Linus Knit Shawl Finished Object!

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Ta da! I have frogged and re-knit this shawl way too many times to count, but it is finally done. This is a free pattern available through Ravelry simply called Linus, and it is an asymmetrical shawl knit in garter stitch. While I’ve been knitting for a few years now, I am still not that great at is (thus the constant need to frog or tink on just about every.single.project), so this is a pattern that is great for beginners. I have already started another one.

I used 50 Shades of Gradient yarn in the Cocoa Beach colorway. I love all the colorways of this yarn, but after making this and another similar shawl for my sister, I don’t see me using it again any time soon. It is not friendly when it comes to frogging and will often tangle as I pull on it. I also found it a tad splity. More experiences knitters probably wouldn’t have these issues. For knitting needles, I used 5mm Harmony from my interchangeable set. (I have a review of these and other Knit Pick needles on my Youtube channel.)

This Linus shawl is super long, and it wraps more like a scarf. I have no doubt there are other ways to style this, but below are a few photos of my first attempts.

When I first started it, I was having trouble remembering which row I was on when I would put it down (even though there are only two row repeats…yeah…um…pathetic), and I was having problems understanding the knitting jargon (limited though it is) on the pattern. However, I found a wonderful video on Youtube from Fiber Spider (embedded below) that helped me tremulously. If you are knew to knitting or just want a no-brainer project, I highly recommend this free pattern!

March Finished Objects & Giveaway!

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March is a long month and the perfect time to get some crafting in. With that in mind, I started a March FOs thread on my Ravelry group.

Come and post photos of your finished objects. All crafts are welcome. We are not limiting this to just yarn crafts…beads…cross stitch…wood working…paper-arts…come on over!

To top it off, Wendy of Little Wendy Crochet has offered up one of her amigurumi patterns, Happy Fish, to one lucky winner who will be pulled from those who participate in the March FOs thread. The details for participating are in the Ravelry thread. Come and join us!

2 Knit Hats

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Squee! My second knit hat is off the needles! Alas, my holiday break is ending tomorrow, but I’m very happy to report that I had some major knitting success as I worked through my second knitting class on This class is the Circular Knit Lab: Hats Four Ways class, which covers 4 different ways of making hats: 1 circular needle, double pointed needles, 2 circular needles, and magic loop. It also includes 3 hat patterns that you make while learning the various techniques, and I finished 2 of the 3 hats. The hat pictured above is the Wheeler Hat, and I made the smallest size. I added the crochet flower myself (not part of the pattern). Below is the Sweet Pea Hat, which I made an adult size version of.

There is one more hat to do, and though my progress will be much slower on that since I’m going back to work full-time, I have decided to go ahead and get started on it soon. So far, of the techniques I’ve tried in the class, my favorite is using 1 circular and then switching to double pointed needles. We shall see what magic loop hold for me!

Cat Snuggles = Destash!

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I always like to have at least one no-brainer crochet/knitting project going on that I can do while watching TV or sitting in a work meeting. While I have made lots of snuggle blankets for local animal shelters, it has been awhile since I have made any for my own cat crew. So as a way to help with my summer destash goals, I’m making snuggles for my furry girls and boy. This is a great way to use up some of those orphan skeins that are left over from projects.

The first one I made from a yummy and now discontinued yarn, Caron’s Spa yarn. Chanel had to test it out about 5 seconds after I put it in one of her favorite hang out boxes.

My second cat crew snuggle is made from some other discontinued yarn. This is Bernat Baby Softee in Tangerine and Aqua that I held together.

I’m participating in The Knit Girllls’ 2014 Destash, and I just have 996 yards to go to make the 5k challenge!

Bright Star Baby Afghan Done!

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The second baby afghan for my niece is done! Loving the ripple pattern still. Plus I had enough leftover yarn to make a matching hat. I lighting is making the turquoise look green, but it is definitely turquoise. This hat uses Mari’s Baby Hat pattern. I will probably attempt a few more hats. This is a very fast one, so that’s why I used it since I was on a time crunch, but it has a seam, which I’m not overly thrilled about.

I added the total yardage to Stash Dash 2014. I have completed a total of 3482 yards towards the 5k required (5468 yards). That means I have 1986 yards to go!

Another Baby Ghan Off the Hook!

