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June’s issued a call for mail art! Come participate and join in on the fun!

Baby Bonnet Knitting Pattern
Who wouldn’t adore a sweet little vintage baby bonnet? Enjoy this free baby bonnet knit pattern and make a gift for your little one.

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at our crafty world
This week at Craftside there is a tutorial on how to make recycled washer drop earrings, an interview with Icelandic Handknit’s author, Helene Magnusson, and a recipe for a hot apple pie cocktail.

He Leads Me
Cherie thinks about a favorite Bible passage for a new print.

Mother’s Day Craft Tutorials
It’s not too early to think about what you’ll create for Mom or Grandma. Mother’s Day is May 12th!

Quilt labels
Did you know that Spoonflower fabric printing can also print out labels for your fiber art works?

Spring Weather Crafts for Kids
If you are looking for a fun spring craft to do with your family, browse through these projects.

April: The Month of the Wash Cloth

Blogged under Charity Crafting,crochet and knitting by Tammy on Saturday 13 April 2013 at 9:36 am

Though I continue to make amigurumi toys for donating (currently working on a hippo), April brings with it a another charity crochet focus – wash cloths, lots and lots of wash cloths. Along with the toys I’m making on my own, I will also be delivering hand-made cotton wash cloths and soap donations. My craft club has been working on learning crochet and also making wash cloths, and I am coordinating the April 2013 donation drive for the Crochetlist Yahoo group as well, who is also going to donate wash cloths.

My craft club collects toiletry items on an on-going basis. For example, when you go on a trip and take those little soaps home but may or may not use them later, we ask staff and faculty to give them to us. Then we organize them in zip lock bags and put the wash cloths we make into the bags as well.

Since I am the one coordinating the wash cloth drive, I am also making them like crazy. Any time I’m in a meeting or sitting with a friend chatting for a few minutes, I pull out the wash cloth and crochet. I’ve actually made at least a half dozen wash cloths just by doing this alone. None of them are fancy. I usually just make about 30 chain stitches and do a mix of single crochet and/or double crochet until I get a square. Then I finish off the edges with single crochet. One wash cloth usually takes about an hour for me to make, and since I’m not following a pattern, I can multitask.

Amigurumi Frank-en-Pig

Blogged under amigurumi,Charity Crafting by Tammy on Monday 8 April 2013 at 5:08 pm

Stacey Trock has become my favorite amigurumi designer. For me at least, I find her patterns very easy to follow, and she has a style that connects each of them so that once you have done one or two, you feel like you can make any of her designs. After making her Cliveton the Tiny Pig pattern, I wanted to do it again but larger. Cliveton is about 5 inches tall.

Of course, if I wanted to do the math, I could have just altered her Cliveton pattern, but who wants to do math when you don’t have to? Not me! I could also have used chunky yarn or even held two strands of yarn together. However since I have made so many other animals using her patterns, I realized that I could just take parts and pieces from different patterns to make a larger pig. I was not 100% sure it would work out, but luckily it did.

The final pig toy is about 9 inches tall, and I used the following parts and pieces from her patterns to make it: Stretch the Giraffe (ears and snout); Woodland Reindeer (arms and legs); Teddy the Bear (head and body); and Cliveton the Tiny Pig (tail).

Generally speaking, I am pleased with how it turned out. I’m still having problems with getting my heads stitched on straight. My animals always seem to be looking off to one side, but I think I might have a way to fix that in the future.

Craft Link Love

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An art doll leads June to make a necklace, and the necklace leads to a bracelet…

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at our crafty world
This week at Craftside there is a pattern for a knit polka dot bow, a tutorial on how to draw a Sakura chibis in action, some handmade book and Steampunk eye-candy, and a recipe for Paleo slow cooker chicken pesto.

How to Make Baseball Charms
Follow these directions from Sherri and you can make charms you can use to make a necklace, key chain, or zipper pull.

How to Make Giant Red Remembrance Poppies for Memorial Day
What a smashing impression these giant red Memorial Day poppies will make. But don’t forget to buy the little ones for purse or lapel to honor those who died in service of their country and to raise money for veterans in need.

Mixed Media Artist
Don’t you just love it when you finally get to the point in a quilting project when you can…well…actually quilt it?

That Fun Coworker Who Makes You Laugh
Cherie thinks about the fun people she’s worked with in this new print.

Infinity Scarf

Blogged under crochet and knitting,Finished Projects,Free Craft Projects by Tammy on Friday 5 April 2013 at 9:31 am

I gave a little look at this infinity scarf (housed in my Zipper Pouch Thirty-One bag) earlier this week. It was an alternative to a shawlette pattern that I just could not get the hang of. I have wanted to make a cowl or infinity scarf for awhile, so I decided to just wing it.

I know that a lot of these types of scarves are usually done with one long strand of chain stitch that is connected, but you have to really be careful about not twisting it when you go that route. I wanted something fast and easy, so instead of working it with a long connected chain, I worked from the shorter end and connected both ends when I finished. Here it is shown doubled around my neck.

