Amiercan Craft Council Show

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I received the 411 on the American Craft Council Show that is coming up in San Francisco in early August:

This August 2-4, the ever-popular American Craft Council Show is returning to San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center, where it will feature work by over 230 artists from across the country. As the largest juried craft show west of the Rockies, the American Craft Council Show showcases handcrafted jewelry, apparel, furniture, and home décor at its absolute finest. Nine shopping categories designed to help attendees navigate the show include:

Handmade under $100 – affordable pieces for budding craft lovers
Greencraft – upcycled objects of art created with eco-friendly processes
Local – work by local makers
Foodieware – fabulous utilitarian objects
Men’s Dept. – cool handmade merchandise for men
Bride-To-Be – built-to-last, one-of-a-kind wedding jewelry and gifts
NEW!  Holiday – one-off treasures for every special occasion
NEW!  The Great Outdoors – fresh, hardy finds to deck out favorite outdoor spaces
NEW!  Upscale – stunning objects of desire valued at $5k+

The one new twist this year is the American Craft Council’s collaboration with 9 local interior designers and architects to create 8 spectacular room settings on the showroom floor inspired by a piece of fine craft designed by one of the 230-plus artists. Designers include: Lisa Bakamis , Lisa Bakamis Design; Mimi I. Chen , Three Legged Pig Design; Lauren Geremia , Geremia Design; Nicole Hollis , Nicole Hollis Design; Steven Miller , The NWBLK; E.B. Min and Jeffrey L. Day , Min | Day; Melina Raissnia , Peace Industry; Nicole Socia, Socia Design.

Craft Wars Finale!

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Tuesday 8/21/12 is the finale episode of TLC’s new show Craft Wars airing at 8pm eastern time/7pm central. Make sure you don’t miss it! This week’s competition theme is food and wine. Hmmm…I wonder what she’s making in the photo above.

Also, since this is the last show of the season, this also means the last chance to try to win the Craft Wars Twitter contest. You can read all the rules and regulations here. The nutshell version is that each Wednesday following a premiere of Craft Wars they will host a Twitter trivia contest beginning at 12PM ET. Be the fifth person to answer a trivia question about the latest episode correctly and you could win a pop craft from the show AND a personal tweet from Tori Spelling!

I can’t believe that this is the last show already! Please crafters, make sure you watch tonight and show your support so we can see this crafting show return and hopefully more craft shows as well. It’s about time we crafters had some representation on cable again.

Podcast Contests & the Knittynatter

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I have to confess that other than all the great information I get from watching and listening to craft podcasts another reason I’ve gotten a little…shall we say…er…addicted to them is that many of them run contests, and ever since I won one over at the Stockinette Zombie podcasts, I have started to pay more attention to them. I am not the type of person who wins stuff, but as of yesterday, I have won two different podcast contests!

The latest one is from a fairly new show called Knittynatter. Zena is the host. She is from the UK and has a wonderful, easy-going personality. I just feel relaxed when I watch her. What I also like about her show is that it is usually under 30 minutes, and generally, she has pretty good show notes. So if she talks about something you can follow links to various patterns. She has been running a monthly contest where members of her Ravelry group can post about their finished objects (or LOLs). You can double dip (meaning you can post to other groups like Dramatic Knits who also has a similar contest), and you can make a post for each item you finish during the month. So the more you make, the more you can enter, and the more chances you get to win.

Podcasts contest can vary. Some are super simple like the Knittynatter, and other are a little more involved. For example, here are a few other contests going on right now (all require that you are a member of their Ravelry group by the way):

Knit Me Happy has a sock KAL for August/September that will include prizes.

Knitabulls is always having lots of contests. Right now there is one to win a knitting bag, but watch her podcast for other contests she has in the works.

Knitting Samurai Plus 1 has an unusual contest now where you post about someone else’s works in progress that you love.

Retro Lemon Studio is having a KAL/contest using toy patterns from the host, Jenna. Some of her patterns are free, and some are paid for patterns, but you can use either.

Almost all the podcasts seem to run a contest now and then. Find the podcasts you enjoy listening/watching, join their Ravelry groups, and enter their contests!

Craft Wars, Tweeting, & a TLC CW Giveaway!

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Craft Wars will be airing again Tuesday (7/31) night at 8pm eastern time on TLC. This episode is called Bedknobs and and Gluesticks. If you haven’t guessed, it is a bedroom themed challenge, and here is a sneak peek for you.

Along with the usual fast paced fun of the show, those of you who like to participate virtually through Twitter can do so as host Tori Spelling tweets during the show.

To add some more tweeting goodness, each Wednesday following a premiere of Craft Wars there will be a Twitter trivia contest beginning at 12PM ET. Be the fifth person to answer a trivia question about the latest episode correctly and you could win a pop craft from the show AND a personal tweet from Tori Spelling! Click here for all the rules and details.

More, More, More Craft Podcasts!

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It seems like a new craft podcast is popping up just about every day, and I am completely addicted to watching and listening to them. In fact, I have asked my hubby to see about getting me a new car stereo (as a future birthday gift) so that I can download them and listen in the car. I do listen to a few via my ipad when driving, but not all of them are loud enough to do that.

