, so I just need a “fix” like this now and then.

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