Finished a Flamingo!

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I posted a teaser recently, and here he is, Gordon, the Pink Flamingo. This is another pattern from I’m not 100% happy with how my legs turned out, but I’m happy enough with it that I plan to make this at least once more. He is adorable!

Guess My Latest Project

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I recently started another amigurumi project. Can you guess what I’m making?

Blue Dog Do

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The past two semesters have been busy yarn-wise for my college craft club. You never know who is going to join us, and of course, students graduate, so pretty much every fall we have to recruit new members. While we teach members how to crochet, some jump in and do great, and others are slower to grasp enough to make something more than a snuggle blanket or wash cloth. I lucked out the past few semesters and have had a small group stick with the club who not only learned how to crochet pretty quickly but have consistently worked at it that we have been able to make amigurumis.

Some we will sell with proceeds going to one of our charities, and some we will be donating to a local women and children’s shelter. Since we now have a few members who have the skills and also have been pretty good about making items for our charities, I splurged a little and got the club some Knit Picks Brava yarn. Yes, it is acrylic, but it is a nice change from the Red Heart Super Saver (most of which has been donated to us and we are very grateful for and use).

Here is one of the first items I made with our new stash yarn, a dog from the Fresh Stitches Valentine Dog pattern. The darker blue yarn is Brava in the denim colorway, and the lighter blue is some left over Lion Brand Baby Wool yarn. I try to make sure to make a range of toys so that both boys and girls have something to pick from. He turned out really nice, and it has been a welcomed break from RHHS!

Amigurumi Frogs Hopping Around

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I’m watching knitting podcasts and whipping up a few of these cute frogs. (Homespun House is on in the background, and I have to cover my ipad cover w/a catalog because Chanel kept coming over and kneading it!). My college craft club is going to have a little mini-boutique for spring with proceeds going to one of our charity projects, so we are making spring related items to sell.

These frogs are very fast to make. The basic pattern is from Lion Brand, but I changed a a little of it. I used thinner yarn so used an F size (versus an H) hook. The eyes are simply 18 stitch circles that I stitch flat onto the body, and then I usually either glue on black felt eye or googly eyes. The green yarn is some kind of mystery stuff that was donated the club years ago, and the white yarn for the eyes was also donate. We usually make a few small amiguruimi items like this and sell them for just $3. They are fast, and because we get yarn donations (lots of acrylic of course), they don’t cost us anything but time to make. In fact, this guy is even stuff with scrap yarn!

It has been a nice, lazy Sunday!

Why I Amigurumi

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Crocheting amigurumi (aka stuffed toys) is one of my favorite techniques. I usually have at least one amigurumi project in progress all the time. I like the challenge of trying a new pattern, but at the same time, I feel pretty sure I will be successful when I attempt a new one because, at this point in my crocheting career, I have made dozens of these. And, for the most part, the technique is pretty much the same as far as counting stitches and increasing and decreasing. I’m not saying they are perfect in any way, but generally, the outcome is okay. For example, here is one of my most recent “new to me” patterns that I finished, Phil, the Groundhog, designed by Stacey from

I made him right after finishing another bunny, like the pink one I made not that long ago. This time, I made the same bunny but used Knit Picks’ Wool of the Andes in blue berry held double. (I really needed a break from acrylic yarn!)

A second reason why I like to make amigurumi toys is because….they are just so cute. I have to admit that the cuteness factor is a big draw, which is why I don’t making duplicate toys. Who can resist making a cute bunny or giraffe?

My third reason is the best: I donate finished amigurumi to a local women and children’s shelter, so I can be reasonably sure that a little boy or girl will enjoy playing and snuggling with each toy I make. Last year, I was able to crank out 18 of them.

I am not sure how I managed this exactly because this year I feel behind. I have made 6 so far, and a club member has made 2 to add to them. I have one bird that is almost done, but that just brings me up to 9. I delivered the last batch in early May last year, so if I want to reach the same number, I need to get cranking again! I know I’m putting this pressure on myself. While the shelter did enjoy the toys and I received a nice thank you note, it’s not like they are calling me up demanding more toys. But, again, it is part of the challenge. I should finish the bird either tonight or tomorrow, so that means 9 down and 9 to go!

Cookies, Mix-Media, Dough Ornaments

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Heritage Christmas Cookie Recipes
Caught up in the holiday whirl? Take time to think back on family holiday traditions. Heritage cookie recipe included!

Mixed Media Artist
Cyndi reviews a new book that all mixed media artists are going to want to check out!

June has step by step directions for making a skinny Santa Christmas ornament from salt dough!

Walk by Faith Print
Cherie makes a print to remind her of her favorite Bible verse.

Monster Time!

Blogged under amigurumi by Tammy on Wednesday 13 November 2013 at 5:23 am

Looks like he needs his tooth glued down a little better, but here is one of the few monsters I’ve been making lately using a free pattern over at the CraftyisCool weblog. I added arms and a tiny amount of hair to this guy.

Crafty Princess Is Back

Blogged under amigurumi by Tammy on Tuesday 12 November 2013 at 5:14 am

I have had to take a break from Crafty Princess Diaries for awhile because I just had too much going on, including a jewelry book deadline and, more recently, a new dog in our house. My to-do list is still massively long and the new dog needs lots of training because basically no one taught him anything…, but I really miss coming over here and talking crafts, so I’m back! Yeah!

I’ve been doing a little crafting in between all my deadlines and potty training. Pictured is one of my latest finished project: Blair, the Ghost Bunny. He is a new pattern from Freshstitches, and I have been on the lookout for a good bunny pattern for awhile. Love how he turned out, and I think I have enough leftover of this yarn to make another one. Both, of course, will be added to my small stock of toys to be donated at some point when I get a decent number of them together.

I have lots more to chat about, including a big stack of wonderful craft books to post about, so I’ll be back!

Knots, Quilts, and Postcards

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Craftside: A behind-the-scenes peek at our crafty world
How to tie a Ring Hitch, Double Ended knot from the book What Knot?

Worthy Postcard
Cherie makes a postcard for June’s mail art exchange.

Alaskan-inspired quilt
Cyndi shows how she went about blocking out her newest quilt, inspired by her travels to Alaska.

Card Making with Photoshop Elements
Photoshop and Photoshop Elements do not have art or image galleries but digital design elements can be found everywhere and many are free! You just need to know how to look.

Amigurumi Chimp of Sorts?

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One of the charity organizations that my college craft club likes to help out is the Save the Chimps Sanctuary. We did a donation drive one year, and we have also made fleece blankets for them, an item always on the organization’s wish list since residents enjoy snuggling with them. We plan to make more blankets for them this semester. It is a very easy and fast project for us, and club members do not have to have advanced crafting skills to measure the fleece and cut it with scissors.

I got the idea that in addition to the blankets I could make an amigurumi chimp, and the club could raffle it off. I looked and looked and looked for a chimp pattern, only to find either lots of monkey patterns or some chimp patterns that just looked weird or were super small. Finally, I opted to turn an orangutang pattern I found in Crocheted Softies: 18 Adorable Animals from Around the World into a chimp by using different colored yarn.

I think he works, but I’m going to show him around to a few people before I put him up for the raffle. I will be so embarrassed if no one can figure out what he is supposed to be!

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