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Along with full skeins of baby yarn, I had an assortment of large yarn scraps, so I decided to put them all together and make this 30×30 inch granny square style baby afghan. It’s always nice to work on a simple project like this during the evenings while watching TV, and they work up so fast. Plus, since I plan to do some baby yarn destashing and my niece is pregnant and will be getting lots of baby knits from me, I decided to participate in The Knit Grillls‘ Stash Dash 2014, a yearly event hosted by these podcasters as a way for yarn crafters to clear out their yarn stash, so of course, they can acquire more yarn!

So far, I’m up to 1512 yards, which means I have 3956 yards to go before I reach the 5k requirement or 5468 yards of yarn. Once I get my Fan Afghan done, I will have a lot more yardage to add to my total and a lot less yarn in the stash. I am past the half way point on it. While I am concentrating on my Knit Lab class too, I’m still crocheting when I need some yarn fun where I don’t have to think so much, and the fan stitch is super fast and easy to do.

Cupcake Fingerless Gloves Done!

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The Cupcake Fingerless Gloves I started recently are done! And I love how they turned out. The yarn (Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso in the Happy Birthday, Cupcake colorway) was wonderful to work with. Heck, even the striping almost matches, and while I did start the second glove around the same color as the first one on purpose, I honestly did not do much else to get this to happen. This yarn is sock weight made of 75% Superwash Merino wool and 25% nylon. It is not necessarily super soft like the previous pair of gloves I made for my hubby, but that yarn had some cashmere in it.

The pattern is a free one from Lion Brand called “All Season Wristers,” and I did modify this a tad. I made the larger size (that starts with 34 chains) and used a size G hook instead of an F. I also just attached yarn to the hole area for the thumb and did around 6 rows of single crochet. For me, that made the thumb part much easier than the instructions provided. Also, because I like to be able to turn down these gloves so that you can have the option of wearing them on the long side, I added about an inch of single crochet at the top of each one.

These are ready to be soaked and blocked, and then I have plans to mail them off to a friend of mine who is yarn worthy. I have a lot of left over yarn from this skein, so I’m toying with the idea of seeing if I can squeeze out another pair. I may even rewind the ball of yarn to see if I can get two even balls and try making them two at a time and see how that goes.

A “Little” Afghan

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As usual, I always have a number of craft projects going on, all in various stages. This weekend I realized that this small afghan I have been working on was super close to being finished, so I set all other projects aside and concentrated on it. The finished size is 34 inches by 41 inches, and it is made using Wool-Ease Thick and Quick and a size K crochet hook. It is all double crochet (6 rows for each color) with a single crochet boarder trim. The colorways I used are Grey Marble and Navy.

Originally, this started out as a stash busting project, but of course, I did not have as much of this yarn as I thought I had and ended up having to buy a few extra skeins to finish it. Each of the 6 row stripes requires almost one skein.

This was going to be a blanket mainly for Jasper, who is our oldest dog and sometimes has trouble getting up on the couch. We have various large dog beds on the floor too, along with another afghan I made for them awhile back, so I thought I should give him another blanket to use down there on those days when getting up on the couch is not possible.

But, Little had different plans. As soon as I set it on top of one of the dog beds, (and all the dogs had taken a look at it), he claimed it for his own and sat like an angel puppy on it almost the entire evening. This was after he had come close to destroying a second water pitcher and chewed up one of the baseboards. But, for a few hours, he was an angel.

Baby Sweater Done!

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It is done!!! The is the baby sweater I made while taking the Beyond the Rectangle crochet class on I am so happy that I not only finished the sweater but basically can check off another Craftsy class. I learn so much from these classes, and I like the fact that I can go back and revisit them whenever I want.

The Epic Windsor Lace Wrap FO!

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I have an epic finished object! I started making the Windsor Lace Wrap back in July of 2012. Since then, this has been my no-brainer-got-nothing-else-to-work-on project. The pattern, which is free, is basically all double crochet and chain stitch, and there are three rows of this that you do over and over again until it is 87 inches long. Yes, 87! As in 8 – 7! This is why I call this epic because it is so long and took me so long to make.

I used Knit Pick Chroma yarn in the Fossil, and like most of the gradient Chromas, I love how the yarn changes colors. I am fairly pleased with how it turned out. For some reason, my gauged changed some from the beginning, which is wider on one end, than the end, but I don’t think it is that noticeable. More than likely, this will end up as my school office shawl because of the neutral colors that will go with just about anything I wear.

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