Recently, I updated my blog roll, especially the list of craft podcasts, and I added a bunch of new ones (or at least new to me). Some of these I have had time to watch already, and some I haven’t yet. Hopefully, I will in the next day or so. Now, of course, again many of these are knitting and/or spinning related, but a few cover a few other crafts and topics as well. Still, I’d like to see more diversity in the crafting podcast world, but for now, here’s a list of some of the latest links I’ve added:

3 Stitches

Delusional Knitter

Dramatic Knits

High Fiber Diet

Knit Me Happy

Knit Nerd

Knit Psychos

Knit 1 Heart Too

Knitting on the Fly

Knitting Blooms


My Ordinary Journey

Noteable Needlework

Purple Photo Kitty

Rain Lover Knits

Single Handed Knits

The Fiberista Files

Willow Fairy Knits

Wolfe Farms

I told you there were a bunch of them! And these are just some new ones I’ve added to the blog roll the other day. Feel free to continue my addiction by suggesting a crafting podcast to add to my list.

Craft Wars’ New Time & New Show!

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Tomorrow will be the best Craft Wars on TLC ever for a number of reasons. First, it is starring the Impatient Crafter herself, Margot Potter!

And reason number two is that Craft Wars is now on at a different time, 8pm eastern time/7pm central time. That means prime time for the east coast, yeah!

I can’t wait to watch Margot in action as she and two other competitors take on Christmas crafting. Here is some of the 411 from the press release I received:

This week Christmas comes early on TLC’s CRAFT WARS! Contestants Cheryl, Ivan and Margot compete in a series of challenges filled with Christmas cheer; they must create a Christmas tree out of post office supplies. I’ve included the episode for you to preview as well as a sneak peek and photos from tomorrow’s episode. PLEASE NOTE: TLC has moved the time of CRAFT WARS- it’s now airing Tuesday nights at 8/7c.

Also, don’t miss Tori Spelling giving TLC’s CRAFT WARS fans the behind-the-scenes scoop when her tweets appear live on-air during Tuesday’s episode. Tune in to see what she really thought of the crafty creations Tuesday, July 31 at 8/7c on TLC.

And even better, here is a video sneak peek:

Craft Wars Tonight & Weddings!

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When you think of weddings and TLC, you probably think of “say yes to the dress.” But now there is a new twist airing tonight on TLC’s Craft Wars. This time, the crafters take over!

Tune in tonight – Tuesday – on TLC at 10pm eastern time/9pm central.

Craft Wars Goes to the Dogs Tuesday Night

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If you have been loving Craft Wars on TLC raise your hand! Yes, me too! In fact, I also wanted to pass the word onto those on the east coast who have Xfinity or Comcast or whatever they are calling themselves this week that you can see previous week’s episodes of Craft Wars on Monday nights on TLC. I think it comes on around 7pm, so if you missed last week’s show or just want to watch it again, take note!

Now for tomorrow night’s show, as usual there are three contestants and two craft challenges: first they have to make a toy box and then they have to make a dog house. Here are some clips from tomorrow night.

Craft Wars, Another Battle Tuesday 7/3!

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From what I read on Twitter and Facebook, the first episode of Craft Wars got some wonderful reviews. Yeah for all use crafters! Hail to the glue gun! Crafting is finally back on TV, and I know crafters will continue to watch. This second episode airs Tuesday 7/3 at 9pm central/10pm eastern, and like the first episode, there will be three crafters competing for $10,000.

I have to say I was pretty amazed about last week’s Master Craft Challenge, but that is nothing compared to what they are asked to do in the second episode. They are given beach gear like beach balls, towels, and surf boards and asked to make a patio set. Yes, “set,” as in more than one thing! Sure, they have 5 hours and some assistants to help them, but they are still scrambling like crazy to finish this huge project. Here are some video highlights:

Remember to watch tonight (Tuesday 7/3) on TLC for more Craft Wars!

TLC’s Craft Wars – I’ve Got the Scoop for You!

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Remember back in the day when you could actually watch craft shows on TV, and not just on PBS? Finally, crafters are getting some of TV time again. Crafting is mixed with a dose of reality TV and competition in a new show coming out Tuesday 7/26/12 at 9pm central time  on TLC. It’s called Craft Wars. I was lucky enough to get a chance to view an early screening of this new show, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

The basic premise of the show is for three crafters to compete against each other by making projects assigned by the host, Tori Spelling. The finished product is then judged by Erica Domesek (author of the DIY book, PS I Made This), Stephen Brown (author and founder of the multi-million dollar gift wear company Glitterville Studios) and Jo Pearson (author and creative expert for Michael’s). There are two rounds of competition. The first includes all three crafters, and then one is eliminated before the second competition. The final winner receives $10,000.

I have been seeing the clips on TV for this show for a few weeks now, and one thing I wasn’t too sure about was how long the crafters had to do their magic and what kind of support (if any) they received. I was concerned that they might get something ridiculous like 5 minutes to create a prom dress or something, but I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, they are crunched for time, but for the first round they had an hour and the second they had 5 hours. Doable to a certain extent.

Contestants also received help in two ways: hands-on and via supplies and equipment. For the shorter round, their husbands assisted them and then later three additional helpers were provided for each contestant. On top of this, they had a wood shop available as well as the “Michael’s wall,” a shrine of everything craft related.

You can see a trailer and more information about this new show at Craft Wars TLC. What a great show to watch while your knitting or beading, hey? Don’t forget to watch and also set your DVRs.

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