Show Your Crafts and Enter to Win!

Blogged under CFEs/Contests by Tammy on Friday 8 May 2015 at 8:49 am

Head over to my Ravelry group and join us today! We have a May FOs thread going on for the entire month. For complete details on how to enter, read the first part of this thread. Then start showing off your stuff! It’s that simple.

The winner will receive a $5 giftable Ravelry pattern, and if there are at least 50 posts by the end of the month, I will pull for a second prize. All types of crafts are welcomed!

April Crafting and Free Knitting Book Opportunity!

Blogged under CFEs/Contests by Tammy on Wednesday 1 April 2015 at 9:54 am

Come join the Crafty Princess Diaries Blog/Podcast Raverly group and show off your finished craft objects during the month of April. Those who participate (you can get the details here) will get a chance to win a copy of a new book that’s coming out this month by master knitter Lee Gant entitled Love in Every Stitch: Stories of Knitting and Healing.

ALL types of crafts are eligible…yarn, needlework, beading, whatever you make…post a photo of it in the April FOs thread in the Ravelry group and give us a little info about it. You must be a member of this group to participate. However, you can post as many finished objects as you like.

[Note: Winners for March have already been contacted and their prizes are heading out to them. Congrats to winners lmecoll and asimplehomestd!]

March Finished Objects & Giveaway!

Blogged under CFEs/Contests, Finished Projects by Tammy on Sunday 8 March 2015 at 1:19 pm

March is a long month and the perfect time to get some crafting in. With that in mind, I started a March FOs thread on my Ravelry group.

Come and post photos of your finished objects. All crafts are welcome. We are not limiting this to just yarn crafts…beads…cross stitch…wood working…paper-arts…come on over!

To top it off, Wendy of Little Wendy Crochet has offered up one of her amigurumi patterns, Happy Fish, to one lucky winner who will be pulled from those who participate in the March FOs thread. The details for participating are in the Ravelry thread. Come and join us!

Share Your Crafted Finished Objects & Enter to Win

Blogged under CFEs/Contests by Tammy on Tuesday 3 March 2015 at 7:09 pm

March is a llloooonnnnggg month, so that means you have lots of time to get a few crafted projects started and finished. Come share your finished objects (all crafts are invited) in my Ravelry group’s March FOs thread. If I get at least 10 people to participate (and you can enter as many times as you like), then I will draw a winner after the month ends.

Go over to thread now for all the details! Show us your beautiful crafted jewelry, needlework, woodwork, resin, knitting, crochet, and more!

Still Time for Feb. Craft-Along

Blogged under CFEs/Contests by Tammy on Friday 27 February 2015 at 1:23 pm

Yes, I know. February 2015 is almost gone! But, guess what? Even though there are only a few days left of this month, you still have time join us at the end at least for the February Visit + Revisit Craft-Along. No finished objects are required to enter and maybe win a $5 giftable pattern through Ravelry.

Simply head over to this thread on my Ravelry group for details and post some photos of a craft you are visiting for the first time or a craft you are revisiting again.

1/31 Last Day to Enter Craft Giveaway

Blogged under CFEs/Contests by Tammy on Saturday 31 January 2015 at 10:04 am

Have you entered to win my January 2015 Craft Supply Giveaway!? No!? Yikes! Today is the last day to enter!

There are 101 members in my Ravelry group, and 129 subscribers to my YouTube channel. That means 4 prizes will be drawn at this point in time, unless more people join.

It is so, so easy! You can get all the details at this link. Click on it Now!

TinyKnit Pattern Donation Giveaway Thank You

Blogged under CFEs/Contests, crochet and knitting by Tammy on Sunday 25 January 2015 at 5:32 pm

I have mentioned this a few podcasts, but I wanted to give another shout out and thank you to Linda Browning of for offering up one of her knitting patterns as a prize in my January 2015 Giveaway.

For information on how you can enter to win this or a number of other wonderful crafting prizes, read the full details at this link. Along with this great prize for one lucky knitter, other crafters will have a change to win all types of crafting supplies.

Hurry up and enter if you haven’t already. There is only 1 week left of this month!

Giveaway Reminder

Blogged under CFEs/Contests by Tammy on Sunday 18 January 2015 at 9:35 am

Don’t forget! Heck, January is already well past the mid-point! Have you entered my January 2015 Giveaway? Do you even know how?

You can find all the details at this link, and then get on it folks! If you don’t enter, there is no way you will get a chance to win some wonderful crafting supplies! The deadline will be here very soon!

Jan. 2015 Crafting Giveaways Coming

Blogged under CFEs/Contests by Tammy on Sunday 28 December 2014 at 11:41 am

As a way to ramp things up here on my blog and also fairly new video podcast, I have decided that a great way to start of 2015 is with some crafting giveaways! Yes, as in more than 1. I’m digging down into the craft supplies stash in my home studio, but if there are any vendors and/or designers who want to participate, contact me (tammypowley @ yahoo dot com).

So, how do you get a chance to win some crafting goodies?

Basically, join and subscribe! Join my Ravelry group, AND subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

For every 50 members on my Ravelry group and every fifty subscribers on my YouTube channel, I will pull a prize at the end of the month.

Right now, there are 37 members on my Ravelry group, so that means we need 13 more to join for prize # 1.

And right now on my YouTube channel, there are 81 subscribers, so that means 1 prize will be drawn, but with19 more subscribers, that will bump it up to 2 prizes. Get it?

The more people who join and subscribe, the more prizes!

All winners will be announced on my blog after Jan. 31. Winners will be determined by using the auto number generator. Winners will have 1 week to contact me for their prizes. Those outside the US will receive digital prizes (like pdf patterns, pdf instructions, that kind of thing) because the shipping will kill me otherwise! Photos in this blog post are just examples of what you might get a chance to win, but I will be sending out a little bit of everything from beads to books to yarn-related goodies.

Help spread the word and get those numbers up because the more we have the more chances everyone gets to win!

Last Day to Win Bead Book

Blogged under CFEs/Contests by Tammy on Tuesday 30 September 2014 at 5:52 am

Go over to my latest podcast and watch the first few minutes for details on how you can win the book Beaded Bracelets! Okay, really, watch the first few minutes, pause it, enter, and then watch the rest of my latest podcast!

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