It ended up being 4 inches wide and 36 inches long, and alpaca yarn tends to stretch, so there is plenty of room. I used a size J hook, and the yarn is Cascade Baby Alpaca in the 3030 colorway. Here is how I made it:

  • Start with18 chain stitches,
  • Stitch one row of single crochet, making sure to chain one at the end of the row.
  • Stitch one row of single crochet, making sure to chain four at the end of the row. (This will work as your first triple crochet on the row that follows.)
  • Stitch one row of triple crochet.
  • Continue to alternate between two rows of single crochet and one row of triple crochet for a total of 27 repeats, making sure to end the last row with triple crochet.
  • At this point, you have a regular scarf. Connect both ends of the scarf using slip stitch.
  • Finish off both sides of the scarf with single crochet.
  • Lightly block. (I put it on a towel and spritzed it with water and shaped it.)

Here it is flat. You can either wear it around your neck as one large loop or you can wrap it twice. If you wanted it longer, you would just need to repeat the single crochet and triple crochet pattern until you got the length that you wanted.

I have not weighed the leftover yarn, but I’d estimate that I used about half the skein on this. I probably have enough to make another one, or I might try making one but knitting it this time. I’m very happy with how it turned out. Alpaca yarn is super warm, but since I used a lot of triple crochet stitch in this, it should be light enough to use in Florida on the few occasions it’s cold or when my hubby insists on cranking up the air conditioner.

April Bag Special

Blogged under My Crafty News by Tammy on Tuesday 2 April 2013 at 3:48 pm

For April 2013, the Thirty-One Gifts special is a choice of two different gym bags: the Jr. Rec Duffel or the Pro Duffel. With any $35 purchase, you can also buy one of these duffel bags at a reduced price, $10 for the smaller Jr. Rec Duffel or $25 for the Pro Duffel.

Here’s a video that gives you a look at each bag.

I’m a Thirty-One Gifts independent consultant, so stop by my shop and find out about more about this great offer and shop or contact me (tammypowley @ yahoo dot com).

Zipper Pouch Project Bag & Crochet Experiment

Blogged under Crafty Products,crochet and knitting by Tammy on Tuesday 2 April 2013 at 5:10 am

I decided to make something for myself for a change and dipped into my treasured stash of Cascade Baby Alpaca yarn (colorway no. 3030). At first, I was going to make a shawlette, but I was having trouble understanding the pattern. After frogging it about six times, I figured life is too short and decided to make a cowl or infinity scarf. I’m going to make this long enough to double around my neck, attach the ends, and then single crochet around the edges. Of course, this yarn is so soft and buttery. I love working with it.

I’m housing it in a new project bag I purchased when I hosted an on-line Thirty-One catalog party. It’s called simply the Zipper Pouch, and the pattern is Woodblock Floral.

As you can see, it’s got plenty of room. This is just about a full ball of yarn (about 200 yards), and I could easily fit more in there. The bag is 9 inches high by 12.25 inches wide, and 2.5 inches deep.

It has a little ribbon tag connected to the zipper, and the inside is lined with vinyl, making it easy to wipe clean if you used this for something other than yarn.

The bottom flattens, and the material is stiff enough so that it stands up. The Zipper Pouch also comes in other colors and patterns and retails for $15. You can find it in my Thirty-One Gift shop, item number 3045.

The infinity scarf is working up quickly. Fingers crossed, I’ll have it done in a few days and can put another new project in my new project bag.

Easter Swap

Blogged under amigurumi by Tammy on Monday 1 April 2013 at 3:44 pm

Some cutie pa-tooties arrived in the mail today, as in these two little guys. I received these along with some other Easter goodies from my swap partner as part of the Sock Bunny Knit and Fit Podcast Easter swap.

April’s Knitting Book Giveaway & Discount

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For the month of April 2013, you can enter to win this new knitting book by Ruth Cross. It’s called The Knitted Home: Creative and Contemporary Projects for Interiors and is published by the Aurum Publishing Group. Here is a description from the publisher:

This exciting new book is a creative collection of over 20 knitted interiors projects by one of the UK’s most exciting textile designers. In The Knitted Home author Ruth Cross draws on her own experience of designing organic and freeform collections to guide you through the process of making and creating your own items. She creates desirable projects that can adorn many different items around the home including wonderfully textural cushion covers, cosy blankets and throws, fitted covers for chairs and footstools, stylish table runners and mats, seriously desirable wall hangings and smart floor rugs.

In addition to giveaway away a copy of this new book, the publisher is also offering a discount for my readers. Here is how that works:

To order The Knitted Home (9781906417727) for £16.00 including p&p*, telephone 01903 828503 and quote offer code JS195. Or send a cheque made payable to: Littlehampton Book Services Mail Order Department, Littlehampton Book Services, PO Box 4264, Worthing, West Sussex BN13 3TG. Please quote the offer code JS195 and include your name and address details. *UK ONLY – Please add £2.50 if ordering from overseas.

This giveaway is available to all readers no matter where you live. To get a chance to win a copy of The Knitted Home answer the questions below in the comments:

Have you ever knitted an item for your home? If so, what was it?

Post your comment only once in this blog entry and you will get a chance to win. The deadline for entry is April 30, 2013 midnight ET. Then during the first few days of the next month, I will randomly pick one winner. Make sure to include your email address when commenting. I will email the winner who will have 3 days after the drawing to reply back with a mailing address. Anyone who does not reply after 3 days will no longer be eligible to win, and I will draw a new winner. The book will be mailed by the publisher, so the winner will need to make sure to allow time for shipping, especially if you are not located in the UK.

ETA: Congrats to #25!

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